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Posts tagged ‘analytics’


Javascript Monitoring – Analyze Visitor’s Behavioral Factors

Javascript Monitoring - startup featured on StartUpLift for website feedback

Get started to understand who is on your site at a particular moment: occasional visitor or potential customer.

Target Audience: Site owners
Website URL: http://jsmon.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 5

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Improvely – Marketing Analytics & Click Fraud Detection

Feedback Complete.

improvely - Featured on StartUpLift startup feedback - website feedback

Improvely is a web analytics platform custom-built for online marketers.

Target Audience: E-commerce sites, startups and small online marketing agencies
Website URL: http://www.improvely.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1



Appacts – Smart Thinking for Great Apps

Feedback Complete.

appacts - Startup Featured on StartUpLift for startup feedback and website feedback

Get an in-depth understanding of your customers. Real-time mobile analytics for smarter apps.

Target Audience: Developers, Small Businesses
Website URL: http://www.appacts.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1



Leftronic – Beautiful Real-Time Dashboards

3 Awards. All Awardees Selected.

Leftronic  - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Dashboards for your company’s most important data!

Target Audience: Startups and companies on the internet.

Website URL: http://www.leftronic.com

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GoPollGo- Quick and Easy Twitter Polls

GoPollGo startup Featured on StartUpLift

GoPollGo is a free, quick and easy Q&A polling site built on top of Twitter.

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Venalytica – Helping Online Retailers Sell More Stuff

Venalytica - Experts in Analytical Matching - featured on StartUpLift

“We use a matching technique to get consumers to the right product for them.”

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Lucky Orange – Realtime Visitor Analytics

Lucky Orange - Startup featured in StartUpLift

See who is on your website in real time and interact and learn from them in neat ways.

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