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Appointmind makes scheduling appointments easy with a flexible and feature rich Web app.

Target Audience: Service providers
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3 thoughts on “Appointmind Makes Scheduling Appointments Easy

  1. 1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    I see the blue headings in the body of the home page that tell me more about Appointmind and how it might help me. The menu at the top indicates that I can try the product out which interests me. As I scroll down the screen I’m pleased to see a couple of demos available for me to look at. The information boxes further down provide some additional information. I keep scrolling down the screen which seems to go on for quite a long way. When I see the Showcase heading and images I tried clicking on these which is what I was expecting to be able to do and was hoping I would see these examples in action. I keep scrolling down and see the next two demo links with accompanying text which tells me more about the product and is useful information. The Appointment scheduling features are clearly set out and provide me with the sort of key information that would encourage me to explore the product further using the Try it out link which I can see clearly at the top of this section. When I view the additional menu options at the end of the homepage I am encouraged to look at some of these further, particularly the Our Customers section.
    2) Think of something you want to find on this website. Now try to find it. Did you find what you were looking for? Was anything confusing?
    I decided that I’d like to see how others are using this scheduling product so clicked on the Golf Instructors customer information from the end of the page. This took me to a new page that tells me a customer based story about how the scheduling application can work in the context of a golf pro. I liked the brief text on the page so there wasn’t too much to read through and it gave me enough information to give me a sense of how this product can work in the field. 
    3) Are you encouraged to pay for a subscription? Can you tell us why or why not?
    I like the idea of being able to download the scheduling app for my website and the one time fee seems reasonable. It’s also good to see that you offer additional services such as installation and configuration for a small additional charge.
    4) Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which one do you prefer? Why?
    I compared this with which includes an effective video of the app in action on their homepage. There is also a menu link for demo videos that shows me more examples in a dynamic format rather than your static images. I prefer the simplicity of the mychair app homepage and also the use of their FAQ page which puts a lot of the information potential users may want in one place. One thing I prefer about the Appointmind site is the more obvious page change whereas mychairapp uses the same videoclip even when you click on a different page link.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    The home page requires a lot of scrolling to get through all of the information and would benefit from some of this information, such as the features, being included on a separate page. It would also be good to see the Show Case images further near the top to provide more initial impact.
    The ‘Our Customers’ narratives could be enhanced even more by telling this ‘story’ through the voice of a persona from each of the identified user groups.
    You mention that websites require MySQL and PHP capability for this product and it would be good to see an explanation of what this actually means for people who may not know how to find this out about their website.

  2. Using MacBook OS 10.7.5 with Safari 6.0.2

    1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    Top Header/Logo seems amateurish. Name isn’t overly striking. No images or info that immediately catches the attention. Too much attempt to explain right away what site is about.

    Otherwise, the page is neat, clean, easy to read, but long–a fair bit of scrolling down to see everything on it. In fact, too much information at once, and no ‘user’ control over what order it is in.
    2) Think of something you want to find on this website. Now try to find it. Did you find what you were looking for? Was anything confusing?
     Your Help and your Contact links lead to the same place.

    There is no FAQ section.  

    Your ‘What we do’ section may benefit from having an ‘About’ section regarding your company, its vision, and product.

    To find out what your features are, I having to scroll down and find it on your landing page (your home page).

    To read about ‘scheduling appointments via webpage’… and I have to scroll down and find it on your landing page.

    Maybe a bit too much on your landing page? 

    There are problems with how your links work:

    You have a link at the top header of your homepage for ‘Pricing Subscription’ ($14.99/month, and $149 one time/$29.99 month) but also on your site a ‘Prices Download’ link (middle of your homepage, below a second link to the ‘subscription pricing’) that gives one-time download prices. Have one ‘Prices link’ and on that page have it divided into your ‘Subscription’ and ‘Download/stand-alone’.

    There could be a bit more visual information on how the calendar looks–the basic template on your ‘try-out’ leaves much to be desired, and seeing how the product works with different templates may be attractive. 
    3) Are you encouraged to pay for a subscription? Can you tell us why or why not?
    There are several services, free and paid, that are out there. Right now, I do not see what sets you apart from the others.
    4) Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which on do you prefer? Why?
     I found several. I decided to check BookFresh, and it had several good reviews. Both services offer the same general product. BookFresh charges slightly more, but seems to have a flexible ‘Enterprise’ service pricing.

    The site is more informative about the product, its capabilities, and what it works with. As well, they are more informative about their company and its vision, development, and policies regarding privacy, something that your site lacks. This is important, as personal information is being shared via these sites.

    BookFresh also offer compatibility with Google Calendar and iCal on Mac, allowing greater flexibility and connectiveness with other companies. There are several other features they have that you lack.

    In this regard, I lean towards BookFresh.

    I also looked at Genbook. Again, website is more informative, and better laid out. Pricing is higher, but more features available (Google Maps tie-in, company logo/info website). Other features similar to BookFresh (apps tie-ins, mobile phone, etc).

    Again, lean a bit more towards Genbook than Appointmind.

    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    Like the ‘try-out’ areas. Really allows the user to see how the program works. 

