Best Auto Dialer Software

15 Best Auto Dialer Software

Business growth is anchored on efficiency and cheaper business processes. As a business, you probably have a few processes that you have already automated or outsourced. One of the easiest business processes that can be outsourced is a call center. However, with today’s technology, businesses can automate such functions as customer support and have their own contact center.

Cloud-based autodial solutions are considerably affordable compared to outsourcing contact center tasks. Carrying out these tasks in-house helps streamline your outreach strategies. It also helps you as a company to comply with federal regulations put in place for cold-calling. While manual dialling has been the norm, auto dialling solutions are now a vital component of businesses.

How to Select the Best Auto Dialer Software

Choosing the best software can be a challenge, especially since the market is flooded with service providers. However, among the solutions available, only a few can actually deliver on productivity and high ROI. But how do you know which one is best for you? We’ll look at some brief pointers that will help you make an informed decision.

1. Consider your customer base and type

The number of customers you want to reach will dictate the type of auto dialer you choose. There are several types of software that are designed to suit different companies’ needs. Here are the main types of auto dialers in the market today.

  • Power dialer calls one number at a time from a pre-set contact list. This dialer is best used when you want to make personalized calls. The dialer skips unanswered and busy numbers. With additional tools such as CallHub, the software makes more calls per agent. This software makes an average of 70 calls per hour.
  • Predictive dialer makes several calls at once. It is a suitable solution for large companies that have large teams to attend to large numbers of calls at a time. This dialer uses machine learning and algorithms to analyze previous calls and predict possible leads. This software can make an average of 110 calls in an hour.
  • Preview dialer allows an agent some time to research before making calls so as to fully engage the receiver. This dialer is best used for lengthy, complex sales calls and follow-ups where a review of previous history is necessary. This dialer allows the agent to control when and to whom a call is made.
  • Robo dialer is used in situations where you need to pre-record messages and send them to a contact list without engaging live agent calls. This is a good solution for quick reminders or product awareness. The dialer allows you to set up contact response collection. It also allows contacts to make live calls to agents.
  • Progressive dialer makes calls from a contact list only when an agent is available. This means that it will stop dialing numbers until agents have ended their current calls. This dialer is suitable in situations where personal interactions are needed. It results in productive calls between the agents and clients.

If you are looking to reach out to a large customer base, a progressive dialer comes in handy. If you have a small customer base and you want to have personal conversations with clients, you can use a preview or power dialer.

2. Consider your call campaign goals

What is the nature of the calls that you intend to make? If you intend to call high-value clients, you cannot afford to miss any moment. As such, a progressive autodialer would be okay as it only dials numbers once an agent is on standby.

If you are looking for an auto dialer for cold calls and telemarketing, you can go for a predictive dialer. This auto dialer estimates the chances of a call being successful or not. It also over-dials to compensate for all unsuccessful calls. It directs the calls to the next available agent once he call goes through.

3. Consider the features you need in a dialer

Autodialer software options are packed with features that help make business processes easier and faster. You probably already have an idea of what you want the dialer to do for you. Here is a list of the features you can get from the different solutions in the market today.

  • Pre-recorded messages for prospects can be sent either as automated messages or voicemail when the prospect cannot be reached. The pre-recording feature allows the telesales teams to record and automate clear messages without the pressure of a live call.
  • Interactive Voice Response allows your customer support team to redirect calls to the right team members without a live operator.
  • You need TCPA-compliant software. The government is continually regulating the industry, and a single violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act could cost you thousands of dollars in fines. It is, therefore, important to get software that has integrated TCPA in its design and automatically updates Do Not Call lists and gives periodic reports
  • Live call monitoring allows supervisors to keep track of conversations in real-time. This allows management to keep track of conversations and training progress. Some solutions come with whisper coaching whereas a supervisor you can advise the agent on how to handle a situation without anyone knowing.
  • Text to speech is important if you want to insert text and have the dialer read it. The text can come from CSV so that it bears the name of the prospective client.
  • CRM compatibility is essential if you want the software to use already saved contact lists as well as make use of lead data generated by CRM. The software should generate lead data and keep it updated
  • Call pacing and call scheduling are important features. If you want the option to do power dialling or click to call or predict the times when your leads are available for the call, look for these features. Power dialling allows you to make calls to the numbers on your contact list automatically without pausing – once a call is over, the software dials the next number. The click to call option allows you to decide when to call the next number on your contact list.
  • Reports on call campaigns are essential so as to collect vital information on the success of a campaign. Detailed call campaign reports also show the set and achieved milestones and goals as well as track the results of a campaign

If you have any other features you feel are essential in the auto dialer software you pick, you can add them to the list. Most service providers clearly show the features of the software such that you need not dig around for that information.

