Ad Dynamo – The Contextual Ad Network For Web And Mobile

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

AdDynamo - StartUpLift

Real-time contextual advertising marketplace.

Target Audience: Online publishers and advertisers.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

Publishers and advertisers: we are very interested in comments on the following:

  • Our home page – how can this be improved, do we accurately describe what we do in a simple, effective manner?
  • The registration process – is it quick and easy? How can we improve it?
  • Any other general thoughts.

About Ad Dynamo:

Ad Dynamo is a direct competitor to Google AdSense (from the publisher perspective) and Google Adwords’ Content Network (from the advertiser perspective). Advertisers can geo-target their campaigns to any country worldwide, and manage their costs with a daily budget and their bid per click, using associated keywords to contextually target their ads to relevant content.

Publishers can take advantage of the fastest paying ad network in the world. Instantly earn revenue from your blog or website by taking two minutes to register and setup an advertising channel on your site. Monitor earnings in real-time and get paid on the first day of every month.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

15 thoughts on “Ad Dynamo – The Contextual Ad Network For Web And Mobile

  1. I like the very simplistic design of your site. Clean navigation and clutter-free interface. It’s fairly obvious that you provide contextual advertising similar to Google Adsense where advertisers pay per click. However, under “Advertisers’ it’s not quite clear what can be targeted. You mention “Reach only the countries you are targeting” – not sure why you felt the need to express that there. That leads my to two questions – (1) Is the only targeting offered is country-based? What about other demographics? (2) If not why do you only mention country-targeting there?

    Also, it could just be me, but I do not like the term “winning traffic”. I am simply an advertiser, and not participating in any competition 🙂 Just my thought.

    As a publisher, looks like a straightforward setup. Being a blogger myself, I have, mostly, dealt with ad networks as a publisher. However your cut seems rather steep. How do you justify your 50% share against other, more known networks like BuySellAds that offer me, a publisher, 75%? Just trying to think in terms of your competitive advantage. What do you offer, or what makes you more desirable that many others who have favorable terms?

    I really like your simple – painless publisher registration process. Like you said, it is quick, easy and straightforward. The only thing I would recommend is to include “Select Payment type” in the same page. Why make it a two-step process just for that one little option?

    As far as advertisers are concerned, I think mobile advertising is still new to a lot of people. I would recommend including some sample ads (or even a sample video) to show how these ads work, especially because you offer not only “click to visit a mobile site” but also “click to call” and “click to SMS”. It’s not quite clear how the SMS and Call parts work. As an advertiser I would like to get some idea of how they work before I sign up.

    The only other thing I would suggest is that the design at the bottom of your website looks awful. The text is small, hard to read and the reddish background color makes it rather uncomfortable for the eyes. Somewhat darker background color (if you want to keep the white text) and larger font size would be very helpful.

  2. Answers based on feedback sought:
    1)  The home page – I like the colors used.  However, I think there is too much information on this page.  I would suggest having just information to brand yourself, and a motto or slogan if you have one.  I think that if someone stumbled across your site, they would read the homepage and then get information overload.  I would also suggest using a larger font after weeding it down to only selling points.  The key is getting those clients “in the door” from your homepage.  Keeping their interest to sell your service comes from the client’s first impression. 
    Suggestion:  Keep “Reach customers instantly”, and “Pay per click”, and come up with more selling points and remove “Where do the ads get displayed” section to another page – but off of your homepage.
    2) The registration process is straightforward.  I do suggest you add a register button on your login tab as well.  I do not see any improvements to the registration part.
    3)  Other general thoughts:  I see you have a twitter shortcut at the bottom of the homepage.  Have you considered also using Facebook and/or Youtube?  Getting fans that like you on Facebook is a big boost and free internet marketing.  Other than cleaning up your homepage, and seeking more outlets for internet marketing, I think you have a good thing going, and a good site.  Nice job!

  3. a very good site quick sign up easy to use need a little more color
    if you own a company and things get slow that mean time to get the word out and 25%-30% of the people with a big business use ads to help so i give this site 4 stars good job

  4. Our home page – how can this be improved, do we accurately describe what we do in a simple, effective manner?
    I feel that the home page is clearly laid out and explains well what you offer. The navigation is easy to use, with easily understandable titles on the buttons, and the in-page links are very helpful. The colour scheme is eye-catching, although may be a little too much so,  and the graphic is simple but effective. I also like the more detailed links section in the footer – I feel that I can find answers to any of my questions there.

    The registration process – is it quick and easy? How can we improve it?
    I found the registration process straightforward, although one drawback is that you don’t enter your password for a second time. As the password is masked, there is no way of telling if you have typed it correctly. A verification system here would help. Otherwise, I feel that the form asks only for necessary detail, which would encourage me to continue signing up.

