Antengo – Mobile Microlistings

Antengo - Featured on StartUpLift

Real-time, location-based, person-to-person exchanges.

Target Audience: 18-34 Age Group.

Antengo provides a mobile marketplace for on-demand, twitter-sized, and location-based “microlistings.” Users can create quick offers or requests from the free iPhone app (Android and other platforms in development), then instantly connect with the closest person interested to make a purchase (e.g. tickets, vendors, real estate, odd jobs) or community exchange (e.g. lost pet, volunteers, missed connections). It takes 60 seconds or less to post.

The old way to use classifieds: take a picture of your couch, transfer it to your computer, upload to craigslist, create a long, clunky description, then email back and forth with interested parties, spending days coordinating an exchange. After spending all this time, you may discover that the interested parties are 30+ miles away.

Antengo is the new way to use classifieds. You simply snap a photo within the mobile app, write 140 characters about the item or service, and in 10 minutes, hear from 3 people all within a mile of you. Coordinate using the in-app “Anttweet” chat feature, and exchange! Users can also post from various vertical channel partner websites using their Twitter account.

Feedback sought:

If you are an iPhone or iPad reader, download the free app and try posting something you have to sell or want. Please share your experience.