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World-class patent, trademark, and copyright services for law firms, businesses, and inventors, at prices that anyone can afford.

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, inventors, lawyers, corporations. Or just anyone with a business idea.
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About Artisan IP:
Artisan IP was founded on the belief that all intellectual property owners should receive the same professional treatment, regardless of status. We provide expert patent, trademark, and copyright services to inventors, business owners, and attorneys.

Artisan IP has unrivaled access to the epicenter of the intellectual property universe in Alexandria, VA. We operate next-door to (and often inside of) the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and we have ready access to USPTO Examiners and the resources they use in actual prosecution.

Everything is professionally handled by U.S. experts that truly know what they are doing. Prices are highly competitive with even those online companies known for questionable quality and practices. We bring world-class IP service to the masses without the high costs associated with legal fees or the risk associated with churn & burn boilerplate internet chop shops. Our clients get results and quality they can trust.