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8 Best Database Software for Small Business

Setting up an online database for your small business is crucial, and it brings about many benefits for the operational development and financial growth of your business. Instead of purchasing a data warehouse and other network tools, database software plays a major role in allowing you to build your own data hub and manage it.

This not only will save you time and money, but it also permits you to have effective and efficient storage, management, operation, and delivery of your data. The prices of database software may depend on the features, functionalities, and other advanced characteristics, ensuring that you keep updated and in control of your business data.

With that said, we have researched and reviewed the Top 8 Best Database Software for small businesses for 2020. Make sure to check them out, and choose the one that fits and matches your business needs and objectives. 

1. Kohezion

Kohezion is the best database software for small business in 2020. This platform allows business owners to build their database depending on their business needs and objectives in minutes.

Kohezion - Best Database Software

People around the world choose to work with this powerful platform because it is reliable and safe. Kohezion provides maximized security for its users. It eliminates the chances of data loss or cybersecurity threats. Only authorized users can access the platforms.

Besides, this software is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is to upload your data, which can be in the formats of Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, or XML to the system and start managing based on your business requirements.

This database software saves you time by allowing your or your team members to store and manage your business data and start your analytics programs rapidly and effortlessly. This helps in keeping your daily generated data up to date for an effective decision-making process.

The software also enables you to share your data with your team members, departments, and collaborators without any trouble or the risk of losing it. It is quite effective in terms of managing and directing the data in a way that meets with your collaborators and your needs.

At all costs, your data will be safe and secured. The best thing about Kohezion is the fact that it scales up while your business is maturing and growing. It is one of the most cost-effective, easy to use, and affordable database software you will come across. 

How much does Kohezion Cost:

Kohezion offers 2 pricing plan for small and medium businesses:

  • Standard plan costs $25 per month and it includes up to 5 users(Extra User $5 per Month and Extra Storage $50 per Month per 50GB)
  • Turnkey Plan: you will need to request a quote for this plan.

Other than that, you can try this software for Free up to 14 days.


  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable
  • Reliable and customizable 
  • Great customer support
  • Boosts efficiency and productivity


  • Not mobile/ device friendly

2. Knack

Established in 2010, Knack is one of the most powerful tools that help you to build your small business effectively.  This database software offers you an intuitive interface that is easy to use. Anyone can use it seamlessly as it doesn’t require any IT background or coding skills.

Knack - Best Database Software

Knack provides you manageable instruments to convert your data into a compelling online database that is easy to access and control. At its core missions, Knack allows you to structure, connect, and extend your data by using these simple tools.

This software allows its users to build an utterly customized solution that meets with your business and team needs and purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a template that you use, or you are just starting to build a database, this software has the exact features that got you covered.  

Another great thing about Knack is the fact that it allows you to have an immediate analysis of your current data. This ensures effective decision making and improved future processes. The software allows you to build powerful interfaces that help in generating greater insights regarding your data by showcasing charts, diagrams, and more. You can also allow various records for various users.

Moreover, this software permits you to connect to different integrations including Gmail, Mailchimp, Google Drive, QB, and more. Almost all integrations that are Zapier operated can be connected to this platform.

Finally, when it comes to security and protection, Knack is built-in with cloud infrastructure that ensures the full protection of your data no matter what.

How much does Knack cost?

Knack offer 4 pricing plans:

  • Starter plan costs $39 per month and it includes 20,000 records, 2GB storage, and 3 applications.
  • Pro plan costs $79 per month and it includes 50,000 records, 10GB storage, and 8 applications.
  • Corporate plan costs $179 per month and it includes 125,000 records, 50GB storage, and 25applications.
  • and Other plans


  • Customizable database solution
  • Great security and speed.
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Instant and insightful analytics
  • Plenty of useful options


  • On the expensive side.

3. TeamDesk

Teamdesk is another online database software that helps small businesses have better control and management over data. It helps you to easily and rapidly build a customizable database that fits with your business needs.

TeamDesk - Best Database Software

With that said, you don’t need to accommodate your data to the different preset tools. Instead, you can accommodate these tools to match the process where you deal with your data daily and customize it accordingly.

In this aspect, you can either choose the preset database template or start your own from scratch and make it more personalized and suitable for your business. 

Moreover, this robust software solution is cloud-based and everything is already created to work in your favor. You can rest assured that you won’t need any IT knowledge or coding skills to get you started. Plus, unlike some software, this one can operate on different devices including, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and more.

Furthermore, if you found yourself having trouble building your database, their official website offers “Getting Started Videos” that can help you in the process. The videos are enjoyable and easy to comprehend.

These comprehensive videos include details and information about Column text, multiline text, numeric, checkbox, and more. Things are made easier thanks to these helpful guiding demonstrations.

