Best Business Process Management Software

13 Best Business Process Management Software

Just like a car engine that runs on different gears, the running of a business involves a series of complicated processes that must run smoothly for it to succeed.

When these processes break, troubles such as operational interference, poor workflow, and inefficiencies may occur.

Thankfully, with the best business process software, you can take care of this and put your business on track.

These software tools allow you to model and implement all your business management processes. Since they play a huge role in boosting the efficiency of your business, they will allow you to embrace digital transformation.

They will also help you increase service and product innovation and boost your customer services.

Plus, they will help you automate some of your processes so as to make efficient use of IT. With the advent of these tools, achieving a streamlined and coordinated workflow becomes easy.

This means both small and large business can enjoy their features.

Benefits of Business Process Management Software

Here are some of the main benefits of BPM software:

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Cutting costs
  • Improving business agility
  • Increasing accountability
  • Simplifying operations
  • Driving competitive advantage
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Reducing inefficiencies

Outlined below are some of the best business process management software that you should know


Since it’s focused on a simple and intuitive user interface, is one of the best business process management software out there. - Best Business Process Management Software

As a leader in communication and collaboration, helps teams and businesses to perform in the best way by streaming and improving their contributions.

It ensures that every information that you get matches the other. By ensuring that all data is simple and easy to access, it will help you make the most important decisions.

It also arranges process data in a systematic way and ensures that they are easy to understand regardless of where you are.

With its series of views, you can choose the most important data and view the same at glance. This includes information such as chart view, timeline view, and calendar view among others.

In addition, it allows the integration of different tools into one platform to allow for an easy transition of data. You can easily connect it to tools such as Google Drive, DropBox, Zapier, Google Calendar, and Mailchimp among others.

Besides that, it has an open API architecture that allows you to integrate it with other applications.

Unlike others, it’s one of the most customizable software tools. It allows you to work with whatever technology that fits your business and workers.

One thing that sets it apart is its advanced scheduling capability that applies to both project and task management.

It’s this capability that ensures there will be no errors in paperwork. Instead of assisting only premium users, it’s a platform that’s there for you all the time. Pricing

Free Trial

  • Basic plan is $39 per month
  • Standard plan is $49 per month
  • Pro plan is $79 per month
  • Enterprise plan contact the provider


  •  It ensures that everyone is one the same page
  • It easily works with third parties and freelancers
  • Has a highly customizable interface
  •  It easily integrates to most tools


 It might appear complicated if you are new.

2. Laserfiche

Laserfiche is an innovative business process management software that you can use to benefit in different ways.

Laserfiche - Best Business Process Management Software

If you have a business, you send and receive several documents every day. If any of these documents are lost along the way, your business process may hugely be disrupted.

As one of the best software, Laserfiche features a useful way of tracking and routing all your digital documents so they don’t get lost along the way.

With these features, it’s considered one of the most important tools among companies. It will ensure that your work management process becomes very easy and less clustered.

By automatically implementing and valuating every task it will enable you to gather all your information in one place.

You can, therefore, analyze these details in one place and determine whether you have the result you are looking for.

As the documents and business information become paperless, you’ll not only save money but time as well.

With this software, you no longer need to worry about the security of your information. It will speed up the process and gives you a chance to make fast and smart decisions.

Whether you are an organization or a government agency you can use it to create, send, and modify information the way you want.

Another advantage is that you can integrate it with different software, applications, and third-party systems.

Furthermore, it makes it easy to archive and retrieve the information that you need. Even if your company is overwhelmed with a lot of information it will ensure that it puts everything in place.

Laserfiche Pricing plans

  • It does not have a free trial
  • Laserfiche cloud is $60 per user per month
  • Additional storage is $15 per 10 GB per month
  • Additional network is $15 per 10 GB per month


  •  It’s quite easy to use and learn
  • It features a good storage space to store a lot of information
  • Its forms and workflow can make the process easy and efficient


Some solutions are a bit hard for the average user

3. Kissflow

Used by some of the biggest companies, Kissflow is a digital workplace app that not only adapts to different businesses but also uses no-code process management.

Kissflow - Best Business Process Management Software

As one of the most popular BPM software, it features user and data scalability, easy to use UI, and real-time analytics.

Since it provides no-code options for businesses, it will take care of all your process management needs such as case flow handling, automated processes, and collaboration tools.

You can easily integrate it with software systems such as Salesforce, G-Suite, Webmerge, and Dropbox.

As a cloud-based automation solution, it will help you track performance and automate business processes.

It will help you to start and process requests, approve pending tasks, and view all the items that need your attention. It supports things such as timesheet management, HR process management, and invoice approval workflow.

