Best Auto Dealer Software

13 Best Automobile Dealer Software

In the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in sales in the automobile industry.  With an increasing number of people shopping for cars, keeping track of customers, sales and employees can be tricky.

This is the reason why automobile software is important. As compared to the traditional methods that involve printing and storing many documents, using automobile dealer software is an efficient way to keep track of all the information.

Automobile dealer software will help you to systematically organize all the data and schedule appointments, in addition, these tools provide services such as F&I calculations, service department, and document management.

Some of the Best Automobile Dealer Software in the market today.

1. DealerTrack DMS

As one of the best options in the market, DealerTrack comes with all the tools that you require for your dealership under one platform.

DealerTrack - Best Automobile Dealer Software

What sets it apart is that it integrates fully with the original equipment manufacturer.

You can use this software to connect all your companies departments, produce more results, and make more profit for your business.

With this software, you’ll get real-time information, automate processes, boost your productivity, and monitor transactions, balances, and the company’s performance.

It also has a fixed operations feature that can help you automate your processes and consolidate all the functions of the system. You can do this by listing all the service departments into one.

Featuring simple and integrated processes such as intelligent technology, connected process, and others this cloud-based solution can significantly transform your dealership.

When it comes to daily dealership operations it provides you with a variety of options.

The best part is that their team and support staff is up to date when it comes to communications issues and any other query.

DealerTrack BMS Pricing

  • The dealer management system is $60 per month
  • The customer management system is $65 per month
  • Vehicle booking services is $50 per month


  • Outstanding customer service
  • User-friendly website
  • It’s quite easy to navigate
  •  It easily integrates with other software


  • Very slow and lack customization
  • Terrible CRM

2. Shop-Ware

This is a cloud-based auto shop management tool that boasts of features such as customer management, staff management, bookkeeping, and taking care of the workflow.

Shop-Ware Best Automobile Dealer Software

Designed for multiple staff members, this is one of the best solutions out there. It not only manages workflows but also opens jobs and assigns individuals work and other responsibilities.

It also allows the clients to display service details using scan data, videos, and others so they can facilitate the work that they do.

Some of its keys features include VIN lookup, maintenance scheduling, service history tracking, work order management, and inventory management.

By using their search-driven application you can allocate machine parts, track repair orders, and update all your pending orders so your workers can see.

In order to know the condition of batch parts and arrange them well, it comes with a filter tool.

Unlike others, you can integrate it with QuickBooks to help you generate customer invoices, billing details, and reports and be able to settle any outstanding payments.

To determine how it works you can always request a demo.

Shop-Ware Pricing

  • LITE IS $ 99 per month
  • SMS is $225 per month
  • Pro is $ 375 per month


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Setting it up and using it is very easy
  • It’s also easy to teach someone how to use it
  • It allows accountability


The pricing displays could have been better

3. DealerCenter

If you are looking for all-inclusive cloud-based software DealerCenter is the right choice.

DealerCenter - Best Automobile Dealer Software

Designed to help you with day to day operations, this is a reliable program for both old and new car dealers who are looking for top-notch service.

From sales to inventory, insurance to customer management, credit reports to financing, this system comes with all the functionalities that you need.

It will also allow you to have access to the credit bureau, renowned book services, and other popular services for your dealership.

Its main features include inventory management, dealer management, and credit report services, buy here pay here services among others.

As a reliable solution, it comes with easy to use tools that can help you monitor all your services and even simplify your sales process.

On top of being cloud-based, it’s a reliable and fast service.

With this system, you can query car histories through Carfax integrations, and Autocheck among others.

Its other important feature is the desking capability.

It also has the internet lead management feature that allows you to directly import leads from sources such as Autotrader and Car gurus among others.

DealerCenter Pricing

  • Dealer Management System is $60 per month
  • Customer Management is $65 per month
  • Vehicle booking Services is $50 per month


  • Easy to use and very straight forward
  • It has everything streamlined
  • It comes with everything that you need in an auto dealer software
  • It comes with good advertising integrations


  • Some of their pricing options are expensive
  •  The accounting system should be deeper

4. DeskManager

DeskManager is an automobile dealer software designed to simplify all your management jobs so you can concentrate on growing your business, selling, and taking care of your clients.

DeskManager - Best Automobile Dealer Software

While its base plan is meant to help you with financial management, its add-ons are designed to take care of all your major franchises.

With this software, you manage your inventory and can get notified whenever a customer needs something you have on stock.

As the best software, it logs all your customer details and enables you to access history.  As compared to others, it streamlines all your inventory management tasks.

