Best Background Check Companies

13 Best Background Check Companies

Doing a background check is one of the most important steps in the recruitment process. It helps you know the history of your potential workers and confirm their identity so you can make the best decision.

If you don’t do one you might destroy your company’s brand, reputation, and image. So if you have a business, doing this is very important.

But how can you do this? Well to do this you need the best background check companies.

The best background check companies use personal details and online technology to discover details such as misdemeanors, convictions, and past deeds.

Coming with bundled plans and preset packages, you can use these companies to conduct the searches that you need. Some of them even allow you to add additional screenings.

The key things that affect the cost of background searches include your time frame, the searches that you need, and your budget.

With several companies in the market, figuring out the right service can be tricky.

Here are the best background check companies in the market today.

1. Intelius

As compared to other companies, Intelius is a bit unique.  Any person who needs to carry out a quick check can use it.

Intelius - Best Background Check Companies

However, a company can still use it to gather information about the person they want to hire. While you can use it for free you’ll not get all the information you need.

To get full information and details of a person, you need to go premium. With a premium account, you’ll get details such as criminal records, marital status, special networks, and education, among others.

To carry out unlimited monthly runs you’ll pay a specific fee. Costing only 29.95, the membership runs month to month.

If you have a large company and carry out several checks, it can help you do some checks before going for a thorough report.

Apart from having a range of several one-off reports it also provides one of the best background services.

Started in 2003 it’s among the oldest companies in the market today. From lower prices to accurate reports, you’ll enjoy a lot of things from this service.

Once you sign up it allows you to perform one free search and get basic information including location history, name, education history, family members among others.

It collects data from a wide informational database and public documents. Although all the information collected is in the public domain, tracking it down can be a bit hard.

With this company, you’ll the information that you need within a short time.

Intelius Pricing

  • I month unlimited reports is $22.86
  • 2 Months of unlimited Reports is $38.86
  • Premium Plus membership is $29.95


  • It provides the most accurate background check in the industry
  • It’s more affordable as compared to other companies
  • It has an attractive layout
  • Provides mobile app for iOS and Android


  • It’s hard to get pricing information
  • It has a deceptive trial offer

2. GoodHire

If you are looking for one of the best background check companies, GoodHire is the right option.

GoodHire - Best Background Check Companies

Used by over 75,000 companies, most users agree that it provides faster checks as compared to the services they’ve used before.

One thing that sets it apart is its flexibility. If you have a small business you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. You’ll just pay for every report that you get.

With this in mind, you’ll only pay based on the amount of information you are looking for. It also provides additional checks for healthcare sanctions and drug screenings.

With this company, you’ll find every type of background check that you may be looking for.

Its most advanced package includes social security number trace, criminal check, domestic watch list, sex offender list search, and employer verification.

It comes with a one-time setup fee so you don’t have to pay monthly charges.  Once you submit the information it will take them between 1 to 4 days to complete the search.

It’s very easy to register. Once they’ve verified your account you can order as many checks as you want.

You can then check the results in their online portal. Due to the federal background check laws, you must give then written consent from the person you want to check.

Once they complete each stage they will send you an email with details about their findings. This will give you enough time to review the report so you know what to do.

Further its support is available via email, phone, and live chat. The company website will also provide you with several resources on human resources and background checks.

GoodHire Pricing

  • The basic pricing plan is $29.99 per report
  • The standard pricing plan is $54.99 per report
  • The premium pricing plan is $79.99 per report


  • Best plans show the type of searches done
  • You can access the individual assessment through their online portal
  • It’s competitively priced
  • Extensive resources section


  • It’s not multilingual
  • New accounts must pay set up fee

3. Verifirst

Having been in this business for over 13 years, Verifirst is one of the best background check companies out there.

Verifirst - Best Background Check Companies

Its services include corporate screening, tenant screening, customer ID verification, and employment screening.

Whether you have a large company or a one-time investment, this company has everything that you need to get the best tenants. This will prevent you from renting out your house to the wrong person.

If you do this, you may end up losing thousands of cash in legal fees, lost rent and turnover cost thus putting your business at huge risk.

Besides the checks, it helps you manage applicants and see every detail about them online.  As compared to other companies, you can access it 24 hours a day.

If you have a property management business it’s the right software for you. The amazing thing is that it integrates well with the systems you are currently using.

Plus, you can use it to carry out analysis of applications income and prescreen their assets to get accurate reports.

