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Posts tagged ‘time tracking’


DappleWorks – Cloud Apps for Small Business

5 Awards. All Awardees Selected.

DappleWorks - startup featured on StartUpLift for Startup Feedback and Website Feedback

DappleWorks develops cloud applications that will help you manage your people, business and deliverables; so you can focus on what you do best.

Target Audience: Small medium business.
Website URL: http://www.dappleworks.com

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CaseFox – Time Tracking and Billing App

CaseFox - Startup Featured on StartUpLift for website feedback and startup feedback

Web-based time tracking, billing, trust accounting, task management, case management.

Target Audience: Lawyers, Law firms, Accounting firms, Consulting companies, Freelancers
Website URL: http://www.CaseFox.com

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True Time Tracker – Personal Time Tracking Application

All Awardees Selected.

TrueTimeTracker - startup Featured on StartUpLift for Startup Feedback and Website Feedback

How do you spend your time? Track your day with True Time Tracker.

Target Audience: End-users, freelancers, small business.
Website URL: http://www.TrueTimeTracker.com

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GetQuantify – Task Management Web Application

getQuantify featured on StartUpLift

Online task management software that fits seamlessly with your projects

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TimeOP – Team Involvement & Productivity Metrics

TimeOP- Featured on StartUpLift

Measure and Improve Team Involvement.

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