4. Consider the size of your business

What resources do you have at hand? For starters, if you only have one person to handle the calls, you do not need to get a power or predictive dialer. Such a dialer would be a waste of time and money. When picking out an autodialer, consider the number of employees in the calls department, the tasks you want accomplished as well as number of calls to make in each campaign.

5. Consider ease of use

The main purpose of an autodialer is to save time, money and improve efficiency and effectiveness. As such, you do not want to spend weeks learning how the auto dialer works and training other stuff on the same. You want something that is easy to understand and use.

 6. Consider your lead source

If you are getting your leads from your website, or an event you have hosted, it is important that each lead is nurtured with care. As such, you need an autodialer with an agent present at all times to answer any queries.

If you wish to nurture prospects to conversion, especially those with longer sales cycles, you need a solution such as a preview dialer. You can have your experienced sales personnel handle the prime leads to conversions, especially those with a high return on investment despite long sales cycle.

7. Consider the service provider’s reputation

In order to be successful, you need to work with a service provider who has good reputation. You can read reviews about the product and service provider online from previous customers. You want to work with a service provider who offers installation and training as well as 24/7 support.

Why You Need Auto Dialer Software

Strategic marketing and lead generation is an integral part of any business’ growth. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get with auto-dialer solutions.

  • Improves productivity and operational efficiency
  • Reduces idle time spent waiting for calls to connect, videos to load etc.
  • Gives better lead generation and conversion
  • Gives you the opportunity to monitor and report in real-time

Auto dialers speed up and simplify call campaigns. As long as you are TCPA compliant, you are sure to see improved efficiency and overall growth.

There are countless auto dialer software options in the market today.

Here is a list of some of the best in the market at the moment.

1. Newfies-Dialer

If you want a cloud-based auto dialer with CRM integration, this is one of the solutions worth looking into. It is a voice broadcast and phone survey solution. It will help you to manage simultaneous calls from a central point.

Newfies Dialer - Best Auto Dialer Software

Newfies –Dialer comes with a DNC function that automatically skips all contacts that don’t want to receive sales calls. If the software pulls contacts from a CRM list, it notes the indicated preferred time. This ensures that the call is made only when the client is available.


Newfies-Dialer is available in 5 different options.

  • $199 monthly for 25 ports and 5 agents
  • $399 monthly for 100 ports and 10 agents
  • $599 monthly for 250 ports and 25 agents
  • $999 monthly for 500 ports an 50 agents
  • $1799 monthly for 1000 ports and 100 agents

The plans come with daily call and text limits. All plans come with a range of features and benefits, including customer support and team training.


  • It comes with a text to speech function that allows you to personalize messages
  • It has an auto-redial and predictive dialer function
  • It allows voice and text broadcasting
  • It is an intuitive software with voicemail detection
  • It is easy to use and the service provider offers good customer support
  • It gives detailed call campaign reports and analytics


  • It does not support third-party eCommerce platform integrations
  • It doesn’t have an encryption option for sensitive data
  • It may not be suitable for freelance work

2. NICE inContact

This is a cloud-based contact center solution designed to improve customer service experience. It offers multiple-channel routing as well as workforce automation and optimization. It utilizes artificial intelligence to make its functions intuitive and highly responsive.  NICE inContact also offers reports and analytics.

NICE inContact - Best Auto Dialer Software


NICE inContact offers fully customized prices depending on the solutions needed by small businesses and enterprises. The solutions and their pricing plans are categorized according to the business need and type as well as if you need a contact type solution. The software comes with free 30-day trial.


