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Posts tagged ‘work’


Workomotion – Work Portfolios for Tech Professionals

Workomotion - startup Featured on StartUpLift

Workomotion let’s you and your team get exposure for your work projects.

Target Audience: Tech Professionals.
Website URL: http://workomotion.com/

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TODOFeed – Do Things With Friends

5 Awards. All Awardees Selected.

todofeed - startup Featured on StartUpLift

Plan simple group activities (trip with friends, bbq party, birthday, a thanksgiving dinner or anything you can think of …) without the hassle of email chains or miscommunication.

Target Audience:
Everyone with a need to coordinate a group activity with friends and family members.

Website URL: http://www.TODOfeed.com/

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GoWorkIt Work Instantly


The fastest and easiest way to find a job or worker- send an SMS message and get a worker on the ground within 15 minutes.

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