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November 26, 2010


BetaEasy – Customer Feedback & Beta Management Service

BetaEasy - Featured on StartUpLift

Simplify software beta-testing. Easily collect customer feedback.

Target Audience: Web-sites owners and software developers.
Website URL: http://www.betaeasy.com/

BetaEasy is an online service developed to make beta stage of any software/web application easier. It helps you collect all user-feedback in one place and makes it very convenient to manage.

BetaEasy is equally useful for web sites/applications and for classic desktop applications. The service helps you build your own community of users who will cooperate with you and contribute to your website/software improvement.

Feedback sought:

  • Do you see yourself using the service? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts.
  1. [1]
    Nov 28 2010

    If I was starting Teamly from scratch might choose this but we already use Tender, and no desire to change. Perhaps you should have a “how does this compare to your current feedback service” option, and do a feature comparison against other popular tools?

  2. [2]
    Oksana Kulyk
    Dec 2 2010

    Hello Scott,
    Thanks for reviewing our service. As a marketing assistant of BetaEasy I will try to respond to your post and find out the difference between BetaEasy and Teamly. First of all i must say that these two services have different purposes. BetaEasy was designed for users feedback management and software beta testing, while Timely is a productivity management tool, that helps you and your employees set up tasks and track their performance.

    As for other feedback services I must say that they all have a lot in common. So I would like to focus on BetaEasy benefits. There are the main of them:
    – easy to start using – all you have to do is create an account, insert a small piece of code into your website/application, and choose a form that fits to your site’s design the most;
    – easy to leave feedback – users can vote for the existing topics as well as create its own ones;
    – easy to manage feedback – all the feedback are centralized in one single place and appear accordingly to their importance (i. e. to the number of votes);
    – effective beta testing tool – BetaEasy was also designed for software and website beta testing
    – you can create communities of users for beta testing: public (tested by anyone who feels like it), moderated (tested by group of beta-testers selected by some criteria), private (beta-testers are invited by managers or owners of the project)
    – affordable prices – from the free account to the Professional;
    – you can see bugs/features statuses (in a queue, confirmed, fixed).
    Hope this information will be helpful in making your decisions. For father information you can visit our site or contact our support managers.

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    Dec 3 2010
    Hello Scott, Thanks for reviewing our service.I am a marketing assistant of BetaEasy. Talking about BetaEasy and…

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