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Stream music by bands playing near you soon.

Target Audience: Music-lovers is a location-based music streaming site. It lets users listen to songs by bands coming to play near their location soon. If you like a song you hear, chances are that you can go out tonight or this week to hear that band live. The site also lets the users post to facebook to find other people who may want to go see those bands play.

Feedback sought:
  • When you go to the site, how nearby you are bands playing?
  • Is it clear how to navigate to the next song?
  • Are you hesitant to sign in using facebook without first seeing the site demonstrated?

4 thoughts on “ – Location Based Music

  1. Personally if I was to use this service I would be hesitant to login using Facebook without knowing what the service is.

    I’m very cautious about Apps and who has access to my Facebook though.

    It seems the main objective of this service is to allow people to find cool bands playing in their area. So I would say you should be able to see “nearby bands” at a minimum level of the entire city. If I hear a good band I might be willing to drive 30min to hear them. However uses should be able to drill down to see bands that are potentially closer.

    I think using the standard play, pause, next song, prev song is clever and I think people would definitely know how to use it.

    PS unfortunately since I’m in Toronto (Canada) I wasn’t able to preview the actual site.

  2. I got stuck on the Facebook login, too. Is there a reason why logging in is required? It got in the way of both Mikko and I, so it might be something to think about.

    Maybe you could let guests use your site for a while without logging in.

    But the idea is cool. It might turn out to be a good way to find local bands.

  3. Have to agree with the two people above me. If you’re going to _make_ me login with my facebook page, you at least need to give me a more thorough introduction to the service.

  4. Sorry, but there’s no way I would share my facebook data with an app without a test-drive. It’s more a reflection on my lack of trust for FB than your app, but unless I know what the potential value of your site is, I’m disinclined to share.

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