Another thing to mention, you can navigate database templates offered by Teamdesk and choose the one that goes hand in hand with your business industry and function.

How much does Teamdesk cost?

Teamdesk offer 3 pricing plans:

  • Starter edition plan costs $49 per month and it includes 5 users.
  • Team edition plan costs $99 per month and it includes 10 users.
  • Enterprise edition plan costs $249 per month and it also includes 10 users. It comes with unlimited databases and improved security.


  • Outstanding customization 
  • Plenty of features and templates
  • Rapid and easy to use solution
  • Great customer service


  • On the expensive side.
  • The end-user UI can be improved.

4. IBM

Established in 1983, IBM Db2 is on a different level when it comes to data management. Outfitted with AI-enabled abilities, this database software is created to help you manage both structured and unstructured data effectively and efficiently. Db2 is made on an original SQL generator created for maximized ascending and adaptability.  

IBM - Best Database Software

IBM dependably runs, controls, and secures your confidential business data. It provides limitless extendability and an effective process to keep your data in check. It is recognized for its Online Transactional Processing (OTP) performance presented at cost-effective rates.

This database software allows business owners to get a grip on the analytics of their data for an improved decision-making process. It offers you real-time and helpful insights that can help your business grow. You can easily organize your data in columns. Your data will be completely protected in case of crush or breakdown. you can simply restore it or use the backup system.

Instead of focusing on the best way to administer your database, this software does the job for you by managing, consistent checking and updating, backups, and more. This helps to put more attention on achieving the best quality data for your small enterprise.

How much does IBM cost?

Teamdesk offers 3 pricing plans including community edition, standard edition, and advanced edition. For the community edition, you can try it for free, no need to pay any fees to use it. However, for the last two ones, you will need to contact them directly to get an overall quote. 

You have to note that plans that require an upgrade to use can be quite expensive since this software uses highly advanced technologies.


  • Scalable cloud system
  • Reliable software
  • Highly secure and resilient
  • Efficient embedment
  • Capacity to absorb relational data in a series of time with unique data models
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Geospatial capabilities


  • Quite expensive
  • Require some prior knowledge on IT and AI

5. Oracle

Oracle SQL Developer is an excellent and effective tool used by many small to medium companies to manipulate, run queries, manage, and report their data. It is designed to simplify the administration process of your database. 

Oracle - Best Database Software

This software developer provides full end-to-end development of your PL/SQL uses. This includes a worksheet for managing questions and scripts, a DBA console for operating the database, a records dashboard, and more. 

This database software is free and it is incredibly easy to use and implement. If you are looking to learn and comprehend more about SQL, this is the place to start. The platform is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

SQL Developer grants reliable connections and faster integrations capacities with several database technologies and products. It offers enormous versatility and a sheer number of instruments that can be used for different aims. It allows its users to re-utilize queries for release or report making and provide the final product in different formats including PDF and HTML.

Besides, this software demands only a brief time for an effective accomplishment of various queries. It additionally enables you to create queries in different formats, including PDF, Excel, and more.

The software also offers an autonomous database managed by Machines Learning. It diminishes expenses and stimulates the system’s innovation and modernization. The cloud database, in this aspect, is self-protecting and fixes and excludes any potential failure in data administration.

Besides its great management tools, this software also offers you great and valuable analytics that can help you better develop and improve your small business. 

How much does Oracle cost?

FREE. Anyone can use this software. 


  • Excellent Data management Analysis.
  • Offers great customer support 
  • Easy import and export of data 
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Practical and useful features and functionalities
  • FREE


  • Needs further customization
  • UI can be improved.

6. MySQL

MySQL Database Service is another excellent solution for small businesses seeking to manage their data efficiently. It is one of the popular open-source databases available.

MySQL -Best Database Software

MySQL is extremely fitted for conditions where the datasets are not of great size and can be managed easily. The highlight of this database software is its automating management of your business data.

You no longer need to waste the time of engrossing tasks.  Instead, the software enhances your team productivity thanks to its management services.

Also, with its prompt and ready to use provisioning, you can be assured to perform and accomplish your application queries quicker. Furthermore, the software is outfitted with security systems including Encryption, Firewall, and more.

This ensures that your data is secured and protected from cybersecurity threats, potential vulnerabilities, and more.

All in all, MySQL is an ideal option for both professionals and beginners. This business-oriented software enhances scalability and database protection. It provides strong technical assistance and resists likely cyber strikes. It is easy to use, it lessens both risks and expenses. 

For further details and information regarding the importance of using MySQL to manage your business data, check out their website page where they discuss different case studies, reports, white paper, and more.

How much does MySQL cost?