Coming with custom prices you must contact them to get the right prices. You’ll also learn more about the rates for running the reports.

Overall it’s the best company for anyone who wants to carry out a tenant background check.

Verifirst Pricing

You should contact the company for any pricing information


  • Extensive and up to date
  • Produces instant reports
  • Integrates well with the property management system
  • Seamless transfer to online debt collection


  • It does not offer online pricing.
  • Cannot directly charge the applicant.

4. AccurateNow

If you need an accurate and simple background check company, AccurateNow won’t let you down.

AccurateNow - Best Background Check Companies

Meant for small and medium-sized businesses, it’s the best company to use if you are dealing with a small team.

With this company, you don’t need to pay any monthly subscription thus making it quite affordable.

Since it complies with all the laws you won’t get into problems with authorities while screening the employees.

To start out you need to sign up and sign the terms of the agreement. Once you are done you must wait for the approval before you can start ordering reports.

It features a recruiter portal and mobile-friendly candidate that you can use to order any background check that you want.

It comes with a first turn-around time hence you can always view the reports within three to four days. Also, it features three different package plans that are charged depending on the report.

There are also additional charges such as statewide statuary fees, county statuary fees, and third-party verification fees.

In addition to the plans, it provides custom packages at 9.95 each. In fact, as compared to other companies it charges less.

Although it does not provide any information about how their services work, if you need any information you can contact their customer service.

One good thing about it is its customer service representative. Regardless of the question that you ask you’ll get timely responses. You’ll also get all the information that you need on how to set up your account.

AccurateNow Pricing

  • Basic Plan cost $29.95 per report
  • Standard Plan Cost $59.95 per report
  • Premium plan cost $74.95 per report


  • It does not come with monthly minimums hence quite affordable
  • Great for small businesses
  • It’s easy to use and straightforward
  • The recruiter portal is mobile friendly


It does not provide drug or healthcare screening

5. Sterling

Sterling is a company that provides one of the best background checks. Featuring the self-service department, it is conducive for businesses looking for a reliable and quick background check.

Sterling - Best Background Check Companies

Since it produces fast results, it has everything you need in a background check.  If you are looking for less than 100 checks per year, it’s the right service for you.

Before you can order a report you must submit all the information about your company including the name among others. Once you’ve signed up you can order the report that you need.

Sterling comes with 3 unique packages that are priced depending on the kind of report that you are looking for. In addition, you may have to apply additional charges such as processing fees.

One thing that makes it stand out is its online DEMO. With this, it thoroughly explains screenings check-ins and background check processes.

If you’ve never used such a service before it will answer all the questions that you may be having. Plus it has an online portal that you can use to quickly get background checks.

Apart from the standard background checks, it will provide you with other searches including credit reports, civil court reports, executive investigations and, social media searches, and motor vehicle record searches.

As compared to others they provide extensive verifications such as certification verifications, license verifications, professional reference checks, and DOT verifications.

Moreover, it allows you to create your own customized plan that can provide you with the kind of services you need. If you need this it’s advisable that you contact the company.

Given that it has comprehensive services it’s the best company for businesses that require quality pre-employment screening services.

Sterling Pricing

  • Basic plan cost is $29.95 per check
  • Preferred plan cost is $59.95 per check
  • Pro plan cost is $79.95 per check


  • It provides the best background checks
  • It helps you to make safer hiring decisions
  • The initiation of the checks is very simple
  • It lets you know if additional changes are needed


  • Employment verifications tend to be slow
  • There is a lack of personalized customer service

6. B&B Reporting

Having been in businesses for over 20 years, B&B Reporting has the experience that you need in a background check company.

B and B Reporting - Best Background Check Companies

Apart from doing its background checks within 24 hours, it will ensure that you get the best reports.

Boasting superior technology, you can order and even check background checks online.

With each check customized you can select the kind of reviews you are looking for and then pay based on that. This means that you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.

It will not charge you any money for the initial set up. You also don’t have to pay any monthly subscriptions.

To start the process you need to send the applicants’ consent form. Once you are done you can check the status of your report on the dashboard and see if additional information is needed.

With this system, you can run background checks for criminal searches, professional references, motor vehicle records, employment credit checks, and professional certification verifications.

By providing almost everything that you need in a background check you can rest assured that you’ll get the best report.

Signing up with them is a very easy process. First, you need to complete the basic form provided by the company and provide information such as contact details, name, nature of the inquiry, and business type.

