28Wins – Connect With Your Sports Buddies

Gameday Tycoon - Featured on StartUpLift

Find out how all your buddies feel about ongoing sports events.

Target Audience: Sports fans of all types.
Website URL: https://www.28wins.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Are you a sports fan? If you are, install and try playing Gameday Tycoon on facebook and share your thoughts.

About 28wins:

28wins is a social sports gaming company. Its mission is to re-create water cooler conversations between you and your sports buddies over the web.

28wins’ first application, Gameday Tycoon (screenshot above), is a dumb downed fantasy sports game for casual fans. The goal is to give you reasons to trash talk or high five one another.

28wins is a social sports start-up founded by graduates from MIT.

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  1. Havent had a chance to play the app yet but at first glance the conversions on your homepage will be low. You need to sell what the service is right there loud and clear otherwise it looks like a parked domain page.

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