MySQL offers 3 different pricing plan including:

  • Cluster Carrier Grade Edition costs $10,000
  • Enterprise Edition costs $5,000
  • Standard Edition costs $2,000


  • Cost-effective
  • Provides more reliable data retrieval and restoration capacity
  • Easy to lean, no need for coding skills or an IT background
  • Open-source system 
  • Offers full compliance in data customization
  • Ideal for small to medium businesses
  • Simple and effortless connection with Apache web generator


  • Highly reliable on third parties.

7. CentriQS

CentriQS provides small business custom database solutions that help in its management and data administration. As its name entails, it helps you centralize all your data and resources of your business in one place, effectively.

CentriQS - Best Database Software

With that said, CentriQS incorporates what we call Small business ERP. The ERP provides a good combination of different tools and functionalities that interpret and expedite the preparation, management, and reporting of your business data and resources.  

Once you have started creating valuable and adequate resource planning for your business, everything else is made easier. All you have to keep in mind is the type and amounts of resources you will be needing whether operational or financial.

This ensures that the overall performance of your business adjusted with the plan you have created. In this aspect, depending on the types of resources and its amounts you can use custom business solutions to secure greater earnings and fewer uncertainties.

With that said, the ERP solution ensures that you achieve this objective. It offers you the right tools and functionalities you need for this process. It ensures all information and details related to finances, human resources, and others in one single database that is regularly updated and generated. 

Some of the Features that CentriQS Offers Include:

  • Folders: It helps you organize your data in a structured way. You can easily insert filters and access authorization to these folders for added security and privacy.
  • Links: It helps you interlink your enterprise data, attach web pages links, and upload and store data to a bounded scope system.
  • Authorizations: Fix adjustable authorization controls for your team members. This limits their powers to review data where time and conditions are specified.
  • Notifications: Receive email notifications concerning any vital data update or modification in detail.
  • Analytical Charts: It offers you a sheer number of chart models to reflect and envision your business data for efficient and adequate analysis

Other features include templates, layouts, search options, filters, AD Authentication, and protection. We can also mention RTF Editor which supports your content formatting characteristics, pivot tables to examine your company performance and progress over time. 

When it comes to custom Database Solution, this database software offers Custom Entities that you can easily create for the different departments and purposes of your business including, finance, logistics, production, services, and more.

Other features include Custom workflow, properties, tables, and enums.  The Custom OLAP Cubes, on the other hand, ensure an easy extraction and transferring of data from one resource into axis tables and analytic graphs.

How much does CentriQS cost?

CentriQS offers 4 different pricing plans including:

  • Task Management plan costs $4.99 per month 
  • Basic plan costs $349 per month 
  • Standard plan costs $699 per month 
  • Ultimate plan costs $1199 per month with 20% OFF Database Design

For the last 3 pricing plans, you need to pay an additional $49 per concurrent user. 


  • An ideal option for small to medium business
  • Outstanding and powerful features
  • Great customization and securitization of your data
  • A fully packaged software solution


IU can be further enhanced.

8. Microsoft SQL Server

Last but not least is the Microsoft data platform. It is one of the best relational DBMS servers ideal for all types and sizes of businesses. It is excellent for storing and recovering various queries at the same time.

Microsoft SQL Server - Best Database Software

There are many reasons why you should choose the Microsoft data platform. First, it is an efficient service when it comes that provides a constant and steady action on different platforms and seize your goods and services to the marketplace rapidly.

The Microsoft data platform deploys Artificial Intelligence to your data. This ensures that you obtain an insightful and wider understanding of your business and buyers’ persona. With machine learning technologies, it helps predict better analyses on how to thrive and grow your business. It also showcases you the best way to secure and protect it from potential risks and attacks.

Gartner has acknowledged Microsoft as a leading pilot in the Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA) in 2018. It represents the Data Microsoft software as a mechanism for saving, accessing, operating, and performing data. It designed for one of the main use quandaries that backup analytics. These use quandaries involve maintaining open-ended established, operational, and related data.

There are 2 SQL servers offered by Mircosoft, SQL Server Business Intelligence and SQL server 2019, each has its features and functionalities. When it comes to available versions, we have SQL server2005, SQL server 2008, SQL Server 2016, SQL server 2017 versions. The differences depend on encryption, datatype, table inclusion, timing, and more.

How much does Microsoft SQL cost?

This database software server offers 7 pricing plans:

  • Express plan is FREE. Licensing model: not applicable. Channel availability: Free download.
  • Web plan costs depending on the hosting partner. Licensing model: not applicable. Channel availability: Hosting only.
  • Developer plan is FREE. The Licensing model is per user. Channel availability is a free download.
  • Standard CAL plan costs $209. Licensing model is CAL and Channel availability is Volume licensing and hosting.
  • Standard server plan costs $899. The Licensing model is a server. Channel availability is Volume licensing and hosting.
  • standard per core plan costs $3,586. Licensing model: 2core pack Channel availability are Volume licensing and hosting.
  • Enterprise plan costs $13,748. Licensing model and Channel availability are the same as the previous plan.


