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May 4, 2011


Tonido – Run Your Own Personal Cloud

3 Awards. $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.


Tonido is a new way to share your files, media and other information with anyone around the world without having to upload to third-party sites first.

Target Audience: Web developers, designers, Privacy Minded, Students, Teachers, Photographers, Music Fans.
Website URL: http://www.tonido.com

Feedback sought:

  • Visit http://www.tonido.com. Spend no more than 5-10 seconds on the home page. What do you think the site is about?
  • What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • What can you do with Tonido?
  • Please share any additional feedback or comment you may have.

About Tonido:

Using Tonido, you can share files, create photo galleries, stream music, stream video, download torrents, backup your files, run a personal blog and manage finances straight from your desktop.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.