Best Business Plan Software

13 Best Business Plan Software

Whether you are applying for a small business license or pitching an idea to a financier, a good business plan can greatly help you.

Specifically designed for the process, a business plan will help you carry out market research and identify funding options for your businesses.

A business plan also means that you are serious about what you are doing. But writing a good business plan is not a very easy thing to do. So before you embark on the process it’s important to do your research.

If you are not sure how to go about it there are a number of tools and software that you can use.

Featuring the latest technology,  business plan software will guide you through every step until you develop your final plan.

To help you figure out the best business software for your needs, read through these reviews:

1. LivePlan

LivePlan is cloud-hosted business plan software that features all the tools needed to start your business on the right footing.

LivePlan - Best Business Plan Software

As one of the best software, it boasts over 500 templates that you can use on any type of business. Once you identify the right template it will guide you through the whole process.

The amazing thing is that the templates are very easy to use. Having over 15 years of track record they have a simple and easy to use interface to help you create a professional business plan.

If you are reluctant to start creating the plan, the templates will come in handy. You can start with a one-page plan before moving to a complete professional plan that you can use to pitch to the investors.

Whether you are looking for quality or quantity you’ll definitely get it here.

Also, if you have any questions you can contact their representatives during the normal working hours and have all your concerns addressed.

What sets it apart is that the final business plan is not only high quality but also professional. Since the charts are well organized and easy to understand, you’ll love them.

Apart from helping with the business plan they also provide financial benchmarking to several companies.

How Much Does LivePlan Cost

  • Month to Month plan is $19.95 per month
  • 6 Months Plan is $15.96 per month
  • Annual Plan is $ 11.66 per month


  • You don’t need any prior experience to use it
  •  Many customers are satisfied with the software
  • It has a user-friendly website
  • Provides 10 elegant fully customizable templates
  • Easy to import data from platforms such as Xero and Quickbooks


  • You cannot copy an existing plan
  • You must be connected to the internet

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2. Business Plan Pro

As one of the leading business plan software, Business Plan Pro offers the best customer and technical support to help small businesses succeed.

Business Plan Pro - Best Business Plan Software

To help you create your plan and convince your investors it features the best tools and easy to follow instructions.

If you are not keen on a  cloud-based product then this is the right tool for you.  Besides, it has sample business plans and over 500 templates that you can use for your plan.

Even if you are just starting out you can use it to develop the best plan.

As compared to other software it provides you with statistical databases to ensure that you have the most up to date information.

If you need an expert they have professionals who can help you research and even create a business plan for you.

What gives them an edge is that their business writing plan program has clear instructions and is also quite easy to use. Featuring video tutorials and help aids you get all the information that you need for the plan.

Apart from the normal work processing features such as autosave and spell check, it has essential financial tools that you can use to create graphs and detailed charts.

Furthermore, it has hundreds of templates and sample plans that you can use to edit and create yours.

How Much Does Business Plan Pro Cost

  • Standard Package Plan is $99.95  one-time purchase
  • Premier Package Plan is $159.95 one-time package


  • Has been in the market for long
  •  As compared to others it has a one-off payment
  • Has money-back guarantee
  • Includes tons of education content
  • Has a strong technical support team
  • Over 500 business plan templates


  • Old user interface
  • No collaboration opportunities

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3. BizPlanBuilder

If you are looking for an intuitive small business plan software then BizPlanBuilder is the right choice.

BizPlanBuilder  - Best Business Plan Software

Featuring industry-specific templates, this software can help you create a plan that reflects all your needs.

Suitable for users who have Excel experience you can use it to create your all financial workbooks. It also has several videos that you can use to develop the perfect plan for your business.

BizPlanBulder has a polished and functional user interface that’s quite easy to use.  Once you access the dashboard you’ll find several sections that you just need to edit.

It has a single link that you can use to share your plan with several investors. This means you don’t need to share bulky attachments.

Even if you don’t have the skills it has tools such as charts, graphs, calculators, cost analysis, and budget sheets that you can use to do all your analysis.

Plus, it has invested a lot in providing you with additional support to ensure that your business is up and running within no time.

To help you analyze the market it comes with important market information that you can use.  If you intend to launch your business as soon as possible it has a number of mentors who can help

Overall, it’s one of the best business plan software that will help you create professional business plans for your business needs.