    As noted, there is too much on your landing/home page. I think you should place your ‘Features’ and ‘Show Case’ section in their own page. This will allow them to be more ‘individually’ focused on. Also, it would allow you more flexibly in expanding the information you include with them.

    As well, you have a separate link for ‘Add-Ons’ towards the bottom of the homepage. Maybe include this link on a header at the top of the page, along with the links to ‘Features’ and your ‘Show Case;’ or include it under a ‘Features’ link

    Maybe include a video showing how easy it is to set up and use? 

     You mention 10 years of online appointment scheduling development. Is this the same software that you are currently pitching (albeit updated) or is this a new product? If it is a new product, maybe talk a bit about your previous products (which is what an ‘About’ section would do, or maybe a ‘History’ section, linked at the bottom under your ‘What We Do’ header. Why? Because making a claim and not substantiating it is like bragging about something you never did–can we really trust you with you providing an example of what you have done in the past?

    More information about security and information. 

    I think your site leaves a bit to be desired–its lay-out and how the information is presented do not really provide a clear view of what you are offering. There is too much on one page, and having two separate links to two different price lists (one for download, one for subscription) in two different locations makes it seem like you lack organization.
    While it is ‘clean’ and ‘easy to read’, your site lacks visual appeal as well. It seems amateurish. A video showing your product (with a nice template) in action, or having a nice template in your ‘try-out’ section, will help a lot with the visual appeal of your site.

    You are also lacking information about your company, your goals, and your policies regarding security and privacy. Important things. Find a way to include them.  

  3. 1. It looks like you offer an app that can be integrated with the user’s web site to enable their clients and customers to schedule their own appointments. You communicate this very quickly and clearly through your headline and selling points above the fold. The modest use of images and color makes for a pleasantly no-muss-no-fuss look to the site.
    2. I decided I’d look for your pricing structure. I found some initial info very easily as I was scrolling down the home page–$14.99 a month or a one-time fee of $129–but I also found more detailed info via the “Pricing” tab. Actually, I found this “Pricing” page confusing because it neglects to mention a one-time installation fee and instead lists a premium plan fee of $149 plus an additional $14.99 a month. This conflicts with the info on the home page, and I’m also not sure what I get with the premium plan that I don’t get with the standard plan other than help with installation. I’m also confused as to why you show most of the pricing in US dollars but then suddenly switch to Euros for “additional modules.”
    3. I could definitely see paying $14.99 a month for this if I was a doctor or other professional who has a constant influx of clients. As a client myself, I know I would love to be able to schedule appointments without having to go through receptionists, who are often busy, brusk, and sometimes not even in the office. I’m sure that professionals are aware of those issues, too, and would probably like to eliminate the expense of receptionists if not needed or at least conserve time by enabling them to work on other, more important tasks.
    4. I searched on “online scheduling software.” The very first result in Google was Appointment-plus. Their site is a little more sophisticated than yours. They open with an attractive slideshow and keep their home page short and sweet in comparison to yours. Instead of trying to squeeze so much onto their home page, as you do, they distribute information more evenly across pages like “Features,” “Video Demo,” “Who Uses Us,” etc. Likewise, their product seems to be more sophisticated than yours, offering staff scheduling features as well as specific support for sales, marketing, inventory, and customer service departments. However, that doesn’t make their product “better.” It just makes it less specific than yours. Their product costs more than double what yours does for the cheapest plan, so users pay for all those additional features. If someone just wants to make it easier for clients to schedule appointments, then your software would seem to do the trick more cost effectively. In the end, I think the Appointment-plus site is flashier and more extensive than yours, but that’s because their product is flashier and more extensive, too. The only thing I like better about their site is that they don’t try to cram so much info into the home page.
    5. I love the home page above the fold. There’s a nice balance between the image and the copy, the colors and use of white space create a clean, appealing look, and the headline and selling points instantly explain what the site is about with no guesswork involved. I also think the demos are terrific. I tried them out myself.

    However, as I scroll down, the home page becomes very long. There are some long blocks of copy that really just repeat what the selling points at the top of the page said much more concisely. Then you list product features, which really should be done on a separate page.

    The “Try it out” page calls attention to the demos again, which is fine considering that someone might miss them on the home page. The demos worked for me, and I really liked them. Many web sites will show lots of videos and screenshots but eventually force the user to register and download a free trial to actually experience the product. I can’t tell you how much I love that you’re letting me test this out right on the site without having to sign up or download anything! How refreshing!

    As you know, I’m confused by your “Pricing” page, and I’m also disappointed that “Contact Us” has no concrete info about who you are and where you’re located, just an online submission form. You’re asking me to spend a lot of money, so I think I should be able to have your physical address and phone number. In addition, you have a very nice “Our customers” page with subpages that illustrate how different kinds of businesses can benefit from your software. But this is only accessible from the bottom of the home page. Why not put it up top in the navbar? However, despite these few flaws, it seems to me that you’re offering a very worthwhile product and that the ability to test it out on the web site is so invaluable that you’ll probably win over lots of visitors due to that alone. If you can shorten the home page and redistribute feature info across informational pages, fix the pricing inconsistencies, list a physical address and phone number, and maybe make your “Our customers” page more visible, I think you’ll see a lot of sales. Good luck!

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