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December 27, 2010


Storific – Order From Your iPhone

Storific - StartUp Featured on StartUpLift

Order with your iPhone in restaurants, cafés, hotels & night clubs.

Target Audience: Restaurant, Café, Hotel, Pub, Night Club.
Website URL: http://www.storific.com/

Feedback sought:

  • What is your first impression when you open the website?
  • Will you use Storific app to order?
  • Do you know any specific restaurants, cafés, pubs or night clubs that would be willing to propose Storific service to their customers? We have 50 premium Beta invites for the first interested ones! Feel free to ask.
  • Do you know any specific blogs, websites and/or journalists that would be interested in writing about Storific?
  • Any additional feedback/comments are welcome!

About Storific:

Storific is a service that enables customers to order from their iPhones in Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels & Night clubs. Storific’s service is composed of:

  • A web interface where businesses provide full menus, list their tables and receive notifications from customers ordering by iPhone.
  • A free iPhone app customers use to place orders from their phones.

The idea behind Storific stemmed from the general fact that placing orders could be easier for customers. What we noticed is that in 90% of the time, the wait staff never comes to the customer at the right moment.

Two cases are most frequent:

  • The wait staff arrives too quickly, which rushes the customer to make a choice, or
  • The wait staff seems to disappear. Leaving the customer alienated and dissatisfied.

In both cases, the wait staff decides when the customer should place his or her order. At Storific, we’ve worked to reverse that situation, using mobile technology to give customers the power to decide when to order when they are ready.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.