Plus, whether you want to track down and accept payments or implement all your financing, DeskManager will make all these easy.

This software will also allow you to synchronize your inventory and online catalog. This way, you can reflect all the changes made in your inventory such as price, photos, and information.

Overall by taking care of your promotions, inventory, and customer communications needs, DeskManager will completely transform your automobile management.

DeskManager Pricing

  • It provides a free trial
  • Its pricing starts at $595


  • It does everything that you need effectively
  • It provides you with inventory management and pricing processing.
  • Easy to use and takes good care of your inventory
  • Keeps all the records well


  • You have to pay for all the updates
  • Customer service is not perfect

5. EverLogic

EverLogic is also great cloud-based software that includes parts, sales, and service departments.

EverLogic - Best Automobile Dealer Software

It also encompasses nine modules: document management, sales and finance, parts inventory, and customer management.

With this software, you can manage all your customer information and get access to information such as customer interactions, preferences, and demographics.

Since you can automatically login you are able to check all the information about your customers. This way, you can maintain accurate information and inventory.

EverLogic comes with a complete payment system that you can use to streamline selling and buying or car parts and also update yourself on any issue or possible change.

You can also use its finance and sales module to manage your sales, calculate taxes, and even make payments.

With EverLogic, you can easily measure your employees’ performance, set your objective, and plan deliveries.

It also boasts of features such as multi-location, item accounting mapping, lead capture, CRM, and document management

EverLogic Pricing

  • It comes with a free trial
  • The pricing model is through subscription


  •  The customer support is super knowledgeable and very helpful
  • The company is always happy to help out
  • It’s easy to use
  • It integrates well with software such as QuickBooks
  • It’s reasonably stable and is priced so well


  • Some of their features are not built according to needs
  • It does not come with a phone application

6. Frazer

Frazer is an automobile dealer that serves the most used car dealership.

Frazer - Best Automobile Dealer Software

Started with a goal of providing dealers with easy to use and high-quality management at an affordable price, you can rest assured that it’s a good product.

Taking care of over 21000 dealers, it provides comprehensive outside financing, free unlimited technical support by phone, email and chat, finance company integrations, and BHPH financing.

It also offers services such as a full accounting suite to manage your business, a federal buyer’s guide, unlimited access to work stations, privacy notice, customizable reporting, and several work stations.

The good thing is that you can request for a free trial so you can see what they have offered.

As easy to use software whether you want to increase your productivity or grow your business it’s the right software for you.

With their support system and knowledgeable technical staff, it rarely goes down. You can, therefore, use it without any worry.

Further, it boasts of several features that you can integrate with other software to make your work easy.

If you are just starting out you’ll realize that this software is quite easy to learn. Once you sign up you just need to follow their instructions.

In case of anything you can get in touch with their support staff

Frazer Pricing

  • The monthly subscription is $55
  • The quarterly subscription is $155
  • The yearly subscription is $575


  • Their customer support is great.
  • It will help you enter all your purchases and sales
  • Good reporting and ease of understanding each screen
  • It provides value for money
  • It comes with lots of features that can be integrated


  • It does not have process payroll
  • Sometimes it can be a bit slow

7. DealerLink

This is also a great automobile dealer software that allows you to manage all your dealership work with relative ease.

DealerLink - Best Automobile Dealer Software

You can use it to automate the bidding process, create health reports, track your inventory, and access the dealer rating system.

Besides integration with AutoCheck and Carfax, you can use it to sync vehicle data across devices and scan mobile barcodes to make your work easy.

One of its modules is AutoLink, a free online auction system that you can use it for vehicle reporting, live bidding, and reserved bidding.

This software also features a Liquidation link Module that allows you to clear up your stock and get rid of your old inventory by posting older vehicles for sale

With ExportPro You can easily access information such as photos, pricing, and vehicle specifications.

Other than that, you can use it to create marketing content and descriptions, stickers, guides, and even export logs for your business.

Plus this software comes with an Analytics module that will provide you with various reports such as velocity reports, inventory equity reports, health reports stocking reports among others.

DealerLink Pricing

  • Comes with a free trial
  • The subscription starts at $695 per month


  • Comprehensive and easy to navigate
  • Affordable as compared to others
  • They are always looking for ways to improve it
  • Provides the best support system


Have some few glitches

8. AutoDealer Plus

AutoDealer Plus is fully featured and an all-inclusive Automobile dealer software that comes with integrated F&I and sales tools to help you with management.

AutoDealer Plus - Best Automobile Dealer Software

Designed to serve agencies, SMEs, and other business, it will provide you with end to end solutions for your business.

