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June 6, 2011


Tricider – Easy Decision Making Online


Perfect decisions quick and easy.

Target Audience: everyone
Website URL: http://tricider.com/t/

Feedback sought:

  • What can be improved?
  • Do you like our LOGO?
  • What is your initial impression of the site?
  • Are you able to easily figure out how it works?

About Tricider:

Tricider is a free Tool to make decisions in a team. Ask a question and send a link to friends or colleagues. Everyone may propose a solution or post arguments for an idea. Finally, you vote for the best solution.

Brainstorming with a result.

Plan a trip with friends, make decisions at work or try to sort your thoughts on a peculiar problem: you will find the best solution with tricider.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.