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Get an in-depth understanding of your customers. Real-time mobile analytics for smarter apps.

Target Audience: Developers, Small Businesses
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One thought on “Appacts – Smart Thinking for Great Apps

  1. 1- Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    Home Page looks very organized & simple but yet preety much effective.
    The Register & Log in option has put in right place. “Registration is free” is highlighted as well.
    Then the stage by stage explanation of the different operations of the App is really good to understand the app.
    But when i first come to this site & see the tag line “SMART THINKING FOR SUPER APPS” , i could not understand , what exactly this app does.
    Then when i scroll down & see the different operations that this performs, it became clear to me.
    So if we can update the line.
    The Facebook & twitter symbols can be put at the top right corner of the page.
    Only the links for the same are present at the bottom of the page.
    Now-a-day people are more confident for the sites , when they see those SNS are associated to the page.
    One major issue that if the User wants to know more information & wants to contact the APPACTS team for some basic details, then there is no front line option present 
    to the user like ‘Contact Us’.
    2- Are you encouraged to sign up? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    At a first glance of the site, i could not make out how exactly it can help me. But when i scroll down & go through the features, i think it can help me in my area . 
    And definitely i will sign up & will take advantage of the features as its free to sign up which is great advantage for smaller businees like me.
    3- If you signed up, do you find it easy to add a new app? Download the required SDK?
    I signed up to check out the features. When i login, by default i went to APPS page which is really User friendly for me. I dont have to search for the section in the 
    site for the option to Add an App.
    The ADD APP section is quite straight forward, Add the App Name & Select the platforms & click on ADD button.
    But Once the App is getting added successfully, I am not getting any message.
    I was expecting some kind of message like ‘Your App is added successfully’.
    But it directly took me to ‘VIEW APP DETAILS’ section with the details of the added app, which is really good . Again i dont have to manually trace back to App 
    Under “VIEW APP DETAILS” the Download SDK option is present.
    But i was expecting ‘Download SDK’ option should be highlight/some kind of message should be present for the user.
    Above all i was expecting some kind of message at the top of the page explaining the  different stages like ‘ADD APP’ , ‘VIEW APP’, ‘Downloading SDK’. So it would be 
    more useful for the user.
    4-If you integrated our SDK, did you find it easy to follow? Were our support site instructions easy to follow?
    I downloaded the SDK & opened the same.
    At first i was confused whats the difference between SampleApplication & SampleApplicatioBasic. 
    But when i read the ‘Read Me.txt’, it was clear to me that one is for Basic integration & another one is Advanced integration.
    So we can change the name of the files accordingly.
    But still at this stage , i am not clear whats Basic & advanced integration.
    Whats the difference between them. Then i go to Support Site to get more details on this.
    For integrating the SDK, i dont have any instruction in the Zip file.
    I was expecting something should be mentioned in the Read Me file. But again i have to go back to Support Site for the same.
    When I move to Support site, i am kind of lost in this site. The positioning of the sections is confusing to me.
    I have really check out where can i get the details.
    The Images used for ‘Start a discussion’, ‘Browse Discussions’, ‘Knowledge base’ doesnt seem to perfect to me as well as there positioning.
    I prefer those should be present at the top of the page.
    There should be a guide section may be to the right of the page,which will contain those links & the some details regarding the same.
    5-Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which on do you prefer? Why?
    I searched on Google for other Mobile App Analytics options.
    I have got few sites & i checked out the Bango Site.
    There Analytics home page is quite different from yours.
    It’s much briefer, and the look and feel is more towards business, whereas your site is friendlier and more casual.
    They have categorized different sections for different informations.
    They have specifically mentioned the features for the same which will largely draw attention of the user.
    But one issue in Bango site, they havnt mentioned regarding the price at the analytics home page, but this is clearly mentioned in your site that its free.
    When preference somes, its pretty much difficult. But i will go with Bango site as it looks more geniune & straight forward business.
    Yours site is little bit casual but yes pretty much user friendly.
    6) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    The Site looks really good & it will attract a lots of user beacuse of its simplicity & free sign up.
    But it would be more effective if we can make this site less casual, putting more information on different pages.
    Creating separate sections/category & place them in proper posistions.
    But my final words would be this site looks pretty cool which is there to help the user to fulfill their needs.

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