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Posts tagged ‘mobile’


CallerSmart – Outsmarting Unknown and Unwanted Callers, Together

CallerSmart - startup featured on StartUpLift for startup feedback and website feedback

CallerSmart is a revolutionary free Caller ID app for your iPhone that helps you identify mystery numbers and block those you don’t want to hear from ever again

Target Audience: Anyone who’s ever received a call from an unknown number
Website URL: http://www.CallerSmart.com/

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Get Customer Feedback via SMS

Message the Manager - startup featured on startuplift for website feedback & startup feedback

MessageTheManager enables businesses to receive real-time anonymous customer feedback via SMS.

Target Audience: B2C Businesses
Website URL: http://www.MessageTheManager.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 3

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Sharetapes – Physical Mix-tapes for a Digital World

sharetapes - startup featured on startuplift for website feedback & startup feedback

Sharetapes are plastic “tapes” that contain NFC chips and QR codes to play mix-tapes on smartphones and tablets

Target Audience: People who enjoy having a physical presence to their music, but consume it in a digital way
Website URL: http://sharetapes.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1

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Appacts – Smart Thinking for Great Apps

Feedback Complete.

appacts - Startup Featured on StartUpLift for startup feedback and website feedback

Get an in-depth understanding of your customers. Real-time mobile analytics for smarter apps.

Target Audience: Developers, Small Businesses
Website URL: http://www.appacts.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1



IMfree – Be Social on Your Terms!

Feedback Complete.


IMfree helps you discover who’s free to meetup or chat NOW, without all the calls/texts!

Target Audience: Young, single, social, or lonely people; people looking for new social opportunities
Website URL: www.IMFreeapp.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 20

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appto.us – The Apps API Company

All Awardees Selected.

appto.us is an open database of apps and app developers.

Target Audience: app developers
Website URL: http://appto.us

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LocalHero – Friends Helping Friends

LocalHero - StartUp featured on StartUpLift for website feedback and Startup Feedback

LocalHero aims to bring people together around a shared desire to help each other out.

Target Audience: Students, Young Professionals, Parents,
Website URL: www.localhero.com

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WhenIWork – Easy Employee Scheduling Software

WhenIWork - startup Featured on StartUpLift

When I Work is a better way for businesses to manage shift-based work schedules using mobile apps, text messaging and the web.

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Dobango – Play and Win

Dobango - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Social mobile games based rewards platform.

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Presentation Link – Great for Interactive Presentations on the iPad

presentation-link startup featured on StartUpLift

Mash & link PDFs, images, videos and web content into engaging mobile slideshows.

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JobGizmo – Take Your Job Search From Chaos To Calm


Spend more time locating your next job and less time organizing your job search.

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Pickup Sports – Play Often, Stay Healthy

3+2 Awards. $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

iPickupSports - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Pickup Sports is a web and mobile application where players can find games, activities and workout partners in their area using Google maps and an intuitive icon system.

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