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December 21, 2010


LingoMatch – Connect With Language Learners

Cash Award: 3 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

Language Swap New York - Lingomatch - Featured on StartUpLift

LingoMatch helps language learners practice language conversation to achieve fluency.

Target Audience: Language Learners Worldwide: Typically 18-30 years old.
Website URL: http://www.lingomatch.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Visit http://www.lingomatch.com
  • Click “Post an Ad” and create and publish your Ad. How can we improve the process?
  • Browse Ads in your location. Tell us about our look and feel.
  • What could we do to improve our service? Would you want to start talking online, immediately?
  • How can we make this a better social experience?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About LingoMatch:

LingoMatch is a language conversation match maker. Any language learner knows that the only way to acquire a language is to practice speaking, especially with a native speaker. LingoMatch matches learners in cities around the world for language conversation in a setting of your choice.

Cash Award: 3 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.