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November 11, 2010


Teambox – Empowering Workplace Communication

Teambox - Featured on StartUpLift

Get things done!
Serious software for serious collaboration.

Target Audience: Micro-business owners, Freelancers

Teambox is the pioneer in joining social collaboration tools with online project management. The company was founded by a team who felt that other project management and online collaboration tools were too complicated for every day users. With simplicity as the core focus, the team set forth to create an offering that was easy if not fun to use.

Teambox take prides in offering a tool that actually changes the way people work. By making project management more social and accessible from all places and all forms of technology, it is no longer complicated to manage what needs to get done. It only takes a minute to sign up and  is free for up to 3 projects.

Please visit  Teambox.com, sign up for a free account and let us know what the pros and cons are. Can you see it being used in your workplace? Why or why not?

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    Has Helped 2 Startups
    Nov 12 2010
    I think the concept of merging project management and social networking. Social Networking can feel really elusive and we…

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  2. [2]
    Prabhuram Baskaran
    Nov 14 2010

    Seems to pack all the essential tools to run a business online

  3. [3]
    Nov 14 2010

    This looks like a great application which I could really use in my business although the longer term cost after the 3 months is a little steep for my business.

  4. [4]
    Steve French
    Nov 14 2010

    1. Graphics and color schemes
    2. Overall Layout
    3. Pricing page is well done.

    1. Social Proof is a bit too prominent on the home page
    2. Need more obvious reasons not to just use BaseCamp or something like that.

  5. [5]
    Paul Nelligan
    Nov 14 2010

    This product sets the bar very high for project management. In fact I think I will use this, that’s the best possible endorsement I can give. Really like this.

    p.s. if you get a chance, check out my similar (but different) project: nift.ie – task management with subtasks



  6. [6]
    Nov 14 2010

    I love the design of this site…..real cool graphics. I think this tool is very important for team of developers but not for me since I’m working alone.

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