  • It is an open cloud software with CRM and UCaaS etc. integrations
  • It offers multi-channel routing with predictive dialer
  • It enhances workforce engagement and quality management
  • It offers automation and AI, behavioral routing and workforce intelligence
  • It comes with interaction and performance analytics with detailed reporting


  • Analytics and reports dashboard could be better
  • The email service is occasionally glitchy and frustrating
  • Integrations with homegrown platforms and consequent customization is a tad frustrating

3. PhoneBurner

This is a cloud-based call center solution with a power dialer and sales accelerator. This software allows the use of imported contact lists and lead lists. PhoneBurner‘s system allows users to manage leads, do follow-ups on email and manage performance. The software also allows for workflow automation and gives periodic analytics.

PhoneBurner - Best Auto Dialer Software


There is only one pricing option for PhoneBurner. You can pay monthly or annually. The annual option comes with 15% discount. For unlimited dialling, you’ll pay $149 per month per user – the admin account is free. You can start with a free trial before you decide on a paid plan.


  • It is generally easy to use – offers a pleasant user experience
  • It comes with a power dialer that eliminates connection delays
  • It allows CRM integrations and contacts list importation
  • It offers predictive, progressive or preview dialling options
  • It allows workflow automation e.g. call scripting, scheduling, recording and disposition
  • The software uses local IDs corresponding with area codes for target clients
  • The software has auto-updated insights, analytics, call records and daily admin reports


  • It may need a listen – and – whisper training mode
  • The software occasionally gets glitch, slow or freezes
  • Can’t get back to a call after a glitch, even the pause glitch

4. Kixie PowerCall

If you are looking for AI-powered cloud-based autodialer and SMS solution, you can look into Kixie PowerCall. This software comes with intelligent autodial and interactive voice response. It pulls out call history and allows activity logging, and call recording, coaching and analytics.

Kixie PowerCall - Best Auto Dialer Software

Kixie comes with a real-time leaderboard and offers seamless CRM integration. It also allows call routing customization, call transfers between customer service and sales agents as well as remote call reception via mobile devices.


Kixie has 3 main pricing plans, with quarterly and annual billing.

  • The integrated plan costs $35 per month billed quarterly and $29 monthly when billed annually
  • The enterprise plan goes for $65 per month when billed quarterly and $55 when billed annually
  • The pricing for the custom plan will depend on the features you need


  • It is simple to understand and easy to set up and use
  • Allows you to integrate other applications such as Zendesk, Slack, Hubspot etc
  • The platform offers a range of admin features such as productivity tracking and analytic reports
  • It comes with AI-powered voice and text feature for lead generation
  • The software has an auto-dialer function, call coaching and call queuing
  • The software comes with a resource center
  • It allows remote working


  • Auto-updates can be annoying, especially when done at the business’ pick hours
  • Hubspot integration sometimes has glitches
  • MMS feature is only available on PowerCall and not on email, app or mobile

5. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to enhance their customer service through efficient and intelligent self-service. It is an end to end, cost-effective solution for customer and workforce engagement.

Talkdesk - Best Auto Dialer Software

The software allows integrations with a range of platforms, and offers insights and analytics on performance. It is easy to scale; you can add new agents to the solution as is needed.


Talkdesk offers 3 packages, with the prices starting at $65 per seat monthly. You can customize the service you want and get a quote and a demo. The packages available include:

  • CX Cloud Professional for small and medium call centers
  • CX Cloud Professional Plus for larger call centers that need mobile agents and API
  • CX Cloud Enterprise for larger call centers that need full customization

You can get add-ons for whichever package you choose. These add-ons increase your package’s capabilities and are charged separately. Such add-ons include speech analytics, quality management, multiple channels, workforce management, speech analytics, PCI payment, local presence, screen recording among others.


  • It is easy to set up, customize and use as a web-based contact center
  • It offers top-notch call quality
  • It comes with real-time dashboard and business intelligence
  • It is easy to integrate other solutions such as Zendesk, Salesforce etc.
  • It provides reports for performance tracking against KPIs
  • It allows tracking of activities and customer responses
  • It has features that make it easy to record, download and listen back to calls made


  • The pricing model makes Talkdesk pricier than other solutions offering similar features
  • It could be better with a voice coaching or whisper option for training purposes
  • Occasional glitches and bugs

6. Genesys PureConnect

Genesys is a flexible CX solution that is designed to adapt to the ever-changing demands in customer service. It is omni-channel communication and contact center solution. It can be on-premises and cloud-based to cater to a range of business needs. Its flexibility allows you to control operations as is needed.

