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October 28, 2011


FourFinder – Never Miss a Connection Again

FourFinder - startup Featured on StartUpLift

Make Contact. Flash The Four. Add a Marker. Find Your Four.

Target Audience: All Social Media Users.
Website URL: www.TheFourFinder.com

About The FourFinder:

The Four Finder bridges the gap between multitudes of “Missed Connections” all over the world. We implemented a sleek interface and hip concept to ensure that social media users all over the map never have a missed connection ever again. The Four Finder is the first true social media middle man!

We solve a key problem that all the other “missing connection” sites out there have. They all rely on the slim chances that people will randomly find there site and read a post that someone made about them without their even knowing it. We created a hand signal to alert people so that missing connections become a thing of the past. Think about the hundreds of people you make eye contact with each month that you’ll never end up talking to or seeing ever again. Imagine all the potential friendships, business partnerships, and romances that could come out of that if you got in touch with even a handful of those people.

The revenue model will take shape eventually with integration of “Premium Markers” for business partnerships and advertisement space. Once we have the traffic to justify starting those partnerships. Their markers will be paid for and thus won’t be removed after the normal 48 hour time frame of a markers lifespan.


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