How Much Does BizPlanBuilder Cost

  • Cloud-Based BizPlanBuilder Plan is $97 per year
  • Strategic Planning BizPlanBuilder Plan is $19.97 per year


  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Drag and drop templates
  • Several business plan templates
  • In-depth presentations
  • Several  financial tools that you can use


  • No free trial
  • No mobile-friendliness

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4. Enloop

Whether you are on a budget or looking for the best software, Enloop will never let you down. It will help you develop a plan that will let you know whether your business will succeed or not.

Enloop - Best Business Plan Software

It has everything that you need to determine your business success and make the right projections for your company.

Just like some of the best software, it’s very easy to use. Within a very short time, you can create investor-ready plans. To testify that’s it’s worth,  it has over 300,000 users.

If you’ve never written a plan before, it’s the right tool for you. With its simple to use interface you just need to fill in the blanks and create the texts using its Autowrite features.

Additionally, you can review your plan and make the necessary edits. The best part is that every change that you make automatically updates itself. Once you change anything there is no need of writing anything manually.

With this tool, you don’t need a financial planner to help you create a plan. By using it to compare your financial projections you’ll see whether your potential business will succeed or not.

Other than the tools it has everything you need to build your plan.  It also has a real-time performance score that will improve with every data that you put in.

Although it does not come with prebuild templates, you can customize their plans to suit your business needs. You can also add different sections depending on your business.

How Much Does Enloop Cost

  • Detailed Enloop plan is $19.95 per month
  • Performance Enloop plan is $39.95 per month


  • It’s easy to use software
  • You can work on three plans at a time
  • You can have up to 5 people contribute  to the plan
  • It will provide professional looking plans
  • Cloud-based software hence your data is safe


  • Reaching their customer support is a bit hard
  • It does not have predesigned templates

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If you are just starting out then GoSmallBiz is the right tool for you.  it not only has some of the best services but also ensure that you easily build your business plan.

GoSmallBiz - Best Business Plan Software

It boasts several business-specific templates that generate the right documents for your business.

You can also use its online calendar management to plan customer events, arrange meetings, and schedule appointments.

Another good thing about it is its financial projection and statement features. With these features, you can perform profit and sales analysis and check the balance, income, and cash flow.

Given that it has tools such as business courses, business mentoring, and weekly updates, it’s ideal for new business planning.

Plus it comes with a website builder that you can use to create a responsive website. Its CRM platform will also help you to streamline your marketing and sales.

To easily track your business online, it has a customizable dashboard. You can integrate it with Google analytics and social networks and also get an HR  document builder and risk assessment within minutes.

If you need help it has a business planning expert and real CEO  who will ensure that you are steered in the right direction.

The amazing thing about it is that it has a 60-day free trial that you can use to test the waters. Also  when it comes to pricing it’s one of the most affordable software out there.

How Much Does cost


  • It’s one of the most affordable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable
  • Customized reporting
  • Unlimited mentoring and business consultations
  • 60-day free trial


  • Limited sample business plans
  • No exporting capabilities

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6. iPlanner.Net

Unlike others, iPlanner.Net is simple and easy to use software that’s meant for small investors, business owners, and other entrepreneurs.

iPlanner - Best Business Plan Software

As probably the least expensive among all the software you can use iPlanner.Net to create a professional business plan for just a small amount of money.

If you are looking for an easy to use framework then this is the right tool for your needs.  With this tool, you can approach the process of writing your business plan head-on.

Launched in 2007, you can use it to create your plan alone or with the help of a mentor. So if you are just starting out or looking for the most affordable software it’s the right tool to use.

In addition, it comes with several templates for marketing strategy, financial plans, and business models among others. These templates can help you make your reports presentable.

If you are looking for industry-specific software then iPlanner.Net is software worth considering.

You’ll also get tools such as chart generators and calculators to assist you in developing financial solutions and sections of your plan.

While it’s a simple plan it has all the templates and tools that you need whether you have a startup or big business.

Once you choose the template that you want the NEtEkspert will help you fill all the information that you need. You can also edit or customize the information depending on what you are looking for.

How Much Does iPlanner.Net Cost

  • iPlanner.Net Pricing plan starts at $49 per year


  • It has been in business for a long time
  • It has two different options hence you can choose the best
  • Comes with unlimited users
  •  Starts at $49 per year hence quite affordable
  • It has a business modeling section


  •  The website is pretty old school
  • Does not have a month to month option

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7. BizPlan

Build specifically for tech startups, BizPlan will help you create a business pitch and plan that’s customizable and appeals to several investors.

