Best Document Management Software

18 Best Document Management Software

The best document management software helps you organize, manage, upload, track, and store your documents securely.  More importantly, with the ongoing process of digitalization, employees are more capable now to access, collaborate, and share files and documents remotely and with much more flexibility.

With that said, there exists a sheer number of document management software, each highlighting different and unique features. Nonetheless, it might be troublesome to choose the right one that fits with your size, type, and the needs of your business. 

Selecting the Best Document Management System

Besides organizing and storing your documents, there are other essential features you should be considering when purchasing the best document management software. Each feature differentiates and distinguishes one software from another. And therefore, depending on your business needs, you should select the one that fits best with your business needs. For this reason, we have created a list of different aspects that are important to make the best out of your purchase.

1. Purpose

To start with, each document management software aims to offer a specific solution to different industries and demands. Therefore, make sure that your purchase is exactly what your business needs to achieve its goals.

Here are some of the different cases where you will need a document management software:

a. Document Digitization

Tired of dealing with a bunk of papers daily and seeking a solution that can help you go paperless? then you should definitely consider a document management software(DMS). Given that, DMS t is the best solution to digitize all your files and sensitive documents. Moreover, it allows you to have flexible access to them whenever and wherever you want. With this intention, this kind of software makes researching, uploading, and tracking papers seamless and hassle-free. So there is no need to go through them manually, wasting both your time and effort.

b. File Security

Surely, some companies operate under authority regulations. And for this reason, most of their documents and reports are confidential and requires higher protection. For this purpose, their accessibility must be limited. And, they must be secured and well protected. With that in mind, companies tend to look for document management software with the ultimate security measures. Likewise, this type of software provides a virtual room for all the confidential data and ensures their safety.

c. Industry-Based Solution

Sometimes, firms tend to look for a demand-tailored solution that fits right with their needs. For example, certain documents require a workflow tracking cycle that ensures constant improvement. And for this reason, a tailored document management software that addresses specific needs is the best solution for this purpose. 

d. File Organization

In this aspect, some companies store different files in different locations including data cabinets, platforms, management software, and more. Assets, consequently, become easy to organize, manage, access both effortlessly and securely.

e. Ease of Use

The most important feature of any software is its usability. If the software is not user friendly, then its different unique features serve for nothing. For this reason, trying to test the software before purchasing allows you to understand its benefits, and if it’s user friendly or not. For instance, many software offers free trials that can go up to one month. By using these free trials, you can figure out the pros and cons of the software and see if it works for you or not.

2. Storage

One of the basic features of the best document management software is its capability to store digital assets. Since the assets come in different types of files, you have to make sure that the software you are purchasing supports your company’s data type. In this light, this feature also highlights other aspects, including “storing customization”. The customization makes things much simpler and effortless, especially when you are tracking a specific document. Also, this customization includes tags, key fields, grouping, and more.

3. Security

Security is crucial. Seemingly, most if not all companies have confidential and sensitive files that need to be protected. So it’s essential to have document management software that can securely store your company data. With that said, make sure to look for software that takes securitization to the ultimate level, either by using an encryption system or two-factor authentication.

4. Collaboration

While collaboration is not one of the fundamentals when evaluating a document management system, yet it remains one of the must-haves in software. Granted that the users can together share, edit, and collaborate on different documents. Eventually, this kind of collaboration can boost team efficiency and productivity. 

5. Versioning

This feature ensures that any changes are recorded. In brief, versioning can help you keep track of your data and keep records of former versions just in case you need it or want to revert it. 

6. Optical Character Recognition

If your company is seeking to digitize all of its paper documents, then this feature is quite essential and useful for this process. This feature is ideal when dealing with a big digitization scheme. The way this feature operates is quite easy. Notably, it scans any document content and makes it researchable. Nevertheless, optical character recognition is an advanced feature and maybe only suitable for specific firms. 

7. Signatures and Approvals

Oftentimes, managers need to sign and approve files for them to pass the order or make progress with a task. With that said, several document management software comes with an electronic signature feature. This feature allows persons in charge to sign documents online. Undoubtedly, some companies will find it useful in some cases, and others may not find it necessary or helpful.