This process also provides payment process approval, purchase requisition, and purchase management.

As compared to others, you can access it on iOS and Android devices using your mobile applications. You can either buy it monthly, annually, or as per user basis.

One of the reasons why most people prefer it is that it’s available in different languages. By regulating workflows and different operations, it will allow you to understand and fix all the problems that your business may be faced with.

Coming with over 50 installed applications, you can use it for different activities including vendor payments, employee onboarding, and mileage reimbursements.

If you have any issue you can always contact them through phone or online

Kissflow Pricing

  • Free trial
  • Pricing start per user plan


  •  It’s flexible hence you can customize it the way you want
  •  It’s a one-stop solution for different business activities
  • Excellent performance
  • Quite affordable
  • It’s great when used correctly


  • For larger businesses, it can be a bit expensive
  • It has a steep learning curve

4. Wrike

If you are looking for business process management software to help you handle your tasks and teams well, Wrike is the right option.

Wrike - Best Business Process Management Software

Featuring tools for setting up priorities and ensures that all goals are met, it will make all your management tasks simpler.

Whether you want to prioritize work or manage challenging work, Wrike has the right tools to help you out.

As a powerful system, it will help you measure, automate, and optimize your business processes using a range of applications. You can, therefore, use it to get rid of inaccurate management.

With this system, you’ll find that reporting is easy. As compared to other tools, it’s equipped with advanced requests and forms that reduce miscommunications, errors, and reworks.

You can also use it to customize requests, standardize the process, and quickly start your project without any more delays.

It also has strong integrations that you need if you are looking for consistent task management.  One example is email integration that will help you to create and assign documents using only one email account.

Plus, you can integrate it with applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, and MS project.

By making your tasks easy it significantly promotes collaborations. To effectively manage tasks, you just need to place a single request.

Also, by supporting file loading you’ll enjoy better clarity and visibility of the content. Apart from automatically assigning tasks, you can use it to manage both internal and external requests.

As compared to others, it provides support through different channels including phone, email, training, and live support.

Wrike Pricing

  • Free trial
  • Wrike free plan is free
  • Wrike Professional Plan is $9.80 per user per month
  • Wrike Business Plan is $24.80 per user per month
  • Wrike for Marketers is $34.60 per user per month
  • Wrike Enterprise contact Vendor


  • It features some of the best reporting tools
  • Flexible project templates
  • Easy to use task management
  • Impressive Gantt chat


  •  It’s a bit expensive if you are a solo user
  •  It does not come with a chat option

5. Mindbody

Mindbody is a business process management software that targets both wellness and health industries.

Mindbody - Best Business Process Management Software

It has features to help you manage your business and marketing operations. From payment collections to automating tasks, payroll processing to rescheduling, Mindbody has everything that you need.

With its effective and easy to use tools, it will help you stay connected to your customers and promote your goods at the point of sale.

Apart from starting promotions, you can use it to create custom gift cards for your business. To minimize no shows it features automatic confirmations, notifications, and reminders.

It also has insightful and comprehensive tools to allow you to track different trends, retention levels, sales, revenues, and inventory.

By giving you all the tools that you need to automate tasks and manage your business it will help you grow your business.

If you like you can link the schedule directly to your Facebook page or website so as to get real-time updates.

To take your experience to the next level it features iOS and Android apps. This means you can manage all your business appointments right from your phone.

Amazingly it allows your customers to sign in and add any billing information, redeem gifts, and view any past payments and visits.

In addition, it comes with marketing tools that allow you to send messages to clients directly and even track them. This way you’ll know whether your clients have qualified or not.

Because of its organizational features, managing your staff is easier. You can schedule employee’s work, organize teamwork, and process your entire payroll in one single place.

Mindbody Pricing

  • It does not have any free trial
  • Essential plan is $129 per month
  • Accelerate plan is $239 per month
  • Ultimate plan is $349 per month


  • Scheduling is a breeze with this software
  • Provides the best customer service
  • Provides customizable and thorough reporting
  • Provides live support


  • It’s a little bit expensive
  • User interface should be a bit more modern

6. ProWorkflow

Started in 2002 ProWorkflow is a Business Process Software designed to help with your communication needs and support all your workflows.

ProWorkflow - Best Business Process Management Software

Featuring a user-friendly dashboard, it shows a summary of your current active status, pending, and completed work.

In this software, you’ll get a view of all tasks, quotes, time tracked, and active projects. Besides seeing all your tasks and projects, you’ll get an ability to view who is working on any recent task.

It also has detailed messaging features that you can integrate with your emails.  Once your recipients reply to messages, you can add all these to your message discussions.