  • Integration with a plethora of supported applications.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Advanced features and functionalities
  • Relational database storing and managing


  • Expensive
  • IntelliSense can slow down the query process

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of Database Software?

There are generally 3 main types of Database software!

Desktop database software is designed to operate on single desktops or Portable computers. They are affordable. And generally, small to medium businesses use this type of software.

Server database solutions are usually designed for massive amounts of data. Large corporations and businesses extensively use this type.

This type of database offers its users interactive access to data, shipping, reporting, analyzing, and updating by simply using your internet browser. They are also used by small businesses and startups.

Moreover, database software can be categorized into 4 categories including text databases, desktop applications, relational management systems (RMS), and NoSQL; purpose-oriented ones.

2. How to select the best Database Software?

Unlike the old kind of database software, modern software is updated to include advanced features. They are capable of benefiting your small business in the long term. So, it is important to select software that best matches your needs and your business objectives.

In this regard, developing a strategy in which you set your budget limits and understand the type of database software is crucial. Moreover, It is important to determine the type of data.

Whether you are looking for customized options or use the already offered and outlined features should be also regarded in this process. Additionally, you should keep in mind your budget, who will be operating and managing your database, and what are other essentials your business may need.

Nevertheless, if you are a small business, you should consider web-enabled or desktop database software. The former is ideal for those who are dealing with customer-based business or need a database that integrates with a content management system.

Keep in mind that your database software should operate perfectly on PC and Mac programs, especially if you are choosing a server database software. However, if you are using a web-enabled solution, then you don’t have to worry about this. It is easier for the user to connect directly on the web and access your data.

3. What are the Advantages of Database Software?

There are several benefits of using database software. Whether you are a small or large business, a database solution allows users for easy access to volumes of regularly updated data. With that said, this software helps you access, organize, report, and share your data efficiently and adequately. 

Lessened Excess of Data
The last thing you want is to have your data all over the place, stored here and there, in different folders and files, that they become hard to find and keep up with. Sometimes, you end up creating copies of copies of data. At this point, having a database software can’t cut the hassle and offer you a single database center. By using this database, you will be able to indicate and identify any modification or updated data.

Today’s DBMS software leverages a single database. It reflects any modification in the files immediately. Hereafter, it excludes the possibility to redeem any identical data.

Competent Alliance
Integrated systems can be effective in the use of database software. These systems access to your business data and ensure an effective data analysis. Consequently, this helps business owners to see how one process affects another and improves it.

Compatible and Tractable
Database software can eliminate data confusion and disorder that can take place if you are using the conventional method. It helps the users to distribute data effectively and consistently.

An effective and well-developed database software ensures your data security from any potential and exterior damage including cyber threats and more.

Besides, the system allows only accredited users to use the software, making it a secure and robust system that one can rely on to store and operate its business ‘data. Depending on the user’s authorization levels, the database software permits you to access the data.

Data Backup and Restoration
Database software is provided to receive programmed reserves or data backups once the data reach a certain interim. Moreover, they are capable of recovering your lost data to its former status during a system breakdown or anything similar.

4. How Does Database Software function?

Most recent database software runs on relational systems which means the values or qualities in the table displayed are correlated to each other. This implies that the data is collected in a structured and customized manner applying columns and rows.

Eventually, this ensures a more accelerated acquisition of data by instantly finding defined conditions or qualities inside the database. 

5. What are the different terminologies you need to be familiar with?

Before using a software database, you may want to get yourself familiar with certain concepts and terminologies. This ensures an easy usage of the software.

To get yourself more familiar with the DBMS language used in this aspect, here are some that we can mention:

NoSQL, also known as a non-relational database: it is generally suitable with data that doesn’t demand a set schema. Companies usually this software for a large size of unstructured data storage needs. The data is displayed in the form of graphs and large columns rather than relational tables.

Primary Key
This column uniquely classifies every evidence in the table such as an ID number or buyer number. In a relational database, you can only find one primary key that serves as the only identifier for every record.

The schema is the formation of the database defined in a specific language. Within a relational system, the schema represents the statistics, records, content, indexes, uses, orders, and other components. It helps better organize and interpret the different information available on the table.

SQL, Programming Language
It is the standard of a relational database. It stores and manages data in a structured and programmed method.  

Wrapping Up 

As you can tell by now, database software is important, whether you are running small or large businesses. It offers you the capabilities to store, manage, update, and analyze your data effectively.

You have either the option to choose an off-the-shelf software and update it with your data with simple clicks or customize and build your database depending on your business needs and purposes.

The above-mentioned software options are a mix of both, based on your preferences, you can choose the one that suits your budgets and business types and resources.