It comes with over 2000 configuration options that you can use to customize the checks. You’ll also get data collection forms to help you collect all the information that you need.

B&B Reporting Pricing

You need to contact the company to know about the pricing options.


  • Superior cloud-based platform.
  • Provided customizable background checks.
  • Result oriented company.
  • Uses advanced technology.


It does not provide online pricing

7. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a background check service that you can use to trace and connect with your lost family members.

Instant Checkmate - Best Background Check Companies

You can also use it to find your lost friends and even know more about your neighbors.

If you are looking for service for instant basic search this is the right software for you. As a reliable company, it helps make the process of finding more about a person easier.

It helps you get email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses of your lost contacts so you easily find them.

Featuring an exceptional service user interface, it’s not only reliable but also very easy to use.  It helps you know about the contacts of the person you are searching thus making it easy to get in touch with people.

Being that it’s legit, you can use it to uncover all the information that you need about an individual.

More so, it comes with an organized report design that allows you to find information relevant to your needs and search. It also has a time view that you can use to check the details of the person in a chronological manner.

Using it is quite simple and straightforward. Once you know the full first and last names of a person, you can go ahead with your search.

The amazing thing about it is the accuracy of its data. This includes aspects such as phone numbers, address history, and email addresses.

Unlike others, it will also provide you with detailed information that you cannot get from other services.

Instant Checkmate Pricing

  • 5 Day trial plan is $1
  • Monthly Report Membership is $34.78 per month
  • Quarterly Report Membership is $27.82 per month
  • Phone Look Up Membership is $4.99 per month


  • It has an easy to use user interface
  • It has affordable $1 five day trials
  • Provides you with multiple search methods
  • It includes social media


  • Slow report loading
  • No option to purchase individual report


Situated in Dallas, is a company that provides you with one of the best employee background details. - Best Background Check Companies

Unlike others, it boasts a large database of criminal records that they rely on to check whether the person has been involved in any criminal activity.

Since it has a host of screening products, it’s the best option if you want to carry out employee checks.

The best part is that it’s competitively priced. This makes it the best for companies that want to do huge checks.

On a personal side, you can do your own background check so as to get a clean background record. This way in case there is anything you can know earlier and work on it.

It’s also the most suitable if you want information about your background.

On the flip side, employers may use it to obtain criminal database on their prospective employees so they know whether they’ve been convicted before.

You can then search for state and county. It also has verifications that range from driving records to drug testing services.

This is a very good product that will help you search for a wide range of information on prospective employees.

Plus, if you want to search more than the basic criminal details, it has 3 types of searches. These include Good, Better, and Premium. However, these searches come with the additional costs that you must pay.

As an accredited business, there are generally no complaints. While some consumers claim that they take too long, it’s among the best products out there.

You can also contact their customer support through email and phone.

Although they do not have FCRA compliance assistant they have a learning center with information about screening related topics and FCRA Pricing

  • Basic search plan is $29.95
  • 25 searches plan is $375
  • Criminal search plan is $29.95
  • Good search is $33.45
  • Better search plan is $45.45
  • Premium search plan is $56.45


  • It has a wide range of criminal database.
  • It comes with additional services.
  • It provides employment references, employment, education and professional.


It comes with restricted customer support

9. PeopleFinder

If you are looking for an employment screening company that allows you to carry out a reverse phone search, criminal information search, and background check, this is the right one.

PeopleFinder - Best Background Check Companies

Featuring two different packages you can use it to search a person’s current residence, full name, and date of birth, and public records.

With the two memberships, you can have access to all the searches and reports that you are looking for. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for days to get the reports that you need.

It also allows you to report back to your applicants within a short time. Whether you want to meet an old friend or cousin or you are going to meet a stranger for lunch you can use it to get all the information that you need.

With this background check, you don’t have to sign up or make any monthly subscription. If you want, you can run your checks with the trial plan.

Listed as an A+ rating, it not only has an established web presence but you can also contact them through the phone.  Since they’ve been in business for years it’s a service that you can rely on.

When you carry out a search it will search through 43 billion records thus making it hard not to get the information you are looking for.

Although it goes through a huge database it works fast to ensure that you get the information that you need within minutes.

You just need to type the name and the location of the person and you’ll get all the information about them instantly.

To help you differentiate the names it also lists the relatives, ages, and other details about the person.

Overall if you are willing to pay something, you’ll definitely get value for your money.