Genesys PureConnect - Best Auto Dialer Software


There are 3 main pricing plans available in multiple currencies.

  • Genesys Cloud 1 goes for $0.68 per hour or $75 monthly
  • Genesys Cloud 2 goes for $0.99 per hour or $110 monthly
  • Genesys Cloud 3 goes for $1.26 per hour or $140 monthly

The prices indicated are per named user and billed every year. You can opt for named-user option if you are dealing with predictable agent staffing. The hourly pricing is best for part-time agents. The concurrent pricing is best used in multiple shifts setting with agents across multiple peak times.


  • It comes with endless resources that make set up and onboarding easy
  • It is flexible and easy to customize and scale as is needed
  • It allows multi-channel intelligent routing
  • It is designed for seamless integration with multiple tools and platforms
  • The software has workforce and quality management options
  • It comes with IPA (Interaction Process Automation) and custom process tools for groups with structured processes
  • The interactive business management tools that allows you to manage everything on one tool


  • Advanced configurations and customization may require programming skills
  • Transfering to cloud-based options only has glitches and delays
  • Marquee packages can be easier to customize

7. Five9

Five9 is a cloud-based solution for contact centers that are omnichannel, blended, inbound and outbound. It is powered by Practical AI to enable agents to reach out to customers via phone, chat, email, social platforms, mobile devices etc.

Five9 - Best Auto Dialer Software

This software comes with a variety of features that enable tasks such as intelligent routing, speech recognition, intuitive self-service, auto-sync CRM integrations and performance monitoring among others.


Five9 offers 3 pricing plans that are meant to suit varying business needs.

  • Monthly -on-demand plan is designed for businesses that want to scale their operations quickly at the lowest possible costs
  • Per-minute plan is designed for businesses that use IVR, speech recognition and voice message broadcasting
  • Annual contract plan is designed for businesses that want a reduced monthly fee for on-demand services

These plans and consequent fees are customized based on business needs.


  • It’s a web-based, cloud-based solution that allows agents to work remotely
  • It has a multiple channel data collection and feedback management options
  • Outbound contact centers come with predictive, progressive and power auto dialers
  • Inbound call centers come with IVR, ACD and CTI
  • Smart dialer gives you a pop-up with historical data of the client
  • It provides performance and predictive analytics and detailed reports against KPIs
  • Reporting functions are easily customized
  • It comes with a variety of training options
  • It allows workforce management and quality monitoring


  • Data is stored for only 60 days after which you incur storage costs
  • Initial set up and onboarding is time-consuming though implementation is bliss after training
  • Support could be better, especially when glitches occur

8. CallFire

CallFire gives smart solutions that automate outbound campaigns as well as monitor business activities. This software comes with call tracking, IVR and message broadcasting options – voice and text. You also get a brief customer history and notes on the interface when making a call.

CallFire - Best Auto Dialer Software


CallFire offers 5 different options when it comes to pricing plans.

  • Pay-as-you go plan costs 6 cents per minute or text with no monthly fee
  • The Lite plan goes for $99 monthly with up to 2500 minutes/texts
  • The Startup plan goes for $199 monthly and comes with 5500 minutes/texts
  • The Grow plan goes for $299 per month with 10,000 minutes/texts
  • The Pro plan goes for $599 monthly with 20,000 texts/minutes

20% discount is offered when any of the plans are paid annually. You do not incur any setup fee and you are allowed to cancel your plan at any moment.


  • CallFire offers easy integration with CRM platforms
  • Offers unlimited call transfers, auto-attendant and call routing features
  • Supports custom scripts, pre-recorded messages and records calls
  • The software allows remote working by home agents
  • Provides real-time tracking, data collection, analytics and reports
  • The IVR can be used to set appointments and reminders, surveys and polls as well as payments


  • Exporting data could be easier
  • The software could improve its spam block for calls, messages and emails

9. ChaseData

ChaseData is a cloud-based solution with inbound and outbound call center management features. This software allows you to customize campaign management as well as run multiple simultaneous campaigns.

ChaseData - Best Auto Dialer Software


ChaseData offers 3 main pricing plans.

  • The Small Business package goes for $89 monthly
  • The Professional package goes for $139 monthly
  • The Enterprise package goes for $169 monthly

Each of these packages comes with a free demo.


