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January 24, 2011


Voxsmith – Online Document and Email Production

Voxsmith - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Browser-based service that automates the assembly & production of documents & emails.

Target Audience: Professional Services.
Website URL: http://www.voxsmith.com

Feedback sought:

  • Is the service easy to understand and use?
  • Does the document generation functionality work as you expect?
  • Does it have the features you would expect?

About Voxsmith:

Voxsmith lets you can store standard documents online then provide instructions for how each document should be tailored when required. The service can also produce and send emails in the same way.

A programmable interface, or API, is also provided with the service allowing it to be built into other IT systems easily.

Voxsmith is lightweight and requires no downloads or plugins.

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    Jan 24 2011
    Feedback sought: Is the service easy to understand and use? If I give…

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    Jan 24 2011

    Hi Zeke
    Thanks for your quick feedback!
    I’ve made the change you suggested with the diagram being moved.
    I see your point about not understanding it’s use. First of all let me just clarify that Voxsmith is designed to be used by small businesses to generate their own documents. The forms you see on the site are just examples to show how the service works.
    Users with their own accounts will be able to upload their own Word documents and, using a simple interface, create instructions for how these document should be tailored upon download.
    It’s aimed specifically at businesses involved in producing large amounts of bespoke documents that are based on template documents.
    The API allows them to build the service into existing systems.
    I’ll looking to making this clearer in the blurb.
    Thanks again,

  3. [3]
    Jan 31 2011

    I agree with Zeke, in that it might help to have a video on the homepage showing how it works  / how it can help.
    Maybe it’s just not my industry, but I’ve had a look at the site and am not totally clear on what service the tool provides.

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