Whether you have a mobile phone or touchscreen tablet you can comfortably work with it. You can also use it to document internal messaging and management of all your documents.

Although it’s imposing and complex it has all the tools you need for task and project management.

The layout can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you can customize it for different groups of your employees. On the home page, you’ll get an overview of all the work within a company and you can also change the view to only see your work.

With its interesting features if you are working alone it’s the right software for you. Whether you want to track the cost or time it’s the right tool to use.

Depending on the plan you opt for, you can either get 5GB of 50GB If storage space. It’s also fitted with an ROI calculator to help you see the amount of money you can save with it.

ProWorkflow Pricing

  • The solo plan is $9.00 per month
  • Professional plan is $18.00 per month
  • Advanced plan is $27.00 per month


  • Provides excellent customer service
  • Easy to use features
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Powerful project management tools


  • Moderate learning curve
  • Limited integrations

7. Process Street

Process Street is a business process management software meant to simplify the way you handle your work processes and tasks. It allows you to take care of all your company documents without any issue.

Process Street - Best Business Process Management Software

From operation manuals to procedure documents, reference guides to policies, the software has everything that you need.

This software makes it easier for you to manage recurring processes and trigger-based workflows. With this platform, setting up new clients and promoting new content becomes easy to do.

As one of the best software tools, recurring processes such as daily and weekly tasks becomes easy. With this software, you can take charge of all the processes.

It also has templates that you can use to create and implement the workflows. You can also share all the documents with the rest of your team for a comprehensive and quick collaboration.

As opposed to other software tools, this is a cloud-based solution that provides a simple non-technical way of managing workflows in a fast and easy way.

It will help you create process documents and checklists to help you with your work. You can, therefore, use for employee onboarding, content promotion, and recruiting.

Its main features include permission controls, scheduled checklists, scheduling tools, and web forms. With these features, you can easily review projects, manage multiple projects, collaborate, and assign tasks.

If you are looking for more clarity, this software is the right choice. Whether you are on the growth or startup phase of your business it will help you organize everything.

Process Street Pricing

  • Basic plan is $12.50 per user per month
  • Standard plan is $25 per user per month
  • Professional plan is $37.50 per user per month
  • Enterprise pricing,  contact the vendor


  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It has several premade templates covering all workflows
  • You can share templates with other people outside the company
  • You can export a list of processes to CSV file


  •  The dashboard shows only a limited number of processes
  •  It provides limited reports

8. ActiveBatch

If you are looking for a workflow automation system that provides centralized control over different processes, ActiveBatch is the right one.

ActiveBatch - Best Business Process Management Software

It allows you to integrate apps, scripts, and all the processes in one place so you don’t have to move from one place to the next.

So, if you normally transition from one place to another you won’t be handling a lot of errors or faced with idle time.

With the ActiveBatch platform, you can use one single platform to manage different types of processes.

In addition, it allows you to manage and monitor all your business operations across different ecosystems and industries in real-time. One good thing is that it will help minimize all the overhead costs since it uses an ideal server that can make them run efficiently and quickly.

First developed as a scheduling application, it has now become a flagship product for ASCI. This way it provides real-time business operations and background IT processing across different industries, platforms, and ecosystems.

As a cross-platform it allows you to manage any process in just one place. You can also build all your workflows within a very short time and get things moving.

Since it comes when ready, you don’t have to write and even test the scripts any time you want to automate your workflow.

Using relevant and accurate analytics it will allow you to get to the heart of the matter. Apart from tracking real-time data you can generate reports, get alerts, and even monitor everything taking place.

In case of anything, you can contact the company through email, phone, tickets, training, and live support.

ActiveBatch Pricing

  • It provides a free trial
  • It offers a quote based plan


  • It makes it easy to automate all your tasks
  • It provides good support
  • It comes with additional extensions
  • It integrates well with other third party software


  • Updates may break previously working functionalities
  • The UI can be a bit overwhelming

9. ConceptDraw PRO

ConceptDraw PRO is an on-premise business process management software that suits all the operations and needs of both big and small businesses.

ConceptDraw Pro - Best Business Process Management Software

Designed for field operation managers and IT specialists, this system features a powerful programming and drawing platform that allows you to create volumes of charts and graphic documents.

With this tool, you can easily create network diagrams and share them with both your team and clients regularly.

Apart from that, you can use it as an instructional platform for all your training and courses. This will ensure that your team is not only on the same page but also understand everything taking place.

What sets it apart is that it can comfortably work both online and offline. This means you’ll still remain productive even when there is no internet.

If you are used to MS Visio and you are looking for a good replacement, this is the right software for you.

You can use it to perform everything that you normally do with other software. Such as reading Visio files and exporting the files.

If you are looking for concept maps, organizational charts, and data flow, this is the right software for you.

Whether you need a complicated or simple design, ConceptDraw pro has you covered. With features such as Smart connectors and Building Plan Design, it will take the bulk of work off your shoulders so you can focus on other roles.

Besides providing you with the best support system, it will ensure that you and your workers work in privacy.

ConceptDraw Pro Pricing

  • It provides a free trial
  • ConceptDraw Pro is $199 per license


  • They provide a decent product at a fair price
  • Provides easy development of flow diagrams
  • It has easy to learn commands
  • Provides info-graphic elements with customizable values


  • The keyboards shortcuts need some learning curve
  • Re scaling can be a bit tricky

10. Studio Creatio Enterprise

Featuring robust features for managing complex business processes, Studio Creatio Enterprise is software that you can rely on.

Studio Creatio Enterprise - Best Business Process Management Software

Whether you are looking for analysis features, execution, or process modeling, this software has it all. It not only applies the industry’s best practices but also automates document approval processes and modeling workflows.

Since it enables the execution of multiple processes, it will allow you to collaborate on all the complex processes out there.

Coming with tools to help you monitor your processes and analyze the outcomes, it’s among the best software out there.

Additionally, with its customized dashboard, you’ll be able to see what’s taking place much better.

By providing analytic tools such as reports and real-time diagrams, you can use it to track all your performance metrics.  Its dashboard will also allow you to visualize the process better.

Just like other software tools, it applies multilevel security hence you don’t have to worry about dealing with unsecured data.

Featuring an intuitive dashboard, you can share all the information with your team members. Even if you don’t have any technical skills, you can share information such as accounting operations, sales management, and customer service.

Furthermore, it has a range of tools that you can use to create engaging campaigns. It also provides support through email, live support, and training.

Studio Creatio Enterprise Pricing

  • It does not offer a free trial
  • The pricing starts at $25 per user per month


  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • You can use it to build and execute your own app
  • It comes with several features
  • It’s rooted in solid CRM functionality


If you don’t know how to code it can be a bit difficult to use


TIBCO BPM is also one of the most popular business process management software out there. Developed specifically to help businesses with their management processes it has the agility to match all your needs.

TIBCO BPM - Best Business Process Management Software

Although its pricing plan is quote-based, it’s a lot more scalable than other software.  To ensure that you do everything well it’s geared towards ensuring that you adapt to the digital environment.

If you are looking for software that can help you move from analog to digital it’s the right option for you. It will also help you consolidate these processes and come up with insights that your business needs.

By producing real-time data analysis, you can provide more accurate decisions that allow you to take the best actions.

As an all in one solution, it will provide you with resource management features and business visibility that will help you detect useful trends so as to improve your business efficiency.

With its dashboard, you can easily track your KPIs and metrics and put your business on the right track. One of its tools is Decisions. This tool allows you to model any complex decision-making process so it can make it as easy as possible.

It also features Nimbus, a tool used for process documentation and improving business operation.


  • It does not come with a free trial
  • For pricing details, you need to contact the vendor


  • It provides one of the best real-time analytics
  • Provides improved case management support
  • It integrates well with other software


  • It complicates the modeling process
  • Only business analysts can map out the process

12. TeamDesk

TeamDesk is a business process management software that features everything you need for your business management processes.

TeamDesk - Best Business Process Management Software

Besides allowing you to create a custom database, you can do everything without the help of any IT professionals.

Since it recognizes the fact that no two businesses are the same, most of its features and tools are customizable. Instead of adapting business procedures, you can build databases based on your unique needs.

The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert to use it. To help you out it has pre-built templates. With these templates, you’ll easily create what matches all your business needs

Another good thing about it is that you only pay for what you need. Given that it does not provide long term contracts, you only spend your money on the solution that you need.

It’s also scalable hence will grow and evolve with your company. You can also use it to share your business information with others thus giving your team the information that they need.

By providing the workers with the information that they need, you can restrict their access. Furthermore, regardless of the amount of information that you want to store, it has enough space.

Powered by Microsoft SQL, you can use it to process a large volume of data. Furthermore, you can manage your business information the way you want.

TeamDesk Pricing

  • It provides a free trial
  • Starter Edition Plan is $49 per month
  • Team Edition Plan is $99 per month
  • Enterprise Edition Plan is $249 per month


  • It allows you to easily customize your database
  • Support is very responsive
  • You can use it to generate cloud platforms
  • You don’t need to have IT skills


It does not come with a scripting language

13. Nintex

Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, Nintex is the right software for you. As one of the best solutions, it focuses on work automation to ensure that you get the right collaboration with your team members.

nintex - Best Business Process Management Software

By reducing the steps needed in your workflow it will provide you with the agility to track and streamline the processes based on your business needs.