BizPlan - Best Business Plan Software

As compared to other options, it has several unique features. For example, it features a unique drag and drop interface that makes it quite easy to use.

If you are a paying user, you are offered a Bizplan Startup University that includes online courses and over 600 in-depth videos to help you learn more about your business.

If you are looking for an easy to use option, this is the perfect software. With its step by step process, you can use it to create a suitable plan for your business.

But what separates it from other platforms is it’s drag and drop feature. With this template, you can choose certain sections of the plan and place them in the order that you want.

With this feature, you do not need any skill. Featuring a sleek and modern design, it suits all those tech investors out there. You’ll also find several options that you can use to connect to investors.

In case you have an issue you can get in touch with their customer representative Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  You can even send them an email with all the questions that you may be having.

How Much Does BizPlan Cost

  • The monthly plan is $29 per month
  • The annual plan is $ 20.75 per month
  • Lifetime access is $349 per month


  • It has all the important questions already mapped out
  • It helps you to include  sophisticated functionally and visuals
  • They provide the guidance that you need
  • You can easily integrate it with  Xero, Quickbooks, and any accounting software
  • Organized and easy to use framework


  • Does not come with a free trial
  • The application is not compatible with any mobile

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8. PlanGuru

PlanGuru is a cloud-based budgeting and business planning software that’s meant for nonprofits and other businesses out there.

PlanGuru - Best Business Plan Software

While setting it up you can choose the correct structure for your business or organization and later on customize it to reflect your chosen business type.

If you are looking for a comprehensive business analysis and forecasting plan, this software might be the answer for you.

To make the process easier you can import up to five years of data from applications such as Quickbooks and Xero and Excel spreadsheets  among others.

Given their massive features, their higher rates are justified. With its single business plan, you can enjoy personalized support and super sophisticated financials.

Additionally, if you are looking for an in-depth one on one support, its add-on feature will have you sorted.

Featuring increased capabilities, Plan guru will not only help you create a  functional business plan but also provides a free consultation.

Furthermore, with its analytics tool, you can perform all your reporting and measurements. You can also configure your dashboard to show different types of report metrics and rations to use.

Although it’s not cloud-based it comes with several local and desktop network installations options that you can use. It’s not a beginner’s tool but experienced small business operators will enjoy using it.

Overall, if you are looking for a tool that can help you write the forecasting and finance portions of your business it’s the right one for you.

How Much Does Planguru Cost

  •  Single business/Non Profit package is $99 per month or $899 per year


  • Strong forecasting and budgeting features
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Links to analytics add-on
  • Quickbooks and support available
  • Straight forward application


  • It occasionally shows some instability
  • Does not have sample business plan templates

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9. StratPad

Given that it offers one free quality business plan, StratPad is way much different from other business plan software. You can also use its free training to learn more about business plans.

StratPad - Best Business Plan Software

Whether you want to create a functional business plan or you are looking for software with useful graphics and diagrams, this is the perfect choice for you.

Apart from their free plan, it has two paid packaged options designed for a different set of circumstances. If you are just starting out or you are a student, its free subscription plan can help you create one business plan.

Since they are committed to educating people, their free plan has all the education material that you may need.

If you want to have a taste of what they offer, their free subscription is the best. However, you should not rely on it for long.

Just like other software, it allows you to fill several numeral fields and text boxes. Instead of describing your business, it allows you to describe what you’ll do to bring the change.

As a browser-based app, its business plan is very easy to navigate. Having several sections when you click on those sections, you’ll get additional information to guide you through the process.

Plus, if you have any question you can get in touch with their team to have your questions answered. You can also export financial projections into excel, something that other software options don’t do.

How Much Does StratPad Cost

  • The business Pricing plan is $29.99 per month
  • Unlimited Pricing Plan is $ 49.99 per month


  • It comes with educational videos and tutorials
  • Their approach is an intuitive step by step process
  • Can help you generate graphs, charts, and appendices
  • Cloud-based software thus compatible with any OS
  • It has a free version that has the best features


  • It’s not the cheapest software
  • You must be ready to do  a lot of work on your own

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10. Wise Business Plans

Based in Las Vegas Nevada, Wise Business Plans is software meant for those who are looking for high-quality plans.

