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February 24, 2011


Metaconomy Pipeline – Sales Opportunity Management service

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Metaconomy - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Metaconomy Pipeline is a SaaS tool for more effective sales management

Target Audience: Sales teams from the one-man show to full blown channel sales teams.
Website URL: http://www.metaconomy.com

Feedback sought:

Please complete the following steps and share your experience along the way:

  • Use the sign up button and create an account.
  • Register and complete the process.
  • Crate a new opportunity (or more) using the tool.
  • View and edit the opportunities.
  • Create a new user from the dashboard (using your same mail address) and follow the instructions.
  • Create a new opportunity (or more) with that user.
  • Switch between users to get an idea how a sales manager and his sales team relate to one another and get a view of the aggregated data in the system.

About Metaconomy:

Pipeline offers sales teams and their senior management a hosted service for creating a 360 degree view of their value chain – from vendor to customer. It provides all the tools for uploading, creating and managing sales opportunities with built in sms and email alerts. Managers get a transparent view of all opportunities and create reports from browsers, mobile devices and smartphones. iPad interface just released!


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