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November 8, 2011

Addie – Share Files, Links, and Notes

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Addie allows you to share files, links, and notes privately or publicly.

Target Audience: Anyone who has files, links, and notes that he or she may need to share with others.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

1. Visit What are your impressions of what you see without signing up?
– Would you want to sign up?
2. Sign up for the site (you can use Facebook to sign up and allow our app or you can go here:
– Did you sign up with Facebook?
– What did you think of the sign up process?
3. After you sign up, what’s the first thing you think you should do?
4. Try adding an item and do what you think you should do with it. Then move on to the following questions:
– Did you have a hard time figuring out how to add an item?
– What type of item did you add?
– Did you share the item? Do you understand how to share it?
– Did you put the item in a folder?
– Can you figure out how to make this item public?
5. Addie lets you store and selectively share files, links, and notes. Would you use this service? Why or why not?
6. Do you like the look and feel/design of the site?
7. Any other feedback you’d like to share?

About Addie:

Addie lets you keep an inventory of items — any file (up to 250MB), editable notes, and bookmarks — and selectively choose how you’d like to share:

Share Directly: You can add contacts (defined by an email address) and share directly and privately. Keep clean records of what you’ve shared with whom, invite others to comment in private, share entire folders of items, and unshare anything at any time. Direct sharing on Addie isn’t about profiles, status updates, or circles. It’s about sharing things that matter with people you already know. If something is shared with you, you’ll find it among your items.

Share Publicly: If you’re into promotion and sharing viral content, Addie also acts as community site featuring social bookmarks, notes, and files. You can easily just make any of your items public and see what the Addie community thinks.

Addie is a hybrid that brings together all the most useful aspects of social networking, social bookmarking, cloud storage, and personal note-taking into one incredibly useful and easy-to-use service.