Wise Business Plans - Best Business Plan Software

As compared to other DIY software it’s a tool that will help you handle all those heavy stuff.

Once you tell them what you want and provide all the details, it will do everything that’s needed to create a notable and comprehensive plan for your businesses.

Contrary to what most customers expect the cost of working with them depends on the service that you are looking for.

Before you start you’ll have to consult their representatives and tell them the plan that you are looking for and what you need to use it for.

They will then provide you with a quote.  Unless you see the quote and sign a contract with them there is no actual work that will take place.

Apart from looking at the market, your business plan will include demographic details of your customers and give your potential investors an idea of what they should expect.

It also features an in-depth marketing plan that other software options do not provide. By completely analyzing your competitors they’ll help you know about their strengths and weaknesses.

Once they are through with the plan they ‘ll send it to you in Excel and word documents for you to review you can then review and send it back for revisions before they can send you the final document.

How Much Does Wise Business Plans Cost

  • The pricing plans typically range from $1850 to $5000


  • It’s the experts who work on your business plan
  • They have experience working with different types of business
  • It can assist you to update your plan down the road


  • You must be prepared to pay a lot of money

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11. Upmetrics

If you are looking for great software to plan your business then Upmetrics is the right option. With its business plan editor, you can edit and review your business plan to make it more effective.

Upmetrics - Best Business Plan Software

As cloud-based software, it will simplify your business planning process with a business plan that’s tailored specifically for your business.

Even if you’ve never created a plan its step by step guide and templates will make the process very easy. You can, therefore, use it to come up with an amazing plan for your business within a very short time.

It has a super-rich plan editor that you can use to add or even edit all the texts that you enter in every section. You can also use the editor to highlight the main areas that you want to share out.

Featuring an invite and share button you can connect easily and quickly with your investors,  customers, and other associates.

In addition, it has real-time feedback that will allow you to initiate conversations once you’ve invited your team. You can also use this to share the feedback with relative ease.

The best part is that it has an easy to use and responsive interface that looks awesome on the screen.

Other than that, you can use its customized page themes to transform your page cover, details, and cover page color.

How much Does Upmetrics Cost

  • Starting Price Plan is  $9 per month
  • The deal Pricing plan is  $24 per month


  • User friendly and easy to use
  • You can make a business plan within a short time
  • It has several built-in templates to help you around
  •  Easy to share with anyone


  • Dashboard is missing
  • It had fewer templates as compared to others

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12. Maus Master Plan

Maus Master Plan is a simple to use software made in such a way to help you save your precious time. If you are looking for a professional and insightful business and marketing plan this is the right tool.

Maus - Best Business Plan Software

Apart from prompting you with different ideas, it will demonstrate to you how to analyze your business and come up with the best strategies that can bring you profit.

As a revolutionary tool, it will take you through the question and answer process while guiding you through the whole process. This will make the entire process of creating a plan easy.

This way you’ll get a well-designed business plan including a set of financials. It also ensures that there is an accountably by focusing on the actions and goals produced throughout the process.

By using it, it will hold you accountable and ensure that your business stays on track.

With their state of the art system, you can easily generate the texts for each section, edit and even delete it entirely if you like.

Even if you want to calculate your financial you just need to put the details and it will do the rest. Apart from placing your figures on a plain text, it will help you create well-designed sheets and grafts.

Other than that it allows your colleagues to access your plans. You can invite them to help you with the plan and invite your accountant to review it once you are done with the work.

How much Does Maus Master Plan Cost

  • Starting Price Plan is  $299 which is a one-off payment


  • You can easily calculate all the financials that you need
  • Quick and easy to produce a detailed statement and impressive graphs
  • You can customize plans based on your  objectives
  • Both cloud  and desktop software
  • You can instantly  customize and develop professional plans


  • It does not come with all the features that you need

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13. The Business Plan Shop

As one of the best business plan software out there, The business Plan Shop can help you create a simple plan fast. This software is not only easy to use but also has the right parts for any business.

Business Plan Shop - Best Business Plan Software

The Business Plan Shop features a clean design and a user-friendly interface.  Once you sign up you’ll enjoy an in-depth business plan complete with instructions that you need to make one.

Also, having a number of examples you can learn before you make your plan.

With its easy to use interface moving from one section to the next is quite easy. It will take you through their step by step to allow you to create your plan with ease.

This means with or without any skills you’ll quickly create the right plan for your business needs.  Other than the business it can help you to forecast for up to 3 years

Its financial forecasting section will collect product and service information so you can play around with the figures and come up with the right predictions for your business.

As compared to other software its editor supports images and HTML links. Overall if you know what you are looking for then it’s the right software for you.

How Much Does The business Plan Shop Cost

  • Pro monthly plan is $22 per month
  • Pro yearly plan is $6.25 per month


  • You can use it to customize your plan the way you want
  • It’s quite easy to use
  • Provides helpful educational materials that you can use


  • Good structure but very little inspiration

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a business plan software do?

A business plan software is a tool that offers everything that you need to develop a business plan. To ensure that you understand everything needed in a plan, it takes you through every step.

Unlike doing it manually this tool allows you to fill in all the details and data needed.

Once you enter all this information it will convert everything into a functional document to give your business the roadmap that it requires for success.

This will not only tell you how you need to manage your business but also attract potential investors.  The most amazing thing about a business plan software is that it ensures that all the parts are filled.

2. What should I look for in business plan software?

Since there are several software in the market, you need to shop for one that satisfies all your business needs.  Besides, it should be simple and easy to use.

By taking you through each stage it will ensure that you cover every detail that you need to cover.

Other than highlighting everything, that you need to include it should also feature the tutorials and guidelines on how to go about things and why you need to do that.

The financial part is also another important component of the plan.

Since most people do not have the financial skills needed for a plan, a good business plan will help you work out the numbers such that you understand whether your business will be profitable or not.

As a matter of fact, a good tool should change all your numbers into charts and graphs that are easy to understand.

Furthermore,  the right software should enable you to work on several plans and allow your team to give feedback even as you create the plan.

3. How does a business plan software make the process simpler and faster?

As compared to manually preparing the plan a business plan software comes with a template that you can use to prepare your plan.

A  good plan will come with several templates that you can choose depending on your needs. To make certain that you don’t forget anything it will also take you through every step.

By having a well-designed template you can save a lot of time that you could have used to decide on what you include and what not to include.

Besides a good business plan software will take all your financials and change them into projections and predictions that you can use for the success of your business.

Without good business plan software, you are the one who will do the calculations and determine everything that’s are needed.

Further, a business plan software will give you a central platform in which you can develop the plan.   Your team can, therefore, log into the software and either work on it or access it when they need it.

4. What are the most important sections of a business plan?

A good business plan should include sections such as executive summary, market analysis, company description, competitive analysis, marketing plans, sales analysis, breakdown of your products, and services among others.

5. Do I need a business plan if I am not looking for investors?

If you want your business to succeed you need to know where you are headed. By creating a good business plan you’ll not only know your goals but also the resources that you need for it to succeed.

If you are not intending to seek financing you may use your plan as a planning tool to ensure that everything is always on the track while you are running your business.

You can also use a business plan to show the capability and potentiality of your business.

To create a business plan that suits all your needs, you can always choose from a range of templates provided by business plan software.

While doing this you need to ensure that your plan is comprehensive enough so that it can help you think through the development stages of your business.

The most important thing that you must include are customers, completion,  target market, product description, sales and marketing, and cash flow statement.

6. What do investors look for in a business plan?

Not every person who receives your business plan will go through the whole of it. In most instances, they only skim through them.

Since most investors know what the need from a plan they will want to see whether your business has the potential of growth.

It’s important to note that investors are not just giving or lending you the money, they are investing to get some profit later. So you must ensure that you know how to market what you are selling.

The first thing that they will read is, therefore, your executive summary. So include the unique nature of your product and service to ensure that it stands out.

If this grabs their attention they are likely to buy your idea. Other than that you should ensure that everyone in the management team has the relevant skills and experience that the business needs.

They may also check out the financials to see how you are planning to achieve your goals.

Wrapping Up

With several business plan software solutions out there choosing the best one can be a bit tricky. While some do a great job, others may not have all the features that you are looking for.

With this in mind, you need to know all the requirements of your business before settling one.

Even if you are not looking for investors a business plan will help you understand your business better since the software will guide you through the process so you’ll end up with the best.

If you are not sure how to go about it you can start by using the above options. Once you get the right one just go ahead and try them out.

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