  • ChaseData allows you to choose the calling rates for each campaign
  • You can supervise operations and monitor progress against KPIs
  • Automatic call distribution feature allows seamless distribution of calls between agents
  • IVR automatically responds to queries placed outside business hours
  • ChaseData offers custom reporting options


  • It’d be nice to have mobile accessibility
  • The software can provide better options for grouping and printing reports
  • It is not compatible with Mac

10. Adversus

Adversus dialer software is a cloud-based customer relation and telemarketing solution for small and medium businesses. The software allows you to schedule appointments, track and manage leads, secure all the information collected as well as create reports as is needed.

Adversus - Best Auto Dialer Software


It costs small and medium-sized business $100 monthly or $90 monthly if billed annually. If you are looking for a solution for a bigger enterprise with custom SLAs and features, you can request a quote.


  • It is easy to set up and use – the dashboard is straightforward
  • It allows automation of recurring tasks such as email distribution, call recording etc.
  • It allows business appointment scheduling
  • The software allows in-person training and webinars as well as documentation
  • The auto dialer comes with seamless CRM integration


  • Changing functionalities isn’t automatic- the support team has to be involved
  • It is not accessible on mobile

11. CallHub

CallHub is a multichannel, cloud-based call center solution. This software allows businesses to manage voice broadcasting, call centers and message marketing tasks in business operations. The software also integrates well with different business marketing systems such as CRM, SalesForce, and Shopify etc. This allows businesses to manage contacts from various platforms as well as use them seamlessly for marketing campaigns.

CallHub - Best Auto Dialer Software


CallHub pricing is dependent on the service you need.

  • Call center rates start as $0.665 per minute
  • Voice broadcast rates start at $0.642 per minute
  • Peer to peer texting, SMS opt-in and SMS broadcast rates are $0.1 per text

If you have specific needs that are not included in the pricing plans, you can always contact CallHub for custom pricing. The software comes with a free trial.


  • It is easy to set up campaigns on CallHub
  • It is flexible
  • Its intuitive tools such as phone-banking are easy to manage
  • It offers extensive and seamless CRM integrations with 2-way data flow
  • The platform is easily scalable to a larger implementation
  • Comes with a pay as you go pricing plan and a no-cost sign up that makes starting easy
  • Very simple and easy agent onboarding


  • The platform cannot remove contacts from a phonebook or mark them to avoid calling them
  • It is not the easiest to handle when dealing with large volumes of call agents
  • Importing call records/scripts may not be the easiest
  • Occasional bugs which are frustration especially in a high pressure timed campaign

12. XenCALL

XenCALL is a cloud-based all-in-one CRM predictive auto dialer that is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This dialer has a two-way communication with the integrated CRM to build contact and lead lists for targeted campaigns. It helps the business to customize the various fields of lead profiles.

XenCALL - Best Auto Dialer Software


XenCALL doesn’t provide any information on product and service pricing. This is not uncommon with service providers and software vendors. You can contact XenCALL for a custom price for the features and services you need. Additionally, you can request a demo on their official website.


  • It is pretty easy to use, especially for those without prior dialer experience
  • It comes with IVR that can be customized
  • It allows live call queuing and call transfers between agents
  • Third-party integration and posting is easy and seamless
  • You can automate tasks such as dialling lists and report emailing to supervisors
  • You can customize agent statuses, queues, dispositions, profile fields, calling lists etc.
  • XenCALL offers detailed analytics and reporting metrics for campaigns and agents


  • Occasionally shuts down, and features such as callbacks disappear
  • Customer service may need to improve on response time and problem-solving

13.  Aspect Unified IP Software

Aspect Unified IP is a solution designed to manage call center operations for small businesses and large corporations alike. Some of the key features that come with the software include automatic call distribution and computer telephony integration among others.

Aspect Unified IP - Best Auto Dialer Software


Aspect Unified IP Software invites businesses to request for quotes based on the solutions needed.


