42goals – A Simple Tool For Tracking Daily Goals

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Ease your achievements with no install, web-based application.

Target Audience: Life hackers.

If you have ever set New Year’s resolutions then you know how it is difficult to achieve what you have planned. Most of the time we fail achieving our goals because we do not have enough motivation or simply forget what we are pursuing.

42goals helps people keep promises to themselves. It provide a simple web interface to keep track goals and daily activities, such as:
– quit smoking
– keep workout log
– track time
– record expenses
– and others

There are different goals templates from which you can quickly set up goals and a visualization tool to show your overall progress.

Feedback sought:

  • If you don’t have yet an account, you can register it for free https://42goals.com/registration/
  • If you don’t want to register, you can try demo at https://42goals.com/demo/
  • We would be happy to receive your feedback about the interface and any features you would like to be added in future.

5 free 1-month premium subscriptions.

Premium plan details here: https://42goals.com/premium/

One thought on “42goals – A Simple Tool For Tracking Daily Goals

  1. On the premium sign-up page, you should outline or provide details on what each feature is. As a first-time visitor, I’m not sure if it’s worth $5/month for “Advanced goals types: stopwatch” and “Group goals by tabs.” If you could explain those features directly on this page, that would be helpful in informing my decision.

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