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AdviceScene connects the public with the lawyers with the goal of democratizing the law.

Target Audience: Lawyers.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

I would like to have lawyers join the site, have a look around, compare us to other legal Q&A sites (e.g.,,, I want them to tell us what they think of our full-page web profile pages that replace or supplement a regular website with custom domain names and email integration. Pricing is between $50-$75/mo with a $0-$300 set up fee. What do lawyers think of answering questions, democratizing the law, improving their online visibility in this way?

  • Spend a few seconds on the homepage and tell us if you can easily understand what the site is about.
  • What is hard to understand? Is it easy to join/sign up?
  • Once signed up is it easy to see questions to answer?
  • Is it simple or difficult to edit your profile page?
  • What do you think of the ‘custom domain & email’ web solution package that allows you to set up a website on the directory easily?
  • What do you think of our custom signatures & disclaimers that accompany your answers?

About AdviceScene:

Founded in early 2009 by Nancy Kinney B.A., LL.B (UVic 2002), AdviceScene, based in Victoria, BC, Canada, allows lawyers to join its directory for free, answer questions from potential clients and help people understand the law.

We offer profile pages that are better than a website hosted in a directory where people are looking for legal help. As part of a lawyer’s subscription we send free referrals from people looking for help. The more answers a lawyer gives, the higher up their profile appears in the legal directory.

The site has an online show about family law, called Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone.