Best Business Intelligence Software

13 Best Business Intelligence Software

One of the hardest things is to ensure that all business processes run smoothly. Given the amount of data that they handle, making profitable and sustainable decisions can be challenging.

However, by using professional and modern business intelligence tools, businesses can address these challenges without using massive IT.

By helping to gather, analyze, and monitor business information and data, these tools can help you get a clear perspective of the total amount of data a company manages.

Also, they can help you identify trends, enjoy self-service analysts, and get real-time data analysis.

Unlike other tools, they bring together all the relevant data, identify issues, and take actions that are closely connected to the data.

To help you communicate complex statistics, these software feature visualizations that you can share with other stakeholders.

So, whether you want to know what’s happening in your company or control your data, getting the Best Business Intelligence Software is the right thing to do.

Here are the Top Business Intelligence Software Systems that you need to know

1. Datapine

As one of the best business intelligence software, Datapine can help you gather data from different sources, analyze and use them to predict the future.

Datapine - Best Business Intelligence Software

Once you are done with the analysis you can generate customized reports, create a powerful business dashboard, and incorporate intelligent alerts so you can get notified of targets and anomalies.

Rated 4.6 stars, it’s a powerful tool meant for businesses of all sizes. So no matter the size it can be implemented for various functions, industries, and platforms.

Featuring an intuitive drag and drop interface, you simply need to drag your KPI and see how your graphs and charts change without any advanced coding or IT involvement.

It also has predictive and advanced analytics features to help you determine the type of data you want to focus on.

Plus, it has many interactive dashboard features such as chart zooms, drill-down and hierarchical filters that will provide you with the best data recovery process.

With its multiple reporting tools, you can create customized and standard reports through URL. You can also use the same to send automated emails and enable viewer access.

As compared to other tools, it will allow you to embed dynamic charts and dashboards. It also gathers all your data in one place so you can get just one single source of truth.

The best part is that it has simple features so whether you are a novice or an expert you can comfortably explore and use them.

They provide customer support through phone and email.

Datapine Pricing

  • Basic plan is $272 per month
  • Professional plan is $496 per month
  • Premium plan is $869 per month
  • Branding and Embedded plan is $1242 per month


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comes with several features
  • Fits many businesses


You may require SQL knowledge

2. SAS Business Intelligence Software

SAS Business intelligence is a software tool offering several technologies and products for data engineers, text analysts, econometricians, forecasting analysts, and optimization modelers among others.

SAS Business Intelligence Software - Best Business Intelligence Software

Started in the 1970s, this tool has not only been in the market for long but also boasts of some of the best features.

To find and gather enterprise-level data, it links business intelligence with analytics. It also has easy to use set of tools and solutions that every business needs.

Unlike other tools, it can send real-time analytics directly to your smartphone or Microsoft apps.

With all its functions, you can use it to create high-class actionable data, see the metrics, and make the best business decisions for your company.

Apart from its business intelligence services, it features 5 other modules namely SAS visual statistics, SAS visual analytics, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS office analytics, and SAS Enterprise server.

As the main module, SAS Visual Analytics will enable you to look at data visually, know the patterns and relationships, and then come up with the best insights. Moreover, you’ll be able to trace the metrics that you need to predict the trend.

As one of the best tools, you can use it to quickly analyze data and get conclusions by simply looking at every relevant source and channel.

Plus, SAS office Analytics will ensure that you enjoy a smooth collaboration by relaying output and analytic conclusions into MS Office apps such as Excel and Outlook.

It also provides a wide range of customer support options. Apart from the knowledge-based information, you can get technical details and manuals.

SAS Business Intelligence Pricing

It does not publicly release their pricing details


  •   It simplifies business intelligence
  • It provides effortless collaboration
  • It uses key feature and tools


  • It does not provide profit analysis
  • It does not support hybrid cloud data sources

3. QlikView

As one of the leading data discovery tools in the market, QlikView allows you to design insightful dashboards and develop data analytics apps that meet all your business Intelligence Challenges.

QlikView - Best Business Intelligence Software

It features an Associative Data indexing Engine that allows you to manage relationships with ease and get all the data insights.

As compared to query-based systems, it provides a guided data exploration that helps you to control the process and offers all the tools that you need for data analysis.

Since it’s user friendly, you can easily develop all your analytic apps even if you don’t have any technical skills.

One thing that sets it apart is that it’s faster than most solutions. It also integrates well with a range of data systems and works well with most devices out there.

Whether you want to estimate results accurately or interpret the figures and get to know the true picture of your business, this is the right tool for you.

It provides new ways of analyzing and adding value to the existing data thus making them easy to understand to everyone.

With its Google-like search, it will give you all the results for the phrases you are searching for and anything else.

From high education institutions to startups it has a wide and diverse client base. As a flexible app, it allows you to manage your data in the best way possible.

As a matter of fact, you can see its flexibility in several templates, designs, and layouts

QlikView Pricing

  • QlikView Client License is $1,395 per named user
  • QlikView Server License is $36,150 per server
  • QlikView Extranet Solutions is $18,600 per server


  •  It utilizes a user-driven approach to business intelligence
  • It’s committed to bringing the smoothest and fastest implementation
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It’s flexible


It’s a bit expensive as compared to others

4. Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is self-service business intelligence, data consolidation, and reporting tool. Apart from its range of data visualization tools, it makes the data available across different platforms.

Clear Analytics - Best Business Intelligence Software

As an Excel-based business analytics software, Clear Analytics will help you centralize all your data and provide you with spreadsheet manageability.

It will also allow you to enjoy administrative and sharing capabilities, audit capabilities, and reports scheduling.

The whole idea of this software is to enable you to gain insights from the information without engaging another party.

By taking advantage of its powerful BI capacities, you can do everything needed in any power analysis. Given that the spreadsheets are centralized, you don’t need any clear business rules to manage them.

As a business user, you can create calculated fields, aggregate filters, and share the information without leaving the spreadsheets.

To enable you to go beyond 1 million rows it has features such as PowerPivot and also uses Microsoft Power BI

By storing Excel Spreadsheets in Clear Analytics, it can track down all your activities. You can also use it to separate data from the spreadsheet and make updates without affecting the integrity of the spreadsheet.

Instead of using difficult and complex spreadsheets, it manages everything from a central location so you can get all the updates that you need.

Moreover, with its control and central storage, you can put up backup processes and prevent the risk of any data loss.

Clear Analytics Pricing

  • Team Edition is $89 per month
  • Small Business Edition is $189 per month


  •  It allows you to use Excel to boost ROI and efficiency
  •  It does not require you to get additional skills
  • You can use it to pull data from different sources
  • It eliminates manual preparation of the spreadsheet


  • You cannot use it without having excel in your computer
  •  You can only use it on the Windows operating system

5. GoodData

GoodData is a business intelligence software that comes with the best tools for data storage, ingestion, visualizations, analytic queries, and application integration.

GoodData - Best Business Intelligence Software

To create reports for your daily activities you can easily embed it with your desktop, mobile or website application.

If you are looking for software that delivers progress analytics in real-time, GoodData will not let you down.

With its features and tools, you’ll have access to metrics and get a clear picture of customer service efforts, visibility over sales and marketing trends

By gathering insights from combined points of data it will provide you with the best access to reporting. The best part is that you can effortlessly embed it into your current application.

This will allow you to customize it based on your brand. It also has unique apps that will help you report on marketing, sales, and customer service.

Apart from transforming data from all sources regardless of the size and structure, it collects stores, analyze, and visualize data.

From cloud-based sources to traditional databases it incorporates different technologies to ensure that you get the best business intelligence.

You can also analyze your data through its library and interactive dashboards. You can then create reports with different charts and graphs

Whether you are in marketing or sales, you’ll enjoy using customized analytics and prebuilt templates.

Furthermore, it comes with strong security features that ensure all customer data is encrypted and isolated.

