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May 6, 2011


Simple As A/B


Simple, powerful, pay-as-you-go A/B testing for startups.

Target Audience: Startups, bloggers, online sellers, small businesses.
Website URL: http://simpleasab.com/

Feedback sought:

  1. What’s Simple as A/B for?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. Was anything not clear? What an why?
  4. What would you improve?
  5. How does it compare to competitors?
  6. Please enter any other comments you may have.

  7. About Simple as A/B :

    Simple as A/B allows you to perform A/B tests on your site. When you sign up you get 1000 free credits (1 credit = 1 user tested) and then can purchase extra credit packages (starting at $10 for 2000).

    * Pay-as-you-go: No subscriptions. Buy credit packages (starting at $10 for 2000). 1 credit = 1 visit tested
    * Works on dynamic pages: most A/B testing apps make a copy of your page and host variations on their servers. Simple as A/B injects variations into your pages using JS.
    * Simple: no visual editor. Just copy & paste your HTML into variations.

  1. [1]
    Points: 100
    Rank: Level 4
    Has Helped 4 Startups
    May 13 2011
    What’s Simple as A/B for? It allows you to test elements of your web page to determine…

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