It also offers services such as contact database, website integration, document management, buy here pay here services, and financial management.

Started in 1998, this is one of the best automobile dealer software out there. Apart from the online services, it provides 24/7 live support and other services during business hours.

Since it offers a free trial you can try it out to see whether it’s the right software for your company.

By entering correct information and processing, you can make entries to keep all your accounting information safe and accurate.

From vehicle history reports to book values, customer data to vehicle reports, all the information that you need is just a button away.

By coming up with some of the best tools, AutoDealer Plus has quickly adapted to the automobile industry in a comprehensive way.

More so, their ASN software is one of the best tools for their services. Always leading in technology this software will allow you to make your company grow and even flourish well.

AutoDealer Plus pricing

You need to contact them so as to get their pricing model


  •  The accounting side does not allow for errors
  •  It has all the features in one platform
  •  They have checks and balances throughout the platform
  • Wonderful automated accounting tools
  •  Customized fit and serve business people


  • New updates change user settings
  • There can be moments of frustrations

9. DealerClick

Started in 1989 DealerClick is an automobile dealer software that features everything you need in automobile software.

DealerClick - Best Automobile Dealer Software

Coming with a free trial, it includes features such as customer database, collections management, accounting, finance management, lease management, and parts management among others.

As a comprehensive dealership management system, this software smoothly integrates with all the main lenders, vendors, and advertising tools.

From BHPH to LHPH, parts, and service to quick books, all these software work well with it. Whether you are a small or large dealership you can enjoy all the services that they offer.

To get these you just need to buy the modules that you need. With this tool, you can manage customers’ records, inventory, your vehicle’s history, payroll, and much more.

Unlike other software, it completely eliminates the need to enter the information twice and streamlines the while processes of dealing with the customers.

Their dealer network and web advertising have all the features to help you boost your business profits and allow you to remain in business for long.

Overall if you are looking for software that’s easy to use and integrates well with other software then DealerClick won’t let you down.

DealerClick Pricing

  • DealerClick pricing starts at $695 as a one-time payment
  • It does not have a free version


  • It allows you to collect all the information that you need
  • Good software with great service
  • They have good customer support
  • It eliminates the need to double enter your information


They do not provide real support

10. Connect CRM

Connect CRM is cloud-based customer relationship management that’s particularly meant for the automobile industry. Whether you want to process or nurture leads, this software won’t let you down.

Connect CRM - Best Automobile Dealer Software

It will help you integrate processes, dealership systems, and tools so as to deliver a single view of the customer across the system.

Even if you are new, it will give you full control of how to can manage leads with customizable and flexible processes. This is what makes it the right software for any dealership.

It allows you to have multichannel communication with your customers and monitor all your communication channels.

Just like other software it has a simple and easy to use user interface. What sets it apart is that the interface is more modern.

Since it incorporates lots of colors and images, the learning curve is very easy. Their tech and support team are also amazing hence will help you with everything that you need.

Although its dashboard can be a bit confusing once you find your way everything will go on smoothly.

Tools such as reporting, mobile app, and different options for the templates will further make your work very easy.

With this tool, you can effortlessly manage your customer Information, lead reports, security risks inventory, and much more.

Connect CRM Pricing

For pricing details, you need to contact the website


  •  The user interface is simple and easy to use
  •  They have a great support team to help you out
  • You can use it to customize your CRM for different users
  • It has everything that you need to grow your business


  • The dashboard is a little bit confusing at first
  • They can annoy you by constantly calling you

11. Moiboo Software

If you are running a car dealership, workshop, or spare parts shop, this tool will help you move forward by automating all the processes.

Moiboo - Best Automobile Dealer Software

Since it’s custom made, it has all the features that you need in automobile dealer software.

For every job that you do it will help create a job card and have a list of all the jobs you’ve done so you don’t forget.

You can also use it to raise invoices based on your requirements and brand. Even if you only have orders and quotes you can still use the same to raise invoices.

You can then save a lot of time by sending these involve through messages.

Besides, it allows you to get your customers to approve the quotes so you don’t have to constantly call them while inquiring about this.

The best part about this is that you can integrate all the departments and provide the services required.

For instance, once you create a mechanic checklist you can assign them jobs and even carry out quality assurance at the same time.

Further, it comes with a vehicle status alert that you can use to check whether everything about a particular vehicle is ready.

You can then send this alert to the customers informing him about this.

In addition, it provides purchase management, document management, mobile app management, and all the other things that you need to do.