To equip you with the right knowledge it provides training demos, webinars, topic-specific videos, and self-paced videos.  In case of anything, you can contact them through email or phone.

GoodData Pricing

  • Free pricing plan is $0
  • Growth pricing plan is $20 per workspace per month
  • Unlimited pricing plan is custom pricing


  • Excellent charts and the best data analysis
  • Great mobile app and support availability
  • Excellent integration with other software and databases


It’s a bit difficult to use

6. SAP BusinessObjects

SAP is a business intelligence and analytics tool that enables you to derive important insights from data.

SAP BusinessObjects - Best Business Intelligence Software

Unlike others, it uses self-serve access to different data sources. Featuring over 14 BI solutions it’s meant for different companies and industries.

While one solution may be aimed at companies that use Microsoft Office, others may focus on SMBs. Other solutions may also allow you to access them through your mobile phones.

Just like other tools, it enables you to enjoy self-service functionality. This means you can comfortably access and retrieve your business data without any IT knowledge.

While most solutions focus on the company function, this software provides broader functionality. You can use it to perform your analysis in different formats and multiple sources.

Due to its partnership with Microsoft, you can comfortably use Microsoft Access and Excel applications.  You can also use its mobile apps.

Whether you want ad hoc inquiries or you are looking for flexible reporting options, this is the right tool for you.

By providing you with the best data recovery features you can achieve the best results and change your decisions with fact-based information.

Its ability to integrate data with Microsoft SharePoint and other software makes it one of the best tools out there. Besides, you can use it to manage BI deployment and publish customized data to anyone.

As one of the largest software, it currently serves over 365000 customers in industries such as education, healthcare, banking, and retail.

SAP BusinessObjects Pricing

  • They do not have a free version
  • It’s pricing starts at $14000.00 per year


  • It offers multidimensional analysis and reporting
  • Provides different clusters for load balancing, high performance, and availability
  • Nice reporting and visualization


  • It’s not very stable
  • It’s based on Adobe

7. Microsoft Power BI

If you are looking for a free business intelligence solution, this is the right software for you. As a cloud-based and analytics business software, it will provide you with a complete view of data.

Microsoft Power BI - Best Business Intelligence Software

By linking all your data sources, it simplifies data sharing services with its interactive reports, scalable dashboards, and embedded visuals.

Working through power BI Mobile and Power BI Desktop, it’s an open solution that allows you to easily share data and information across the company after uploading.

Although its Power BI Mobile has the same capabilities, it comes in an App form. The best thing is that you can have a full view of the company anytime and anywhere you are.

As compared to other software that uses a web-based approach, it features a downloadable approach that you can use to run your analytics via a reporting server or cloud.

Since it comes with a 60 day trial period, you can use it to see whether it’s the right software for you.

It also has solutions such as Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium that you can use to share your business insights with collaborators.

From naïve to advanced, it targets all levels of users. Just like the novices, it can be used by data analysts to derive complex analysis and take the necessary action.

In addition, you can use it to understand the performance of your investment in sales and marketing and any changes that have taken place in business.

If you are a Microsoft user, you’ll find it quite intuitive. However, if you meet any difficulty you can always contact Microsoft support for assistance.

Microsoft Power BI Pricing

  • Power BI Desktop is free
  • Power BI Pro is $9.99 per user per month
  • Power BI Premium is a capacity pricing plan


  • Very user-friendly platform
  • It’s a very powerful platform with different data source connectors
  • Exceptional data visualization capabilities


  • Refresh cycle is limited to the free version
  • Web and Desktop versions divide data prep tools

8. Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is a visually beautiful business intelligence tool that not only offers a free trial but also endeavors to do more.

Tableau Desktop - Best Business Intelligence Software

In addition to making charts, it features a slick user interface that allows you to quickly post trends and interpret data in the best way possible.

Although it requires a steeper learning curve, it’s one of the best business intelligence tools in the market.

If performance is your concern, this software will not let you down. It features Hyper, a new data engine that provides you with up to 5 times faster queering speed and 3 times faster extract creation speeds.