PeopleFinder Pricing

  • The basic membership plan is $9.95 for the first month and then $24.95 for subsequent months.
  • Premium membership plan is $9.95 for the first month and then $29.95 for subsequent months
  • Enterprise Membership Plan you need to contact the company


  • Accurate and easy to understand reports.
  • It has an android app.
  • It provides a friendly and up to date customer support.
  • It provides report instantly.


  • It does not have transparency.
  • It’s not cheap.

10. US Search

Started in 1994 and based in Washington, US Search will provide you with one of the most effective ways to verify someone’s history and provide you with information about those long lost friends.

US Search - Best Background Check Companies

Unlike others, it strives to provide accurate and reliable information.

It’s not only solid but also well suited for those who are looking for basic information so they can connect with the people they are looking for.

While the sign up is straightforward, you must be prepared to commit yourself so you don’t miss any details. Once you are done with the process, you are good to go.

If you occasionally need to locate your lost relatives’ phone number or just want to contact your long lost friend this is the right company for you.

Based on what you need you can either choose background records, people search, or criminal records? It also has a link that will provide you with Omnisearch services.

Since it can produce a huge amount of information in its search it’s important to customize your search. This will make you determine the information that you see.

You can also use reverse call lookups to get your caller’s name, address, and location. Overall it’s a good online search worth trying out.

US Search Pricing

  • People Search plan is $2.46
  • State Criminal Check plan is $14.95
  • Background Report Plan is $39.95


  • It has 7 different types of searches
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • It provides affordable reporting
  • Provides up to date data


There is no marriage data.

11. BeenVerified

Whether you are looking for a tool that’s easy to use or accurate reports, BeenVerified is the right background check tool for you.

Been Verified - Best Background Check Companies

As one of the best tools, it will help you search for data from private business records, federal courts, social media profiles, and other public utilities.

If you are looking for an online search for uncovering history it’s the right option. Although it does not include business or property assets search, it does most of the things that you need in search.

To start out, you can either sign up for three months or choose to pay monthly. This means you don’t have to pay for the months that you don’t intend to use it.

It not only produces accurate results but its monthly subscriptions are also quite affordable.

By managing a good blend of tech and a variety of good features, it will provide you with a chance of doing deeper.

Since its inception, it’s become one of the most effective background check websites with a huge database at its disposal. Currently, it has over 10 million visits a month.

As a legitimate site, it will make sure that all your search results remain confidential. If you go the direct way you’ll find that the signup process is very easy.

BeenVerified Pricing

  • The Price for one Month Subscription is $26.89 per month
  • The Price for three months Subscription is $17.84 per month


  • It can get you all the contact information you need
  • It has a straightforward pricing model
  • It comes with quality mobile apps
  • It has attentive customer service


  • No Free Trial
  • Some search results may not be accurate.

12. HireRight

When it comes to carrying out employee background checks, HireRight is the market leader. It’s perhaps the first company to provide online services.

HireRight - Best Background Check Companies

As an NAPBS accredited company, it does verification and background checks in up to 200 companies.

Businesses in healthcare, retail, transportation, and education use it to screen their potential employees and check whether they are the right people to employ.

It helps to check out things such as previous employment records, education records, drug test results, and criminal records.

Whether you work nationally or internationally it’s the company of choice. Through their quick service, you will significantly reduce the amount of time required to carry our verification.

It’s also well suited to address the needs of the transportation industry by accurately getting the report required by the authorities.

While the company provides its services to all the businesses it’s not the best if you have a small budget.

It has simple and easy to use UI. This means even if you are using it for the first time you can navigate through the site with ease.

It also has a well-organized account management system to make your work easy.

With this company, you’ll stay on top of all the regulatory changes in the employment industry. This will ensure that you meet all the employment guidelines.

HireRight Pricing

  • Basic Pricing Plan is $29.95 per search
  • Better Pricing Plan is $49.95 per search
  • Premium Pricing Plan is $64.95 per search


  • It supports all background checks
  • It comes with additional features and services
  • Features are constantly being improved and upgraded
  • Provides quick turnaround time


It does not provide the best customer service

13. eNannySource

If you are looking for the best background check for household employees this is the right one.  The person whom you employ in your house is never a decision that you take lightly.

eNannySource - Best Background Check Companies

It not only requires due diligence but also a careful and well-thought decision. Thankfully through this company, you can do away with worry and uncertainty that may prevent you from getting one.

eNannySpource is not only affordable but also a great service that will help you customize your plans and conduct the search according to what you are looking for.