Moiboo Pricing

  • Plan A is $2700
  • Plan B is $3600
  • Plan C is $5400


  •  It has everything that you need in software
  • It’s easy to integrate with other software
  • It’s easy to use


According to some users, it’s a bit expensive

12. Provision Software

With a lot of challenges in the automobile industry, protecting your cash flow is very important. The Provision used car management software provides you with all the tools that you need for this.

Provision Software - Best Automobile Dealer Software

By offering accurate information it will ensure that the decisions you make for your business are all profitable.

This way you’ll maximize every investment that you make in this industry.

If you want to harness data that brings profits then choosing this software is the best. It provides you with all the data that you need to manage your entire inventory.

With this amazing tool, you’ll be able to source for all the cars that your customers need and add them to your stock.

Since you have access to the current market data you’ll create more accurate inventory, sell the cars, and earn more profit.

This software will also allow you to know how to find the right information you are looking for.

It will tell you the exact amount you’ll get from your vehicle sale so you know whether you’ll make any profits or not.

Further, its pricing module will give you market insight and tools so you can get a balance between the maximum profit and competitive pricing.

Besides this, you can use its merchandising tool to create accurate vehicle listing to attract more traffic and more customers.

You can also access, monitor, and update all the third-party websites. This way you can find the information about buyers and know what they can afford so you can much them with the same.

Provision Software Pricing

The starting price is $495 per month


  • Its layout is user friendly
  • It will give you alert the number of leads on a specific unit
  • Uploading the photos of the vehicle is very easy
  • It helps you focus the vehicle purchases based on performances


  • As compared to others it’s a bit expensive
  • It has a lot of options that might confuse you

13. DealerPull

Based in Canada, Dealerpull is an automobile dealer Software Company that provides webinars and online training.

DealerPull - Best Automobile Dealer Software

Just like others, it includes features such as F&I management, customer database, form printing, financing management, inventory management, and sales management among others.

With their straight forward deal workflow, you can easily generate trade appraisal form and even build your customer base with full tracking ability.

Unlike other software, it has a VIN decoder to help you stock inventory and upload purchases directly from other websites.

You can also stay up to date with all the purchases and determine what you’ve invested in every unit.

Whether you want to manage phone calls, test drives, or attract online leads and walk-ins, this tool will help you with these. You can even use it to prequalify your leads.

Furthermore, this amazing tool will help you to view total jobs booked, create the appointments, and come up with a list price.

Once you are through with the job you can create a job card for your workers and invoice for your customers if you are billing them internally.

DealerPull Pricing

  • Small Dealer is $99 per month
  • Medium Dealer is $149 per month
  • Larger Dealer is $189 per month


  • It’s very flexible and adaptable
  • It’s so easy to enter and track inventory
  • You can easily access it wherever you are
  • It has a VIN decoder something that other software lack


Its tends to be slow sometimes

Selecting the Right Automobile Dealer Software

1. Look For Software That You can Tailor to Your Business Needs

Did you know that no two dealerships are the same? With this in mind, you cannot just buy any software for your business.

If you want to match the workflows and provide the right tools for your business operations, your chosen software should be customized for your customers, vehicle models, market segment, and type of business.

This will ensure that your business runs smoothly. Some of the features to look for include

  • Credit checking feature
  • VIN database records
  •  Repair order tracking
  •  Warranty and service
  • Regulatory compliance

2. Check Whether You Can Integrate The Software

While some automobile dealer software features CRM, inventory management, and service repair others do not. However, depending on your business, you might need some of these services.

So it’s important to look for software that can smoothly integrate with your system to give you several options to satisfy your business needs.

3. Choose Software That Fully Engages Your Staff

If you have modern dealerships then you understand how hard managing sales processes can be. When it comes to any business the customer is the king.

The right automobile dealer software should offer you stress-free navigation through the sales process and ensure that your employees and customers make good transactions.

You should also look for module ready collaboration and auto-generated sales report for your sales team.

Can You Integrate the Software with Android and iOS systems

Your chosen software should have at least an Android and iOS app that customers can use to view the latest car offers that you have.

Your sales representatives should also be able to report everything taking place especially when there are important meetings such as car auctions and clearing of the stock events.

4. The Software Should Boost Your Customer Satisfaction

When shopping for the best automobile dealer software, it’s very easy to forget about customer satisfaction. You might focus so much on the business that you forget about the customers.

Since the new generation of customers are cleverer, they know what’s right for them. You, therefore, need to pick the right automobile software to ensure that you satisfy your customers as much as possible.

For instance, it should allow you to automatically send timely communication through SMS and email and even have some sites where the customers can look at the deals that you have on offer.

