12 Step Feedback Process

Introducing the 12-Step Feedback Process

Our 12-step feedback process consists of 12 modules that are carefully designed with one goal in mind – to help you improve conversions and acquire more customers. During the feedback process, one module is completed every day – and you will receive a comprehensive feedback on critical components of your business in the next 12 days.

⇒ Module 1) How to Create an Engaging First Impression

  • Do you know you have less than 3 seconds to grab the attention of a new visitor to your site?
  • You need to be able to respond immediately to the following two questions that a visitor lands on your site:
    1. What is it / What is the site about?
    2. What is in it for me (the visitor)?
  • Our goal is to figure out what exact steps you can take to make a lasting first impression, encourage your visitor to stick around and eventually convert to a customer.

⇒ Module 2) How to remove friction from your On-boarding / Customer-Acquisition Flow

  • Do you know why visitors are leaving your site while completing your signup form or in the middle of a purchase?
  • Do you know where your bottlenecks are?
  • Our goal is to find out what steps you can take to get more visitors to complete the signup or purchase process.

⇒Module 3) How to optimize your pricing/revenue model?

  • Are you under-valuing your products/services and charging too little – thereby leaving hard-earned revenue on the table?
  • Are you charging too much and turning away many potential customers such that it is affecting your overall revenue?
  • Are you strategically exploring and implementing multiple revenue streams?
  • Our goal is to figure out what steps you can take to get your revenue model optimized for maximized returns.

⇒ Module 4) How to engage customers immediately after they signup?

  • Do you have immediate communication plan that educates your customer about your product?
  • Are your users finding your product relevant after they sign up?
  • Are you consistently converting your trial users to paying customers?
  • Our goal is to find out what steps you can take to engage and retain more customers.

⇒ Module 5) How to get more visitors from Search Engines?

  • Are you connecting, empathizing with and educating your market on a consistent basis to attract strangers to your site?
  • What keywords or phrases relate to your business?
  • Why are you not getting enough clicks when a potential customer searches for those keywords?
  • Why are your potential customers clicking on your competitors’ links instead of yours?
  • Our goal is to find out what steps you can take to improve your ranking and increase the number of customer referrals from search engines.

⇒ Module 6) How to get more visitors from Social Media?

  • Are you present in all of the social media sites where your audience hangs out?
  • Are you engaging your audience and providing relevant communication on a regular basis?
  • Do you provide valuable “incentives” to encourage participation and shares?
  • Our goal is to find out what steps you can take to secure branding, increase exposure and  increase the number of customer referrals from social media.

⇒Module 7) How to capture and convert visitors into leads?

  • Do you have proper systems in place to proactively capture hard-earned visitors as leads?
  • Do you have key landing pages in place that are directly relevant to your visitors?
  • Have you defined and created relevant “reward” for your target audience to join your list?
  • Our goal is to figure out what steps you can take to convert more visitors into leads that you can reach out to later and sell your product or service.

⇒Module 8) How to transform leads into paying customers?

  • Have you integrated your leads into a well-timed, regular touch, lead nurture plan?
  • Are you making constant effort to continually educate your leads and provide massive value?
  • Do you have autoresponders/lifecycle emails in place?
  • Are you sending out series of emails focused on useful, relevant content to build trust and get your leads “more ready” to buy?
  • Our goal is to find out what steps you can take to transorm your leads into happy, paying customers. 

⇒Module 9) How to encourage/empower existing customers to refer others?

  • What are you doing to “wow” your current customers?
  • Are you providing excellent customer service? For. e.g.: Are you using various social media platforms to provide real time customer service?
  • Are you constantly educating current customers with relevant, excellent content?
  • Are you providing the right tools and incentives to encourage customers to refer others?
  • Our goal is to find out what steps you can take to turn customers into ambassadors of your company so that they in turn go out and promote your company/product.

⇒Module 10) How to upsell your customers?

  • Are you introducing relevant product/service to your customers at strategic intervals?
  • Are you paying attention to what your customer has purchased in the past? What your customer likes?
  • Are you learning from your customers? Are you making an effort to understand customers’ pain points to offer an ideal upsell?
  • Are you clearly explaining the added value the upsell provides by clearly outlining the benefits ?
  • Are you offering properly-timed downsells?
  • Our goal is to figure out what steps you can take to generate more revenue per customer immediately after a sale as well as in the long run

⇒ Module 11) How to improve your users’ cross-channel (multi-platform) experience?

  • Are your product/services available across multiple channels (web, mobile and tablet applications, email, etc.) ?
  • Have you implemented systems to provide a consistent cross-channel experience such that users have a familiar and expected experience throughout?
  • Is your cross-channel experience context-specific, i.e. optimized for the channel?
  • Do you provide a seamless cross-channel experience allowing users to start an activity on one channel and complete on another?
  • Our goal is to help you identify out your cross-channel limitations and figure out the steps you can take to create an enjoyable cross-channel experience for your customers.

⇒ Module 12) How to create an impactful Communication Plan?

  • Do you have a communication plan that consistently inspires and educates?
  • Is your content of top-notch quality that absolutely provides massive value?
  • Are you aligning the content you publish with your target audience’s interests?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the media where your target audience hangs out (blogs, email, social media updates, videos, ebooks/guides, tutorials, webinars, etc.)
  • Our goal is to tell you what steps you can take to create an effective communication plan that provides massive value and engages your target audience.

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