Active Collab – Manage your Projects

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Powerful, yet simple project management.

Target Audience: Web Design, Marketing, and Web Development companies
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Task Management

Stay on top of your work while juggling between multiple projects. Each project has task lists and everything else that goes with it – from files and discussions to time records and expenses.

Team Collaboration

Communication is what makes or breaks any project. Active Collab was designed to help people connect and stay on the same page.

Time Tracking

Track the time you spend working and bill your clients accurately. You can even set different hourly rates for companies and projects.


Your hard work isn’t free. To help you cash in on all your efforts, Active Collab can create and send invoices with your own branding in a matter of minutes.

Manage projects from your inbox

Create tasks and post comments directly from your email, without opening Active Collab.

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