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Posts tagged ‘ideas’


ideaphore – The Universal Social Suggestion Box

ideaphore - startup featured on StartUpLift for startup feedback and website feedback

ideaphore is an advanced universal suggestion box that lets individuals leave feedback for any person, company, or product in the world and lets companies do high-quality market research.

Target Audience: People that like to give feedback and companies looking for suggestions.
Website URL: https://ideapho.re
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 3

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eMaginationFlow – Just Imagine!

eMaginationFlow - startup featured on StartUpLift for startup feedback and website feedback

Your only home for sharing, simulating and scoring awards for your imagination. Got crazy ideas?

Target Audience: Anyone who can think outside the box
Website URL: http://www.eMaginationFlow.com/
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 8

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CrowdStormer – Start Brainstorming and Generate New Ideas and Inspiration from the Crowd

5 Awards. All Awardees Selected.

CrowdStormer - Startup Featured on StartUpLift for Startup Feedback

Crowdsource great ideas, insight and responses in exchange for prizes.

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs and creative individuals who need to inject some spark and insight into their thinking.
Website URL: http://www.CrowdStormer.com

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TODOFeed – Do Things With Friends

5 Awards. All Awardees Selected.

todofeed - startup Featured on StartUpLift

Plan simple group activities (trip with friends, bbq party, birthday, a thanksgiving dinner or anything you can think of …) without the hassle of email chains or miscommunication.

Target Audience:
Everyone with a need to coordinate a group activity with friends and family members.

Website URL: http://www.TODOfeed.com/

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IdeaOffer – Where Ideas Equal Money


Finally get paid for your ideas.

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eBackers – Connect With Web Savvy People

eBackers - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

eBackers helps you work better on the web.

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