Unlike other services, it conducts a search on childcare providers. It can also conduct checks on housekeepers, senior caregivers, and all types of household workers.

Since it’s FCRA compliant, it will shield you from any problems that may arise in the hiring process. The best thing is that it comes with the most affordable pricing plan.

It’s also very easy and simple to use. Once you sign up you just need to choose the right plan and then provide the details of the person you want to search.

By conducting their checks within 3 days it’s considered one of the fastest services out there. It also produces simple and easy to read reports.

Moreover, you’ll love their customer service. If you contact them through email they will get back to you as soon as possible.

eNannySource Pricing

  • Basic Pricing Plan is $24 per report
  • Gold Pricing Plan is $54 per report
  • Platinum Pricing Plan is $94 per report


  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It produces reports faster
  • It’s quite affordable
  • It has the best customer support


It’s not completely run on an online portal

How to Select the Best Background Check Company

1. Know the Services That You Need

One of the most important steps is to know the services that you need. Ask yourself whether the company can provide the services that meet all your requirements.

From education to criminal records search, credit history to litigation history, there are a lot of things that you need to for in a background check company.

2. Choose a Service with Legal Compliance

It’s important to choose a company that’s accredited by professional organizations.

These organizations usually review the rules and policies to make certain that the company has followed all the requirements.

The company should also work according to the Fair Credit Reporting that handles all the reporting processes.

3. Know Whether You Need Online Background Check Service

Since online background check services are simple and easy to use, you need to ask yourself whether you need one.

With online background check services you just need to enter the person’s information and then you’ll get all the details including sex offenses, marriage records, bankruptcy, arrests, and criminal convictions among others.

The good thing is that the service is quite affordable.

4. You Should Know Whether You Require Full-Service Background Check

If you are looking for a thorough verification, you need to choose the full-service company.

5. Know the Cost

There is no set cost for carrying out a background search. This generally depends on the amount and type of information you are looking for.

Although most companies charge per report some are expensive while others are quite affordable.

You should also go for companies that provide many checks under one plan. The actual checks and costs provided will also range from one company to the next.

6. Look For a Well-Seasoned Company

If you are looking for accurate and quick results make sure you choose a company that has been in business for long.

According to studies, failure to choose a seasoned company may lead to a lot of discrepancies in the results.

7. Choose the One with a Good Turnaround Time

While some companies may take a very short time, others take forever to complete a check.

It’s, therefore, important to choose a company that will provide you with a report fast. If you want everything to run smoothly you should not delay any process.

8. Ease of Use

This mainly applies to companies that provide their services online. Since you’ll be doing everything alone, choose a company that’s easy to use.

This way, you’ll not waste a lot of time trying to figure out how a company works. If the website is complicated you may take a lot of time mastering how to use it.

9. Consider Its Customer Service

The company should provide you with the best customer service experience. You should ask yourself whether it provides specialized customer service.

Secondly, the best company should allow you to use several devices to access its customer service platform. It should also give you a dedicated agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to hire a background check company?

If you are in business then it’s important to use a background check during your hiring process. When you hire someone without proper vetting, you are just welcoming a stranger to your businesses.

Conducting a background check can help you check whether the person is right for the job and whether he can deliver.

2. Do small businesses need background checks?

Just like a big company small businesses have a lot to lose if they do not carry out proper checks. For instance, if you bring in someone with criminal past you are literally putting your business at risk.

If a new employee doesn’t tell the truth you may also find that they are no qualified for what you hired them for.

Also, the fact that many background checks cater to small companies means you can use them to perform all the checks that you want.

3. Do background checks provide enough information about the person?

Although a basic check might not give you all the information that you need, you’ll have a rough idea about the person you are doing a check on.

It will also give you a glimpse of their past experience and education so you know more about him.

4. How much does an employee background check cost?

Well, the cost and pricing of a background check generally depend on what you are looking for. Many companies also provide both basic and bundled plans.

5. How quickly can I get results from a good background check company?

The normal turnaround time for background checks is averagely five days. Although some companies may provide you with immediate results you need to very careful as these may not be accurate.

Since most companies indicate their average turnaround time, make sure you choose the most reasonable.

Wrapping Up

If you are hiring workers, carrying out background checks is very important.  It’s therefore something that you must take seriously.

If you are unsure of what to do you can start with the above services. With several options in the market, you should know what you are looking for so you get the right service.

This way, you’ll end up with the best service for your business.

Background Checks For Dummies