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December 18, 2010


Aerapay – Secure Payments Via Standard SMS

Aerapay - Featured on StartUpLift

Billing and payments through your existing payment gateway via SMS.

Target Audience: Merchants, Retailers, Payment Gateways, Biller.
Website URL: http://www.aerapay.com/

Feedback Scenario:

You are looking for a new sales channel, and you know mobile is the new black.

Feedback sought:

  • What is clear about the offering?
  • What don’t you ‘get’?
  • What information would you expect, but is missing?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments.

About Aerapay:

Aerapay is mobile commerce that bridges the gap between advertising and money in the bank. It literally transforms any type of media (or advertisement) into a point of sale.

Aerapay is a mobile payments method that fuses ordering and payment in a single process, so sales conversions are increased as there are less steps in the sales process.

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    Dec 20 2010
    no info about any prices on the site and even to see the demo user has to register. makes me…

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  2. [2]
    Dec 20 2010

    thanks edo for the comment, pricing is all on application, the demo is live you need to register minimal details to actually see how it works. to become a client one expresses interest by getting touch with us and we will contact them back

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