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Run search, social, mobile & display ads and track the results-all in one place.

Target Audience: Local online advertisers.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • How easy is it to understand the offering?
  • Is it clear that this site offers blended ad placement on major websites, search sites, social media sites an mobile?
  • How easy is the site to use?
  • Would you use a service like this?
  • Would you refer the service?

About Adneedle:

Adneedle is the only SaaS web site that lets advertisers easily run local ads on search, social, mobile & banner advertising all in one place. Adneedle runs your ads on all these channels, and lets advertisers easily track the results in one place. It is free to use with no contracts, monthly fees or commitments.


  • Target ads locally, demographically or by audience type.
  • Run video and banner ads on major sites
  • Search and PPC ads on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Social Media ads on Facebook and Twitter
  • Mobile ads delivered by geo and demographic
  • Manage and track all search, social, display and mobile results in one easy dashboard

3 thoughts on “Adneedle – Local Online Advertising Made Easy

  1. Very good concept, was looking for something like this.
    Some feedback:

    You need to put a FAQ page. Your help page is actually a FAQ, would help if the Qs and Answers are on the same page.
    Will this be more expensive than buying ADs directly from Google/Facebook? This is not mentioned anywhere.
    You are running the website on HTTPS but there are some elements in it which are not secure. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of having an SSL certificate. (I had this problem on one of my sites and I got rid of all the non-secure items)

    Here’s wishing you people luck!

    Govind Naroji

  2. Hi Govind,
    Thanks so much for the input!
    Our CPM starts at $3. You can also do PPC and RTB, or a combination of. Technically it would be cheaper to buy from Google Adsense, , Facebook, or manage Adwords budgets. On local and hand picked web sites we are much less expensive than dealing with these individual sites directly. Plus it’s very time consuming to negotiate buys and manage budgets, ad formats, keywords, analytics, etc., through all of these separate channels. Few offer detailed targeting, and many do not offer retargeting, which Adneedle provides free of charge.
    However the real magic is in the blended placement of social, search, banners and mobile. It can increase response 23% over single online channel placement.
    Here’s an infograph that illustrates the blend:
    You can also manage all your google analytics, Facebook and Twitter activity and posts, and keywords right from the dashboard, which is a really unique way to holistically manage social, search, analytics and campaigns. I don’t believe anyone is providing this level of blended online channel integration.

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