8. Automation

Automation makes the workflow seamless. Likewise, you can design more automated actions to facilitate and accelerate the work progress. Therefore, when purchasing the best document management system, it is better to look for a system that allows you to automate your workflow depending on your needs. Customization plays a major role in this process. 

9. Accessibility

Most software comes with an accessibility feature. In brief, this feature gives the upper hand to managers to set user accessibility. For instance, they either permit or restrict their access to read, organize, and edit the files. However, you should know levels of permissions differ from one software to another. Equally important, this feature highlights two main things: securitization and productivity. In other words, the best document management software enables users to set and adjust permissions accordingly.

10. Integrations

If you are already working with other platforms or software, then having a document management system that can easily integrate with them is quite essential. So, make sure to have a look at the different integrations available and see if it serves your business work progress or not. This is mainly because some software are more tailored to certain types of businesses, and it might be hard to find the integrations you need. 

11. Customer Service

Whether the software is easy to use or not, it is essential to have responsive customer support that helps you in urgent matters. Hence, ensuring that the support system is interactive and available to answer customers’ questions and inquiries is crucial.

Other aspects that you can look for when purchasing a document management software include White Labeling, Languages Support, Mobile-friendly, Offline Access, Indexing, and more.

Without further ado, we have searched and reviewed the Top 18 Best Document Management Software available on the market. Surely, after reading this review, you will be able to narrow down your list to your favorite software. Check them out!

1. eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is heading the list of the best document management software for 2020. Indeed, this software has proved, throughout the years, high reliance and security maximization. Surely, it enables you to store and manage all your files in one centralized space. With that said, you will never have to waste time looking for lost or misplaced reports. Moreover, the software is user friendly and features an intelligent organization system, making it easier for you to locate any document hassle-free. 

eFileCabinet - Best Document Management Software

Besides, the best feature of this software is its workflow automation. Forget about handling repetitive processes because, with automation, everything falls into its place automatically. 

Not to forget mentioning, the software provided high customizable security measures for your data. Ultimately, this security control gives you the upper hand to either allow or restrict users to access your data.


eFileCabinet offers four pricing plans:

  • Basic plan costs $15 per month per user billed annually for 25GB storage.
  • Advantage plan costs $55 per month per user billed annually for 1TB storage 
  • Business plan costs $99 per month per user billed annually for 5 Tb storage
  • Unlimited plan costs $199 per month per user billed annually for unlimited storage


  • Up to 5 TB of Storage 
  • Folder Templates 
  • Automation
  • Signal sign-on
  • Versioning
  • Security and convenience.
  • Two-Factor Authentication and encryption system


  • No free trial available
  • SecureDrawer can be enhanced

2. Bitrix24

Are you looking to scale up your business to the next level? Then Bitrix24 has exactly what you need to achieve that. The software has supported individuals, small businesses, and enterprise-level firms to organize and manage their recorded documents online.

Bitrix24 - Best Document Management Software

In fact, Bitrix24 is a full package software, everything you need depending on your role, needs, industry, tool, and business size is available. Nevertheless, management and leadership wise, the software offers plenty of interesting features, including, tasks and projects, real-time collaboration, calendars, HR, and Document management.


Bitrix24 offers 2 Cloud pricing set:

The Special plans set include:

  • Start+ plan costs $24 per month per two users for 10GB storage.
  • CRM+ plan costs $69 per month per six users for 50GB storage 
  • Project+ plan costs $69 per month per 24 users for 50GB storage

The business plan includes:

  • Standard plan costs $99 per month per 50 users for 100GB storage.
  • Professional plan costs $199 per month for unlimited users for 1.024GB storage.

For On-premise pricing, Bitrix offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Bitrix24.CRM plan costs $1.490 for 12 users.
  • Business plan costs $2.990 for 50 users. Depending on the number of users, the pricing changes accordingly.
  • Enterprise plan costs $24.990 for 1000 users. The price also changes depending on the number of users.


  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • A full package software
  • Access permissions
  • Social intranet


  • All features are bundled together
  • On the expensive side.

3. Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint offers seamless collaboration and file sharing between team members. This collaboration tends to boost their productivity and workflow efficiency. In addition, the software allows team members to view, share, and cooperate on documents and other resources securely and effortlessly. 

Microsoft SharePoint - Best Document Management Software

Apparently, the software features compelling search and intelligent methods to locate data, expertise, and insight to communicate decisions and manage performance. By the same token, you can create the best digital experience that can level up and boost the productivity level in your organization and its workflow. Simply by using Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, and SharePoint lists, you can achieve this workflow acceleration.


Microsoft SharePoint offers three pricing plans:

  • Plan 1 costs $5 per month per user billed annually.
  • Sharepoint plan 2 costs $10 per month per user billed annually. 
  • Office 365 E3 plan costs $20 per month per user billed annually.


  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Centralized management 
  • Affordable pricing plans


It can be sluggish sometimes

4. Xpertdoc

Xpertdoc has been around for quite some time now, 20 years to be specific. Since its inception, this industry-leading software seeks to empower and enable organizations to achieve the best document automation and optimization. Thanks to this software, you will be able to build, manage, and present very personalized business records.

Xpertdoc - Best Document Management Software

Moreover, the software is perfect if you are looking to integrate quotation templates, generate and authorize legal contracts, create effective data-driven sales offers, or automate insurance processes. Further, Xpertdoc features a user-friendly interface that makes it attainable for individuals to grasp its distinctions.


Xpertdoc offers four pricing plans:

  • Standard plan costs $9 per month per user billed annually for 25GB storage.
  • Premium plan costs $21 per month per user billed annually for 1TB storage 
  • Ultimate plan: you have to contact them for a quote
  • Enterprise plan: you have to contact them for a quote.


  • Document Automation 
  • Digital data capture
  • File generations and content management
  • Key integrations including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM


The need for more integrations.

5. Notion

If you’re dealing with large files, Notion helps you remain organized and oriented. Without a doubt, the software is designed to empower every business by offering unique solutions to every function. 

Notion - Best Document Management Software

Notion allows you to:

  • First, to concentrate on writing and editing your notes with no distractions
  • Second, to use a drag and drop builder to organize and arrange documents depending on the designated folders. Moreover, the drag and drop builder is easy to use and will help you arrange and effectively structure your content and data.
  • Finally, to add different types of documents including, images, videos, codes, and more hassle-free.

Furthermore, besides these basic functions, Notion allows you to track your documents seamlessly. And more importantly, to make this process even easier, you can use tags and custom work to locate them. Also, you can tag your teammates and set deadlines.


Notion offers four pricing plans:

  • Personal plan is a free plan
  • Personal pro plan costs $4 per month.
  • Team plan costs $8 per month per user.
  • Enterprise plan: you need to contact a sales representative for a quote.


  • Easy document location thanks to the sidebar.
  • Customization and tags
  • Collaboration and sharing


  • More improvement in the mobile application
  • Limited free version

6. PinPoint

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful document management software, then you should consider PinPoint on your list. 

PinPoint - Best Document Management Software

Some of its outstanding features include:

  • File organization: Firstly, the software allows you to arrange your document into cabinets, folders, and more depending on your organization’s calls. Besides, you have full control over access permission, ensuring the securitization and protection of your data.
  • Scalability: When it comes to this feature, Pinpoint permits you to store and handle multiple records and ensure a fast and secure retrieval.
  • On the go mobility: Efficiently, the software ensures you access to your document from any device, making it easy for you to connect and access your files.
  • Compliancy: You can easily track activities and users who performed these activities. 
  • Automation: Given that, forget about the manual process of different tasks as Pinpoint entitles you to fix assignments and distribute to the team member. Moreover, you can set automatic notifications when tasks are distributed or delayed.

Nonetheless, one of the most significant standouts for this software is its collaboration feature, regardless of the size and the type of your business.


PinPoint offers one pricing plan which costs $14 per month per user. However, the more users you have, the lower the cost. 


  • Automation workflow
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Retention and versioning
  • Compliance and scalability
  • Great customer service


Too many features can be overwhelming for some users.

