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December 11, 2010


VideoBam – Fast, Free Video Hosting & Video Sharing

VideoBam - Featured on Startuplift

Supports forums, Twitter, Facebook, eBay, blogs, Craigslist, Myspace & more.

Target Audience: Videographers, Video Sharing Crowd.
Website URL: http://videobam.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Please share your thoughts on VideoBam including user-interface, ease-of-use and the overall experience.

About VideoBam:

VideoBam enables users to upload, share and watch videos online. Unlike video sharing communities like Youtube and Vimeo, VideoBam is completely private until a link is shared.

Uploads can be done anonymously without an account or users can login via Facebook. Uploaded videos can be shared via links, thumbnails or embedded directly on a website or blog. Encoded videos can be viewed across most devices including iPhone, iPad tablets and most mobile phones.

  1. [1]
    Dec 13 2010

    The design for Videobam is amazing, I love the way the site is so simple but still very elegant. Its design really helps the user navigate though the available options with ease and I can see Videobam becoming one of the on-line market leaders within the free digital video hosting industry.

    Currently it looks like it is 100% free of charge for uploading video content with no spammy advertising which similar types of sites force on there users. I’ve been using Videobam ever since I noticed this review and it really has now become the first place I go to when I’m looking to upload videos.

  2. [2]
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    Dec 15 2010
    The design ethic used here is "Little is More" and well it works. Its a clean, lean uploading machine (sorry…

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  3. [3]
    Dec 15 2010

    I think it’s completely different than YouTube, which is about broadcasting all your stuff out there for people to see. This is about sharing your content with people you want to or adding stuff to forums, etc. YouTube isn’t set up to do what Videobam does.. might want to take a closer look. 🙂

  4. [4]
    Dec 15 2010

    Videobam has a specific purpose that differs from other video hosting websites. I can see where webmasters would want to use this. For one, it’s free. But also, this is for creating mobile video sites with the API and more. Youtube is limited in many ways.

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