Everything that it does is actually driven by one aim- to help you understand and see data. To enhance understanding and data discovery it will provide you with intuitive business intelligence tools.

To help you enjoy robust data discovery, it’s fitted with a desktop, server, and online server. Additionally, it has a mobile feature that allows you to access all analytics and public tool meant for data to be shared publicly.

It allows you to prepare, combine, and clean data. If you want to engage in complex tasks such as joining and pivoting it has a drag and drop features to help you around.

From live to in-memory you can use it to link several data sources without any programming skills. You’ll also be notified when the connection fails.

Serving close to 70,000 customers, this is the right software for you. It also provides 4 levels of customer support including complimentary, technical support, OEM program, and Elite Program.

Tableau Desktop Pricing

  • Tableau Creator costs $70 per month per user
  • Tableau Explorer costs $35 per month per user
  • Tableau Viewer costs $12 per month per user


  • It has a user-friendly design
  • Impressive processing engine
  • Mature product with a large community of users
  • Huge collection of data visualization and connectors


You need a lot of training to master the platform

9. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence software that works well with most web-based tools.

Zoho Analytics - Best Business Intelligence Software

As one of the most effective solutions, it can integrate data from different files such as URL feeds, Microsoft Office documents, MySQL among other software.

Whether you want to analyze or integrate business data, Zoho Analytics has everything that you need. From small to medium-sized businesses, it provides flexible and cost-effective data analysis functionality.

By combining the ability to collaborate with visual analysis, it will ensure that you get the most from your business data.

It offers several applications including data warehousing, reporting, dashboard analysis among others.

As compared to others, you can use it in a range of departments such as marketing, sales, finance, HR, and operations. To give you real-time analysis, it has various reports.

Once you get data you can blend it through statistical and integrated mathematical formulas. The best part is that you can do this with a simple online interface and view the same via the portal.

It also has easy to use interface that you can use whether you have the skills or not. So the moment you start using it you’ll see immediate results.

By simply dragging and dropping you can create reports and even edit as much data as you want. Plus, you can combine several reports and create a clear view of the best business insights for your company.

Since it’s part of the Zoho line of products, you’ll enjoy more connections and integrations. In fact, there is no other vendor that provides you with a wide range of applications like this one.

Whether you want to identify key insights or monitor the effectiveness of your business, this is the right software for you

Zoho Analytics Pricing

  • Free pricing plan is $0
  • Standard plan is $50 per 5 users
  • Professional plan is $90 per 10 users
  • Professional plus plan is $140 per 20 users
  • Enterprise plan is $495 per 50 users


  • It’s decently priced
  • It has easy to use interface
  • Provides simple automatic report generation


  • Steep learning curve
  • It has frustrating reporting features

10. Dundas

Released in 2014, Dundas is BI software that combines both analytic tools and business intelligence into something that you can use alone or embed into other software.

Dundas - Best Business Intelligence Software

As a scalable and flexible solution, it allows you to analyze and create dashboards even if you don’t have the skills. The best part is that you can fully customize it.

From data preparation to self-service analytics to data connectivity, it provides all BI needs under one platform.

With its touch-based user interface, you can view reports and create dashboards using any device. It can also support any company regardless of its size.

It was designed to provide the best integration via their programmable APIs and JavaScript APIs. Whether you want to host or run it on-premise you can comfortably use it.

Accessible to any device and providing the ease of running analytics, this is one of the best business intelligence software out there.

With the release of its Version 2.5, it boasts over 100 features. It also has smart customization that allows it to recall your preferences from the last time it was used.

Just like BI software such as iDashboards and Domo it supports almost all industries and companies of all sizes. If you want to try it out and see how it works it offers a 45-day free trial

Moreover, it offers both online and onsite training courses. Apart from the features, the training focuses on the best practices on visualizations, data analysis, and design.

