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7 Antivirus Software for Small Businesses

When starting a business, you will require an online presence to market your brand and interact with your customers to make sales. To do this, you need a secure website and social media accounts to help organize your company data and display your products to boost your business. The moment you launch your website, your business will always be at risk of multiple attacks from hackers and harmful malware. 

There are threats every day, so protecting your digital tools becomes inevitable. To get maximum security for your small business against internet threats, avoid home-based programs because these may lag your network if used on multiple devices. 

In this article, we shall look into some of the best antivirus software for crucial security layer for small businesses to give you a wide choice of providers. 

How to Know which One is Best for Your Business

We’ll briefly talk about software safety with seven of the best antivirus programs for small businesses in the market.

1. Virtual Self-Defense 

Small companies are the target of mindless hackers as they hunt for defenceless web infrastructure to mine data. According to a study done by IBM in 2016, start-ups are the main target making a whopping 62% of all cyber-attacks every day.

The first step to evading unwanted virus attacks from cyber bullies is to train your employees on how to protect data from hackers.

Key areas to note:

  • Don’t click on unknown links or download documents from suspicious emails
  • Avoid surfing in dodgy websites
  • Don’t click on pop-up adverts 
  • Avoid using flash drives from unknown sources

Once you’ve implemented your internal security measures, it’s time to look into a secure antivirus system that can detect and crush all potential threats on your computers.

2. Software Plans

A regular security software plan should be flexible to your business needs. Many antivirus software plans charge by monthly, or annually, with unlimited devices as required. To maximize the use of any software program, and save big bucks on the deal, go for annual packages rather than making monthly instalments.

Since the market is flooded with free antivirus offers for users to test the software before investing in it, it makes more sense to go for the paid versions as a long-term solution to enjoy better protection and many more features. 

The best antivirus software packages use pre-boot virus scanners to detect threats before they damage your data.

Though the world of cybercrime is continually evolving, several industry leaders can provide the right cyber security solutions for any small business.

Here’s a List of the Best Antivirus Software for Your Small Business

1. McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus by Intel has a wide variety of products and offers security solutions to both small and large businesses. 

McAfee - Best Antivirus Software

Being an industry pioneer, McAfee  offers an easy-to-use interface with reliable customer service and free, 24/7 technical support for all their subscribed customers.

Features include:

  • Affordable and dependable anti-virus protection 
  • Software compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10; Mac OS, iOS, and Android systems
  • McAfee  security targets businesses with up to 25 devices to protect
  • Has the flexibility to run on smartphones, tablets, Macs, and PCs
  • Affordable pricing plans starting at $79.99 for up to five PCs or Macs
  • Offers unlimited protection included in the price
  • McAfee  security runs through a central remote system accessible via the cloud

Provides flexible security to remote office users

2. BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard was founded in 2001. It recently launched Dojo by BullGuard, an app that protects Wi-Fi devices and installing it in multiple devices under one license. This Antivirus is affordable and offers excellent customer service support through its active community forum. The software runs on Android, Mac, and PC with a single license.

BullGuard - Best Antivirus Software

This option is suitable for small business owners concerned about identity theft – to secure their personal information for marauding internet phishers.

Features include:

  • 24/7 customer support via live chat 
  • BullGuard has high speed and efficiency
  • The package provides identity protection for emails, credit cards, and addresses
  • Custom-built solution for Wi-Fi device protection 
  • The software runs on Mac, PC, or Android with one license

3. Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is a giant in the software industry. It’s a subsidiary of Symantec, selling security software for both individuals and businesses. It offers 60-day money-back guarantee security, after which you can purchase a package for all your web security requirements.

Norton - Best Antivirus Software

Features include:

  • Norton is easy to connect, use, and manage
  • Offers reasonable prices and incredible customer service
  • Rated as one of the best Norton for Small Business for companies with up to 20 employees
  • Norton Antivirus also includes security for mobile devices 
  • Scans Android applications and SD memory cards for potential threats
  • Blocks suspicious emails, calls, and texts from all your devices
  • Tracks stolen mobile devices and remotely wipes the device

4. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender was founded in Romania in 2001 and is one of the fastest antivirus security software in the market. This program offers security for small businesses and includes tools to protect you from data breaches and identity theft.

Bitdefender - Best Antivirus Software

Features include:

  • Specially designed for businesses with less than 50 employees
  • Offers fast, cost-effective virus security 
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Customer support accessible through their support webpage
  • Provides a 30-day money-back warranty on all security products 
  • Provides web filtering and restricts access to unsafe applications or websites
  • Has Endpoint Security Relay ideal for sites with low bandwidth for distribution of updates internally – with or without internet connectivity

5. Kaspersky Antivirus

Based in Massachusetts, Kaspersky antivirus software is one of the big players in the market and with more than 300 million users worldwide. The company has user-friendly products for both small businesses and huge corporations. It is revered for its top detection and protection rates.

Kaspersky - Best Antivirus Software

Features include:

  • Easy to navigate the dashboard with quick software installation 
  • Kaspersky’s products use up less space, is slim and efficient, and will not slow down your devices 
  • Efficient customer service 
  • Pricing is slightly higher than competitor products
  • Provides top-of-the-line security for small businesses and big corporations
  • Security features include anti-crypto capabilities for automatic backup and restoration of data if malicious encryption is detected
  • It also offers extensive encryption and secures web email activity
  • Remote cleaning of lost devices or stolen 

6. Avast Antivirus Pro Plus

Avast Pro Plus provides exceptional software for small business security solutions. It protects your devices against virus attacks and your data from identity theft. The built-in VPN software blocks your IP address and prevents hackers from tracking your online activities. The software has a browser cleaner that erases unwanted junk files and browsing residues to secure your identity.

Avast - Best Antivirus Software

Features include:

  • VPN and ID theft protection
  • Webcam shield alerts from random turn on 
  • Password management system to secure your account login information
  • Avast Antivirus Pro Plus is easy to download and set up on your devices 
  • Has remote accessibility features through online portals

7. F-Secure Protection 

F-Secure Protection offers patch management security services. This tool automatically tracks and updates patches released by Microsoft for your Windows OS. It also protects your devices and secure servers, which are all crucial for any small business enterprise.

F-Secure - Best Antivirus Software

Features include:

  • A remote security system that monitors your online portals and to adjust settings, deploy software updates, or perform virus scans.
  • Easy to set up
  • Cloud-based saves space on your devices
  • Fast malware detection
  • Automatically updates on the Windows app

Final Word

Securing your small online business against hackers and dangerous malware protects your data and unforeseen cyber-attacks.

When selecting ideal antivirus software, consider the size of your company in terms of computers and other office devices and go for a software program that can handle all kinds of online threats. Consider pricing and go for packages that target small businesses to save on costs.