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Create beautiful book lists quickly and easily.

Target Audience: Book lovers worldwide.
Website URL: https://www.7bks.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Visit www.7bks.com. Try the login/signup process.
  • Create a list.
  • Tell me what I can do better on the site 🙂
  • Would you like to be able to vote on lists?
  • Would you like to be able to comment on lists?
  • What would make you more likely to share your list with friends?
  • Any other additional comments?

About 7books:

7books lets you create beautiful book lists quickly and easily. You can share the list with friends and embed on your site. It’s in beta at the moment and is being improved constantly.

Next on the list of features:

  • A way of browsing lists (possibly with a voting element too).
  • A way of seeing recommended books based on lists you create.

3 thoughts on “7books – Playlists For Bookworms

  1. Visit http://www.7bks.com. Try the login/signup process. Upon visiting the website, I found there to be several ways to sign up and start creating my list.  I was not going to use my regular email account, so I decided to try Facebook.  The little screen popped up and said you were trying access my Facebook account.  At that point it said that this website would be allowed to send emails to my used email account.  I immediately chose not to proceed.  I would clearly appreciate a different way to sign up, and not to receive emailed spam.

  2. I’d like the option to create an account without using an OpenID/Twitter/FB/etc.
    Making the lists more social (comments, voting, leaderboards, etc.) would definitely help the overall experience.
    “Tags” for lists would be cool – e.g., “Awesome Books in Spanish” could be tagged with “Spanish,” “Fiction,” “Argentina,” etc.

  3. Hey thanks both for your feedback.
    @vanity – I actually don’t spam you at all, although I get your email address I don’t have access to your facebook wall (at least not the way I’ve coded it at the moment). I completely understand your reservations though and I’m working on ways of solving this problems. I guess a standard signup method would work best where you can control the email address used?
    @ben – yep, tagging is definitely on my list of features!
    Thanks 🙂

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