Adobe Captivate Review

Adobe Captivate Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons, Customer Support

Adobe Captivate is an eLearning tool mostly suited for training, creating presentations, or developing complex, collaborative courses. It is pretty effective when generating (VR) Virtual Reality tasks and creating superior HD interactive videos by recording on-screen content and webcam recording concurrently.

Adobe Captivate Review

Adobe Captivate includes a module capable of generating software simulations with triggers, effects, and slide settings. You require some tech skills to pull off awesome videos with Adobe Captivate. But don’t worry; the more you practice, it gets better with time.

The training software tool has a collection of interactive tools that make e-learning fun, with games, puzzles, image themes, VR environments, and so much more. All of these tools are available in the Adobe Stock content library.

What is Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate offers simple to use eLearning tools for beginners and speed in terms of software efficiency to professionals for creating online learning using one tool.

Adobe Captivate

The software includes a fantastic Plug-and-play feature to paste your content into ready-to-go usable slides. You can also create stunning eLearning courses on your mobile device in minutes.

Additional features we particularly like are the video overlays, automated branching, and customizable interactions to boost your productivity.

Liven up your demos in virtual reality videos; make interactive training videos using informative quizzes and check test slides as overlays.

Why Use Adobe Captivate?

One of this fantastic tool’s main features is the production of easy-to-read portable courses; complete with customizable content compatible with most devices focuses of this toolkit is creating mobile courses. It has a great feature where you can adjust output content on any device and screen size. The tool supports geo-location and distinct variables used in, for instance, geography courses, where learners can easily access city symbols from any device.

Learning Made Easier

Adobe Captivate uses the latest technologies. It efficiently delivers progressive learning experiences, but you need to take training classes to enjoy all its capabilities. 

Captivate is ideal for expert eLearning instructional for companies or businesses that need to create complex courses for training purposes.  


Adobe Captivate has numerous features that are crucial to both beginners and professional eLearning trainers. Some of the features we found helpful to include the following:

1. Enhanced Fluid Boxes 

This feature allows you to align objects automatically for learners to have a completely responsive experience from any device or browser.

Customize and control your fluid boxes with the in-built UI, distribute objects faster, define configuration tools in Static Fluid Boxes, view parent-child relations, and many more.

2. Enhanced Interactive Videos 

You can create engaging training videos and demos by either use of prerecorded YouTube or your own recording. Add educative slides or quizzes as overlays on the video. Add bookmarks and customize feedback options for Q & A interactions.

3. New Simplified Branching Workflow 

This fantastic feature has downloadable ready-to-use branching slides from the properties panel and edits the images, text, and other content in the slide groups.

Create a modules menu list with the slide group names and allow your students to take a quiz at the end of each complete module.

4. New Automated Click-and-replace Interaction 

This feature allows you to implement a click-and-replace interface without programming with a ready-to-go downloadable multistate slide from the properties panel.

5. New Multiple Themes 

Work with unlimited themes with the new Adobe Captivate multiple theme support. You can export your learning slides from existing courses to your current eLearning course and work with the same theme on Captivate.

6. New Image Swap 

Fast-track your eLearning editing using this new cool feature. You can now swap images in your projects within seconds. Simply drag and drop images to your current slides to replace the old photo.

7. New Copy Paste Appearance 

This feature saves you time by reducing your editorial time with one object’s copy-paste function to other multiple items. 

8. New Smart Font Replacement 

Increase your efficiency with the new smart font replacement features. This App lets you evenly change the themes, fonts, and colors of an eLearning project. 

9. New Live Device Preview 

The new live preview in Adobe Captivate comes to effect on mobile devices to mirror your projects in real-time on your browser.

10. New Automatic Chroma Effects

Make your background videos transparent with the new Automatic Chroma effects. You can add personalized images or scenery videos to enhance your project.

Pros and Cons


  • Adobes Captivate programs logic and puzzles into the projects. 
  • A fantastic authoring tool for expert users with great functionality. 
  • Captivate is SCORM compliant, an applicable standard requirement for eLearning courses in educational institutions.
  • New and innovative features like virtual reality that improve the overall use with every release


  • It takes a while to load and lags on smaller screens. 
  • Steep prices, Captivate goes for $399 for the educational tools.
  • Complex software. Takes a bit of time to absorb how to navigate the learning curve.
  • No built-in conversation simulations.
  • The slide storyline filmstrip display does little to attract users to improve complex learning prospects. 


You can subscribe to Adobe Captivate or use the available free trial option to test the waters.

The perpetual license goes for $1,299.

Subscription options are available in monthly or annual payments. 

Early terminations attract a termination fee. 

Free Trial

Available for only 30 days. Download the free trial version (30-days) and enjoy the following perks:

  • Create free VR projects
  • Tools to create interactive videos
  • Inbuilt software simulator
  • Mac OS support
  • General Learning capabilities

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription goes for $33.99 

What’s included:

  • Monthly subscription access to Adobe Captivate
  • Monthly access to the content library
  • Monthly access to unlimited upgrades

Customer Support

Adobe captivate has excellent customer support options. You need to locate your preferred support systems on their website. Choose between live chats, a systems admin supporter, or a creative cloud for entrepreneurs. Their website has a community forum section where you can sign in, join the conversations, read through discussions, or ask questions. 


Adobe Captivate is an impartial eLearning authoring tool offering advanced capabilities, especially with its new features and the older ones getting better enhancements. You can create custom interfaces over software development concepts like variables and system updates.

To sum up, Adobe Captivate has a competitive eLearning platform. When you compare their enormous features with competitors, the Captivate LMS software feature is one of the industry’s best Learning systems.

What's New In Adobe Captivate (2019 release)