In case of anything, you can contact support through email, phone, and logging

Dundas Pricing

For pricing plan, you need to contact the company


  • They provide customer support
  • It has an easy to learn and intuitive user interface
  • Keep on adding newer features
  • It’s easy to learn and use


Some of the features are not easy to learn

11. Sisense

Sisense BI is an analytics and data platform that makes it easy to gather data across the platform and change it into actionable applications that you can use anywhere.

Sisense - Best Business Intelligence Software

From big brands to small startups, Sisense is used to drive digital transformation and boost innovations.

Whether you have data on-premise or in the cloud, this tool will provide you with everything you need to successfully deliver on your strategy. This means you can gather data from different sources and build beautiful visualization for your company.

Designed to handle all types of data, it will allow you to accumulate more data without worrying that you’ll crash the system.

Using a drag and drop interface, you can transfer data from multiple sources. This will help you to start creating and analyzing dashboards.

Since you can update your data in real-time you don’t have to rebuild your dashboards. Once you are done, you can share the same with different users through the web.

As compared to others, it provides a range of features. Since you can access it on mobile you can view, analyze, and view everything while on the go.

Featuring a short implementation schedule, you can start with a 14-day trial. Once you’ve settled on it as the right software you just need to deploy it. The good thing is that it does not require any additional servers or software.

Sisense Pricing

To receive a customized quote you are required to complete a request for a quote


  • Features in chip processing
  • You can use it in different devices
  • Solid natural language query in third-party applications


Some users have found it a bit complex.

12. Yellowfin BI

If you are looking for a BI tool that combines automated analysis with action-based dashboards, Yellowfin BI is the right option.

Yellowfin BI - Best Business Intelligence Software

By providing you with the best experience, Yellowfin features unique ways of gathering and acting on data. This allows it to address all your needs whether you want to build or use amazing experiences.

Coming with five components, you can use them either individually or together. Customizable to suit businesses in advertising, accounting, and media among others, it comes with some of the best features

Besides offering filtering capabilities some of its functionalities include query and report writing, predictive analysis, and performance management.

Having Yellowfin Signals, it uses machine-assisted automation to help you monitor data while searching for any anomalies.  It will also keep you informed and provide you with early warnings in case of anything

It also has Yellowfin stories that allow you to develop a long-form analysis of your business data. With this feature, you can develop a consistent understanding of your business.

Once you sign up you can expect deployment within hours. It will also provide you with a yearly per user licensing subscription model including support, maintenance, software, and upgrades.

Furthermore, it will provide you with various forms of support including community, customer support center, and an online wiki. If you require any help you can contact them directly.

Yellowfin Pricing

  • Per-user pricing plan is $120 per 12000 users
  • Per-server core pricing plan is $37,500 per 2 servers
  • Yellowfin analytics pricing plan is $50 per user per month
  • Yellowfin stories pricing plan is $10 per user per month


  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • It’s easy and simple to develop reports
  • It makes it very easy to create reports


The tool can be clunky to use sometime

13. Domo BI

Whether you are looking for the best analytics tool or world-class business intelligence platform, Domo has it all.

Domo BI - Best Business Intelligence Software

Designed for all business users, it will help you gather your data, analyze, and make the right decisions.

By allowing you to access data anywhere and providing better collaboration, it will ensure that you succeed in your business endeavor.

It features a business cloud self-service platform that you can use to run your entire enterprise. If you combine this to your business insights and data, you can get answers to important business queries and make better and well-informed decisions.

To help you visualize your data in charts and graphs it features a card builder. With this tool, you can summarize the numbers and get important takeaways that can be used by anybody.

Also, with its stories feature you can organize visualizations by combining texts, cards, and images. You can also customize the dashboard by adding background cards and arranging them well.

Furthermore, Domo apps will provide you with the best information to make important business decisions. For instance, if you are in sales you can use these apps to analyze performance.

Plus Domo Profile feature is a social networking hub that includes a directory where you can share your feeds and profiles from social media platforms.

Given that it’s cloud-based software, its implementation process is a bit shorter. It also provides different training options. These include online training videos, web-based training, and instructor-led training.