Besides, the software should extend their relationship beyond service, maintenance, and after-sales.

5. You Should Know the Pricing Options

Since there are different software in the market all of them are priced differently. While some have one-time licenses others prefer subscription models.

So, if you only want to apply once for the service you need to choose the one that provides a single license.

But if you are just trying it out to see whether it’s the right one for you then a subscription price plan is the right plan for you.

6. Choose a Software That Has Everything You Need in One Platform

As a businessman, time is one of the most important things. You don’t want to keep on login and out from one software to the next.

With this in mind, you need to choose software that has everything you need in one platform.

For instance, if your sales team or other employees are using different software your processes are likely to be inefficient. They may also not match with each other.

One of the most important aspects of modern automobile software is therefore the ability to provide you wing everything that you need in one platform.

For you to achieve this you must look for powerful cloud-based software that takes care of the entire back end and other processes and including the key functions of your dealership smoothly.

7. The Right Software Should Provide You with a 360-degree Buyer View

Nowadays, car dealerships can be monitored more closely. Modern software should, therefore, provide you with market and customer data in real-time.

By keenly keeping an eye on this you can make the right decision from the time you start doing business with them.

This will help you understand your customers well and determine whether they are the right leads for your business or not.

8. Look for Software That Gives You Confidence

If you are a dealer, you should choose software that you are confident and sure with.

It should allow you to easily set up your daily plans, customize your sales process, and come up with a catalog that can boost your sales.

If you get the right software you’ll find better ways of managing, your dealership, improve your daily process, and close more deals.

9. Get Software That Imitates Human Behavior

Just like your employees or team members, the right automobile software should not only be engaging but intuitive as well. This is one of the most important features of good software.

From getting customer details to monitoring there are several software that do this well.

So before you settle on one carry out your research and choose one that can help you manage your visitors in a more entertaining and personal way.

10. Look For One That’s Easy To Use And Comes With Choices

If you are looking for tailored experiences then your software should come with a number of options to choose from. Besides this, it should be very easy to use.

If you come across software that’s appears too complicated then maybe it’s not the right one for you. You may end up wasting your money on something that does not help you.

Choose software that your team can learn how to use as fast and possible for the benefit of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is automobile dealer software?

This is a software or tool that you can use to automate, manage your services, monitor and streamline all your dealership jobs.

Some of the jobs that you can do include managing inventory, generating reports, optimizing the cost of repairs, and attacking your financial accounts.

Whether you are in the administration or sales department using this software will help you to work more efficiently.

2. Do I really need to but automobile dealer software?

Whether you have a small business of a large company you need good automobile dealer software to assist you with your business processes.

With the right software, you’ll not only streamline everything but also enhance your customer relations and sales.

Further, you can use it to boost your marketing, accelerate CRM, and simplify backend and front end.

3. How do I know that my business is ready to implement this software?

Before you buy this software, there are some important questions that you must ask yourself.

You need to know about the challenges you are facing and how the software will help you overcome these challenges.

You should also ask yourself whether awning your customer information is a huge challenge.

If this is the case then this software will help you create custom forms that you can use to build reports about your customers.

This way you’ll simplify the whole process by reducing all the appear work that might be there.

4. What are the main features of automobile dealer software?

While shopping for the best automobile dealer software you need to think about features such as regulatory compliance, credit checking, VIN database, repair order tracking, warranty, and service.

5. Can I use the software to send video to the customer?

Just like other tools most automobile software comes with features that you can use to save videos and then send the same to the customers in the form of text or email.

Once you send the video you’ll get a notification that shows whether the video has been watched or not.

This way you can track your communication with the customers and ensure that they get all the information you send them.

6. Do I need to hire anyone to help me set up the software?

With the several modern software out there you don’t need to hire anybody to help you out with this.

If you cannot be able to set up the software alone the company will send one of their technical staff to help you out.

7. Who takes care of the server of the software?

The best automobile software will ensure that you own your data server. This means there is no way they can interfere with the data.

Unless you give them written permission the company will not interfere with your data in any way.

8. Do I need to sign up for a long term contract?

Depending on the kind of service that you are looking for, you don’t have to sign for anything with the software.

Unless you want to buy a one-time license you can always subscribe every month. This way, you can change your subscription or even change the software altogether.

Final Words

Now you know how automobile dealer software can help your vehicle dealership.

However, if you want to get the most from it you must choose the right one for your needs. You must also take your customers into consideration when shopping for one.

So, settle for software that understands your business, and has the experience needed to take your business to the next level.

Using the DealerCenter mobile app at the auction