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March 5, 2011


VisualBee – Create Amazing PowerPoint presentations in a Single Click

5 Awards. $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

VisualBee PowerPoint plugin - Featured on StartUpLift

VisualBee helps PowerPoint users to create professional presentations in seconds.

Target Audience: PowerPoint users – People creating presentations.
Website URL: www.visualbee.com

Feedback sought:

  1. Does our website explain clearly what VisualBee is and what it does?
  2. Download and install VisualBee software. Did the installation process run smoothly?
  3. Finalize your registration. How was the registration process? Was is too long or annoying?
  4. Open PowerPoint with a presentation you would like to enhance.(note: VisualBee will work better on non designed (clean / white) presentations). Look for VisualBee ribbon within PowerPoint and click the “Enhance Presentation” button. Choose a Style and enhance your presentations. Try to change images and layouts. Did you like the styles to choose from? Are you happy with the graphic enhancement result?
  5. Is it easy to use the software?
  6. Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

About VisualBee:

VisualBee is new exciting software for automatic enhancement of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. VisualBee takes a plain PowerPoint presentation, and automatically enhances it, creating an exciting and powerful showcase. VisualBee PowerPoint add-in analyses the presentation text and structure, and builds a new professionally designed presentation with new templates, pictures, and graphics. VisualBee is an automatic graphic designer for PowerPoint presentations.

With a Single Click
VisualBee, with a single click processes your presentation and delivers a colorful and effective showcase. Users can select the style they wish their presentation to have. Each style will provide a distinct new design – background, types of images, color combinations, styles and everything else that makes up a successful presentation.

Tune it!
You have effective control over your final presentation. VisualBee lets you review each slide of your enhanced presentation and modify its content as you see fit. You can select alternative images, change the colors, or modify the layouts.

Personal Touch
My Library is a secure personal database that holds images, templates, and layouts. Authorized users can upload graphic materials to be used by the VisualBee software when enhancing user’s presentation.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.