  • It is a high-touch multichannel predictive dialer that helps automate campaigns
  • It offers live couching and interaction management
  • It is scalable and a stable solution for all businesses
  • It allows supervisors to monitor workforce service quality and performance
  • It works well for inbound and outbound dialing
  • Aspect Unified IP allows you to assign a unique ID to every agent/call which makes it easy to track KPIs
  • You can create agent templates for easy set-up


  • The reports could be more detailed with a broader reporting line
  • It would be nice to have only one interface on which to add or remove agents
  • Little flexibility in reporting

14. Qubicles

Qubicles is an all-in-one contact centre management solution. It is designed for businesses with several agents. This auto-dialer has an immutable reward system that uses cryptocurrency tokens as performance incentives for agents. The system captures performance and automatically rewards agents when they meet set targets.

Qubicles - Best Auto Dialer Software


Qubicles has a pay-per-use pricing system that has zero licensing and upfront fees. There are three main pricing plans to meet the needs and budgets of various business sizes. All plans come with a $0.02 per minute for all outbound and inbound calls.

  • The Free Support plan doesn’t have any monthly fees
  • The Silver Support plan goes for $249 per month
  • The Gold Support plan goes for $999 per month

If you are not sure of which package is suitable for you, you can always reach out to the team for assistance.


  • It allows call scripting, logging, recording and campaign management
  • It has a live chat option and escalation management features
  • It has a blended and outbound call center
  • It gives informative performance analytics and reports.
  • Businesses pay for what they use hence cut on overspending
  • It is cost-effective and scalable
  • It has a training mode where supervisors can whisper instructions to agents


  • The software’s answering machine detection may need to be improved
  • The software has occasional bugs that lead to dropped inbound calls
  • Agent interface suffers unknown occasional errors

15. CallShaper Software

This cloud-based call center software and dialer is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It allows businesses to create a range of telemarketing and sales campaigns. It tracks the performance of the campaigns as well as that of individual agents and gives periodic reports.

CallShaper - Best Auto Dialer Software


CallShaper does not have fixed pricing plans for the products and services they offer. They provide custom pricing for the services you need and a free trial. Contact them for a demo and a quote.


  • CallShaper is easy to set up and navigate
  • It is designed for lead management with real-time feeds from lead vendors
  • Real-time data such as leads is available for use and is tracked separately in real-time
  • The software allows for custom scripting and agent monitoring
  • You can filter reports to access data for specific campaigns, agents and periods
  • CallShaper can detect answering machine


  • The reports’ time frame is limited to one month unless set to recurring reports
  • You need to set up recurring reports otherwise you will be stuck with pre-set reports
  • Additional training tools and message notification/pop-up on supervisor chat would be nice

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an autodialer?

This is software designed to automatically dial numbers from a contact list that is fed to it. The software is also programmed to detect answering machines and leave recorded messages. Additional, more advanced features such as TCPA compliance are available depending on the service provider and the amount one is willing to pay.

2. How does an autodialer work?

An auto dialer automatically dials numbers from contacts lists that are either fed to them or pulled through integration with other platforms such as eCommerce store contact lists.

Once a number is dialed and the receiver picks up, the call is automatically connected to the available or pre-set agent. The software then keeps tabs on the calls and gives data and analytics on subsequent reports. The type of auto-dialer will determine the exact mode of call handling and transfer between agents.

3. Which is the best auto-dialer?

The best auto dialer depends on your needs and preferences. Different service providers offer varying solutions and services depending on your needs and budget. Be sure to check the features of the auto-dialer that piques your interest as well as the reviews left by customers.

4. Is it illegal to use an autodialer?

According to regulations set by Federal Communications Commission, telemarketers need to get express prior consent before calling cell phone numbers. It is also illegal to call numbers that are on the Do Not Call Registry. As such, it is essential to get an autodialer that automatically detects numbers registered as Do Not Call and skips them during a campaign.

5. Do I really need an autodialer?

A good auto dialer makes sales blissfully easy and rewarding. Auto-dialer software can consolidate contact lists from various platforms, make call and message campaigns easy, faster and trackable. It can also help management to keep track of campaign KPIs as well as get reports on various campaigns and agents. If you would like to increase conversion while reducing effort and time needed, you might want to consider getting an autodialer.


Automation of business processes is essential to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Businesses that wish to increase the effectiveness of their customer service as well as telemarketing and sales campaigns need to an effective autodialer.

Auto dialers save on time and business costs while improving lead management. In order to guarantee conversion, it is important to understand your business needs, get the right type of dialer and adequately train your team.

Newfies Dialer v2.11 - Autodialer and VoiceBroadcasting platform