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A search engine allowing you to find alternatives for everything.

Target Audience: Worldwide.
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About is a search engine for alternatives. This site makes it supremely easy to submit the name of any item, and see how that fares when placed against comparable products. For example, if you are thinking about buying a smartphone (say, an iPhone) then you can have that placed in perspective by merely entering its name on the provided search box. The system will automatically produce a full comparison with these other smartphones that are a patch on it, so that you will be able to make a much better-informed choice.

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  1. I feel the concept is excellent and the result once you enter the information is very smart and well thought out. What I don’t like is the fact that the homepage is very difficult to understand. There is a lot of information here and although it is useful in the eye of the developer, for the average user they will be distracted and not catch on to the concept. If it was me I would make the homepage much more simple and find another way to implement the other information.

  2. I thought the web page was very clean and easy to use. I like the lay out of the page and it was easy to find items i was looking for.  I like at the bottom of the page the help information tab and also the feedback tab on the side. All together the web site catches your eye and it will be a web site i will use in the future.

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