Plus it provides a variety of customer support services. You can reach their support through live chat, phone, and email. You can check online for knowledge-based articles.

Domo Pricing

Its pricing plan depends on several components and user needs


  • Limitless data storage features
  • Wide range of connectors
  • Some of the best sharing features


  • The user interface is not intuitive
  • It has a steep learning curve

How to Select the Right Business Intelligence Software

1. Know Your Business Strategy

When it comes to choosing the best business intelligence software the most important thing is knowing your business strategy.

The best business intelligence software should be in line with your overall strategy. Without this, buying a good software tool can be a bit challenging.

It’s more like buying something that you cannot just use.

2. Know Your Business Needs

Once you’ve determined the strategy, it’s important to know your business needs. For instance, if you want to track down your business history, you should choose software that has the right support for this.

On the same note, if you are dealing with a huge number of customers look for software with a robust infrastructure that can handle lots of clustering and balancing.

3. Easy Integration

When looking for the right software, integration options should be at the center of your decision-making process.

Make sure you choose solutions that will allow you to gather business data in real-time. Doing this is far much better than dealing with data that’s out of date.

You also need an automated data refresh capability that you can use to customize your dashboard publication schedule.

4. Easy to Use Features

It’s also important to choose easy to use the software. This will allow it to quickly adapt to your business so you can start enjoying ROI.

Look for one with a drag and drop interface that anyone can use. You should also be able to customize the dashboard to suit your business needs.

5. Security

Since BI software holds confidential information, the security of your business is very important. With that said, you should choose a secure tool that you are sure will keep things safe and secure

6. Customizable

If you are looking for software that you can use for long, make sure it’s customizable. You should be able to further update it to your business needs especially if you introduce a new system.

Furthermore, you need to know your long term goals and whether the tool will fit into this.

7. Budget

It’s also very important to look for software that you can afford based on your budget.  While choosing affordable software is good, make sure it has all the features that you need for your business.

Remember, the cost of business intelligence software varies based on the setup cost, one-time license, and pay per usage among others.

8. Self Service Capabilities and Support

Your chosen software should have an outline of all its features. This will help you know whether you can use it alone or whether you’ll have to involve someone.

Apart from this, you should be able to contact them through phone, live chat, and email. This will help you discuss any issues that you may be having.

Make sure you contact their customer team before buying the software so you don’t get surprised that they do not have the best support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I afford business intelligence software?

Yes, you can regardless of the size of your business.  Nowadays cloud technologies have lowered the cost of business intelligence software thus making them quite affordable.

Although implementation will vary depending on your deployment choices, several vendors are currently providing transparent and affordable pricing.

2. Will my data be secure with business intelligence software?

The most important requirement for any IT system is data security. A good BI solution is not only reliable and effective but also secure. This means your business data is safe.

3. Do I need business intelligence software if my business already has other systems?

While your business may already have other systems, a good BI tool will help you combine data from different sources and connect it to your day-to-day business activities.

4. How long does it take to implement business intelligence software?

If you have a huge project it will take around 8 months to implement a BI system. However, if you want to reap the benefits as fast as possible make sure you implement it in stages.

5. What problems will BI help me solve?

Good business intelligence software will help you gather data, analyze, and make the best decision for your business.

It will actually help you analyze data regarding your customers, business partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders and use them to ensure that your business succeeds.

Basically it’s a common term used for gathering and analyzing data needed for making business decisions.

6. What are data visualizations and discovery products?

Data visualization and discovery products are tools designed to help business owners discover patterns and build visual representations to allow users to understand them.

Examples include maps, charts, and graphs. With the best business intelligence tools, you’ll end up with very easy to understand data visualizations.


Big data is not only around but also increasing by the day. With this in mind, you need to get the best BI and analytic tools. With these tools, your data will be more stable and agile.

If you are looking for modern BI solutions, you can start with the above. Since most of them come with a free trial you can test them out to see whether they are the right software.

If you know your business needs you’ll end up with the right tool. Good luck.