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December 20, 2011


eGroovyContacts – The Address Book That Updates Itself

eGroovy - startup featured on startuplift for website feedback

The online address book that updates itself.

Target Audience: In todays world everyone has many contact details for all their friends, colleagues, family and schoolmates.
Website URL: www.egroovycontacts.com

Feedback sought:

  • Try to log in using various APIs (Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)?
  • Set up a card during the registration process be sure to include a photo and both private and professional contact details.
  • Share your card with all your contacts be sure to use the security settings to select which data is sent to whom.
  • Call you contacts to receive feedback about the invitation form and ask if they are likely to respond.

We appreciate your help and await your feedback.
Happy Holidays,
Jeffrey Gelfand

  1. [1]
    Points: 50
    Rank: Level 3
    Has Helped 2 Startups
    Dec 31 2011
    eGroovy contacts was so easy to use. that now i think that instand of me hand writing all the addresses…

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  2. [2]
    Points: 758
    Rank: Level 7
    Has Helped 25 Startups
    Feb 23 2012
    Egroovy is a great site to get organized with your contacts. It is true I have people's numbers stored everywhere…

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