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About StartUpLift

We created StartUpLift to help you receive insightful, actionable feedback that helps you grow your business.

Forget the traditional feedback-gathering and user-testing processes that are complicated and time-consuming. After working with over 700 startups, we have come up with a very unique business model where, every month, we send a group of our users to critique different aspect of your business – based on the tasks we create and assign them – to achieve a certain goal.

For e.g. one month our feedback goal may be focused on your website usability, the next month it could be your on-boarding process, then your pricing/revenue model, then SEO, and so on. The purpose of these goals is always to help you improve conversions and acquire more customers. This helps you get feedback on multiple aspects of your business. Click here for examples of some of the topics/goals we cover during our feedback process.

We realize that feedback is an ongoing process for continuous improvement. Our goal is to help you in this process in an easy, fast and cost-effective manner.

If you need more information, or simply have a question, comment or suggestion, please contact us using this form, email us at support@startuplift.com or call us at (347) 855-5438.

Pranaya Ghimire, Founder

Pranaya Ghimire, Founder

Originally from Nepal, Pranaya relocated to the US to pursue his love of technology, entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem. He earned his BA in Computer Information Systems and MS in Information Technology, then spent his early career in the financial industry in Washington DC, where he worked as an associate at KPMG and as a senior consultant at MetCity Capital.