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Get Featured. Get Feedback.

After working with over 700 startups, we have come up with a very unique business model where we feature your startup (optional) and send a group of our users to critique certain critical components of your business – based on the tasks we create and assign them – to achieve  certain goals.

The purpose of these goals is always to help you improve conversions and acquire more customers. Click here for examples of some of the topics/goals we cover during our feedback process.

Here is How It Works

  1. Submit your information by filling out this 1-page form.
  2. We then list your startup in our directory (optional).
  3. If you opt-in for feedback, we review your business and send you a short questionnaire to better understand your needs.
  4. We then create a panel of users based on your target audience (from our pool of 35,000 members), and create a unique set of tasks for the users to complete. The user panel and tasks are geared towards achieving a certain goal.
  5. Users start submitting their feedback addressing the questions asked and the tasks assigned.
  6. After the tasks are completed, we collect feedback submissions, analyze results and create a thorough report.
  7. Notes:
    • If there is anything specific that you would like addressed, simply let us know and we will plan our feedback process accordingly.
    • All feedback submissions are kept private.
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy for any reason, simply let us know and we will promptly refund your money.

Submit Your Startup

“We got in-depth and high quality feedback that will be very helpful with fine tuning the Tom’s Planner website and making it as user friendly as possible.”
-Tom | Tom’s Planner Gantt Chart

 “I am really pleased with the results from StartUpLift. The feedback that we received through the site will go a long way towards improving our service. All the responses were professional, thoughtful, and well written. I think the concept and the service that StartUpLift is providing is brilliant. 
 - Stephen  | Rezgo

“This is an amazing site and I will definitely recommend it to my entrepreneur friends.”
-Azita | Founder, Oh Thats You!

“The feedback we received was insightful, well detailed, and plentiful.”
-Mike | Ninja Post Forum Software

“We are very pleased with the results from StartUpLift. The StartUpLift team offered a great customer service and followup. We are thankful to StartUpLift reviewers for their attention to detail and giving quality feedback. This will allow us to further improve our customer experience.”
- Denny | Bluebird Internet Services

“I want to thank you guys for this StartUpLift service. We got really good feedback, it was well worth the money we paid. I wish you guys a lot of luck, that a simple but clever concept that is very useful both for the site owners and those folks who put in their time to give feedback. Well done, bottom line.”
- Alex | MyUSACorporation

“I really enjoyed the simplicity of StartUpLift in getting feedback on the MusikPitch.com user experience. When a new website is launched, one of the most difficult things to do is see the service from the user perspective. When you spend months putting a site together, you become an expert on every aspect of it but forget that the rest of the Internet has no idea what your site does (and you have about a second to explain it to them when they visit). That’s what makes StartUpLift so great. It’s a simple way to get feedback from a variety of Internet users extremely quickly. I was very impressed with the time and effort put in to the feedback I received and have already started incorporating this feedback by making some on-site changes.”
- Scott | MusikPitch