    Any other general thoughts.
    The site is easy to use and explains things in a straightforward manner. The Overview page is particularly well laid out, with clear and useful graphics. The contact page is helpful, with a number of ways to contact the company.

  5. 1. Your homepage is very clear and easy to navigate. There is no guess work involved on the users end.
    As a publisher within a few seconds I knew exactly where to go to find more information. So that’s great.
    I wasn’t distracted by unnecessary banners or information.
    2. The registration is also crystal clear and easy to follow. I also like the fact there isn’t a lot to fill out on the form. Too often networks make the process feel like writing a book report or signing away your life. You keep it simple and fast the way it should be so I can sign up and start making money.
    Other observations.
    As a publisher I hate signing up for networks only to find they don’t have the type of offers I want to promote. You need to give examples of offers that are currently live on your site and their payouts so a publisher can know if they should even sign up or not. Otherwise it’s a waste of both your time and the publishers.
    You might want to also have a video or demo of how easy it is to get your code on a publisher’s site. This will encourage publishers to sign up even more if they already see how easy the process is.
    You don’t really describe your tracking. As a publisher, I want to know if real time tracking is available, do you have sub ids, etc. It’s important for experienced publishers to know this before hand.
    Other than that you have a real clean design that is easy to maneuver through. I would just add some of the changes suggested in terms of the publisher side.
    Hope this helps.

  6. “Our home page – how can this be improved, do we accurately describe what we do in a simple, effective manner?”
    II like the simple design of the homepage, it is very easy to navigate. However, there it seems to me that there is too much information in the left column, and perhaps you would be better off having a smaller amount of text on the homepage and linking to the more detailed information.

    “The registration process – is it quick and easy? How can we improve it?”
    Registration is quite clear and straightforward, which would help convince me to sign up. It’s not complicated, and doesn’t ask for unnecessary information, which I really like.

    “Any other general thoughts.”
    The site is well laid out, and I feel that the links in the footer are particularly helpful. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve searched for far too long through a website, unable to find what I need, because they didn’t have a ‘contact’ link in the footer. I also like that the information in the footer is separated into different categories. A wonderfully designed website overall.

  7. I am extremely familiar with PPC advertising. When I went to the homepage of this website, I have to say I was instantly intrigued! The color scheme is amazing, and truly eye catching. The home page instantly captivated my sense of who, what, where, why and how. Any questions I might have had are easily answered on this page. With further answers being available to me in the FAQ’s and Resource section at the bottom of the page.

    With three easy steps to the application process, I can be registered in a matter of minutes.

    Overall, I felt that this website is very easy to maneuver. I absolutely loved the Useful Information section at the bottom of the home page.

    Thanks for keeping everything simple and the answers to all questions easily attainable!

  8. 1. Our home page – how can this be improved, do we accurately describe what we do in a simple, effective manner? I was pleasantly suprised at the home page. It is definitely simple, but eye catching. The bright pink stands out in contrast to the white background and black lettering. I was actually able to realize exactly what the website it about withing 15 seconds of clicking on it. THAT is what a lot of websites are lacking. Straight, simple and to the point!!! It really doesn’t get any better than that. I love that it is available online to almost everywhere. Also a nice feature is that you can limit the amount of money that you spend per day on clicks. What I didn’t like is that you couldn’t find out how much it was per click just by simple navigation to the sight. It sounds stupid, but I a the kind of person that likes to have a menu tab specifically for pricing. That just makes it easier when you are trying to figure out how much you want to spend and how much it is going to cost.

    2. The registration process – is it quick and easy? How can we improve it? I think that the process was very simple. I do have some complaints, but nothing that is immediate. I do think that there should be a registration or sign up tab at the top of the page. I don’t think that it is necessarily a problem to have the buttons throughout your website, but that little tab at the top is key to some people just at first glance of the website. And, though I didn’t think of it, like another reviewer said, there should be a password confirmation. Lets face it, with EVERYTHING people can do online, we probably have tons of user names and passwords. Typing it in twice helps to remember and also “solidifies” the works or phrase we have used. What if we make a mistake in the spelling or something and didn’t catch it. Then you have to go through all the hassle of changing a password. Just a suggestions though.

    3.Any other general thoughts. Overall, I really like this website and think that if I had a business, I would definitely use this website!! Informative, simple, and easy to use. Seriously, does a website get better than that?? THANK YOU!!

  9. This is my opinion but I think the color use is a bit bright to me. I like light blues but I think that the color of your website could be managed with some darker colors with some light colors. So that the site isn’t so hard on the eye. The information is great. I like the log-in area but maybe you can do with some darker bold lettering if there is a way of doing anything there. The information for your ad is solid and to the point. I am generally happy with the information. I just would like to see more darker with light colors the pink is too bright. I guess I would say that overall you sight is managed pretty well.

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