Since you can use it to link all your workers and team members, you’ll take care of any gap that might be there in the communication chain.

It also comes with drag and drop features that allow you to work with it regardless of your skills level.

It not only integrates well with all social media platforms but is also compatible with most standard business apps.

The amazing thing about it is that it has flexible pricing abilities. This way you can gain control of all the business processes using a price that you can afford.

As one of the best solutions, it will make you do your work effortlessly without having to learn every stage and step of the software.

Unlike other software, you can start up and use it within minutes. In case of anything, you can always contact the company through email and phone and they will respond as soon as possible.

Nintex Pricing

  • It provides a free trial
  • Standard Edition is $625 per month
  • Enterprise Edition is $938 per month


  • It features a complete platform design that’s easy to learn and use
  • It comes with lots of actions to suit your business needs
  • Provides a seamless workflow design


  •  Limitations in the new responsive forms
  • It’s not user friendly for the everyday user

How to Select the Right Business Process Software

1. Easy to use and implement.

Before looking for the right business process management software, your goal should be to get something that’s easy to use.

You should encourage ease of use and implementation. This means you should not go for highly sophisticated software.

Make sure you consider your team and their level of understanding.

2. Real-time monitoring.

Your business process management software should come with features that allow you to carry out real-time monitoring.

Apart from this, it should help you analyze your business so you can determine whether you are on the right track.

3. Enabled communications.

Any software that you choose should allow your team to provide constructive feedback. This way, if anything is wrong, you’ll know what to do.

4. Easy to integrate.

The right software should also be flexible enough so you can integrate it with other business software out there.

With this capability, you can link it to other software tools without coming out of the main software.

The integration feature will also allow you to access any stored information and even download your target data for ease of access.

By streamlining the whole process, you’ll save a lot of time and resources.

5. Mobile support.

Currently, an increasing number of people prefer to use mobile phones. Since mobile phones are mobile, most people find them easy to sync with their bank, email, and other accounts.

The right business process management software should, therefore, be customizable enough so you can sync it up with your mobile phone.

6. Dashboard widgets.

Any business process management software should be fitted with the right dashboard widgets.

With good widgets, you can develop any database from the templates and even have instant access whenever you are looking for information.

Other features that the dashboard should have include drag and drop feature, project management feature, and workflow management capability feature.

7. Budget

When shopping for the ideal software you should also consider the budget. Apart from the price, there are additional costs such as installation, onboarding, and training costs that you must think about.

The best software should align with your budget and plans

8. Scalability and Return on Investment

If you are planning to grow your business then the best software should come with scalable features. It’s advisable to go for one that will grow with your business.

More so, before settling on any software you need to make inquiries and know its current ROI. This will give you an idea of the current ROI that you should be expecting.

9. Hosting options

Lastly, you need to know the right implementation for your business. If your business has all the infrastructure that you need, including skilled staff and powerful databases ensure that you choose an on-premise solution.

However, you can consider choosing a web-based solution if your company is not big enough. The amazing thing about web-based solutions is that they are quite cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Do You Mean By Business Process Management Software?

A business process management software is a system that allows you to create, monitor, and analyze all the workflows of your business.

This process involves modeling, analyzing, controlling, and optimizing your business operations by ensuring that all the processes are running smoothly.

It focuses on improving the management of your business so you can achieve all your business goals.

2. What are the main features of business process management software?

The main features of business process management software include drag and drop generator, mobile support, visual process modeling, analytics, comprehensive modeling, simulation, and automatic notification features.

3. Can I use free business process management software?

Since business process management software comes with several features it can significantly help you achieve your business needs. However, based on your needs some of them can be expensive.

The fact that there is some free software out there if your business does not require much you can choose them.

If you are running a large business you may need to subscribe to the right software so you can enjoy all the features out there.

4. What is the difference between business process management software and workflow software?

Although BPM software includes all the functions of workflow software it also has other features.

Its additional functions include more automation, providing data for the workflow, and many more features.

5. How much will I spend on the best business process management software?

Well, most business process management software are priced depending on your business needs and the features you are looking for. Typically, good software will cost between $30 and $100 per month


There you have it – some of the best business process management software. Since there are several of them in the market, you need to choose one depending on what you are looking for.

Once you know your needs and go through this review, you’ll end up with the right software.

What is BPM (Business Process Management) in 3 Minutes