7. DocuWare

Over 12,000 businesses in 90+ countries use DocuWare for document management. And, this great number of users only means that the software is reliable and powerful. For instance, some of the well-known companies that trust DocuWare with their data include Toshiba, Sony, and more. Nevertheless, the software is also suitable for small to medium companies. 

DocuWare - Best Document Management Software

With cloud technology, this software offers precisely what you need to transform the way your organization deals with a bundle of papers. Meaning, if you are looking to go paperless, this software offers you the right tools to digitize your data.

In fact, it can be a great choice for businesses that are seeking workflow automation, better document organization, and sorting. In all cases, users can edit and comment on files directly on the platform. Besides, it offers solutions for invoice processing, employee management, and sales and marketing.


DocuWare does not display their pricing plans on their official website. Therefore, to have a better knowledge of the different prices, you can request a personalized demo for more details.


  • Cloud base solution
  • Workflow automation
  • Well trusted software
  • Control access and security
  • Automatic files index and retrieving
  • Integrations


  • Slow support services
  • More improvement in design and text tools

8. ECM-X

This is one of the underrated best document management systems you can come across. Despite its unappealing interface, ECM-X has a lot to offer and can be quite beneficial to your company’s needs. 

ECM-X - Best Document Management Software

Some of its features, we can mention:

  • First, document creation and sharing: the system has an intuitive and user friendly. It is straightforward, ensuring the best use of its features. Once you subscribe and secure a login ID, the web browser allows you to upload, revise, and replace documents to relevant folders. For more details, check out this page, here
  • Second, access control: ECM-X offers various permissions levels to users. Therefore, whether you want the referred user to have complete or limited access will depend on your choice.
  • Third, intelligent search: The system also features advanced research with keywords, “title, name, content, status, version, and metadata.”
  • Fourth, E-signatures: for legal and regulatory demands, electronic signatures can be quite helpful. For a maximized authentication, a certified ID is requested for this process.
  • Finally, International language support.


ECM-X pricing plan starts $5000.00 yearly. You can use it online for free. For more information, you can reach out to them via this email: 


  • A sheer number of useful features
  • User friendly
  • Secure system
  • Easy integration and fast deployment
  • Enterprise-level Scalability 


On the expensive side

9. M-Files

The next on our list of the best document management system is M-files. This software works on boosting the productivity and the efficiency of your team and ensures that your business always remains ahead of the game.

M-Files - Best Document Management Software

Whether you work remotely or want to ensure a flexible working environment, this software has the right tools. First, it allows you to locate and arrange confidential and sensitive files and data from any device. Second, with the automation workflow feature, you will no longer need to deal with manual task processes.

More importantly, the company allows you to choose the deployment that works the best for you. That is to say, whether you want a hybrid, on-premises, or a cloud-based system, you will enjoy the best user experience in all cases. 


M-Files do not display their pricing plans on their official website. For this reason, you need to request a demo to know more details about quotes


  • Reliable
  • Flexible deployment
  • Workflow automation
  • Content intelligence
  • Collaboration 


Paid add-ons

10. Templafy

Templafy is another document management software that enables you to store and organize your documents securely. Thanks to its automation workflow feature and productivity tools, it allows you to reduce costs, save time, and work efficiently. 

Templafy - Best Document Management Software

Nevertheless, this software highlights three main traits, including:

  • “Access Everything”: The software uses intelligent research tools for easy content localization. Evidently, by using these research filters, it becomes easier to search and access documents.
  • “Build Smart”: The smart built-in templates allow you to create documents automation that is customized to single users. 
  • “Check to Perfect”: This feature allows you to edit your company document. The auto-fix identifies any discrepancies and errors.


Templafy does not display their pricing plans on their official website. For this reason, you need to request a demo to know more details about a quote.


  • Document automation and optimization 
  • Auto-fix
  • Centralized administration
  • Organization and editing
  • Integrations
  • Extensive security for maximized confidentiality.



11. Hightail

Hightail allows you to share and send large files up to 500 GB securely. For unlimited storage of files sharing, you need to upgrade your pricing plan to Pro plan and Business plan. Besides, the software allows you to automatically track your documents.

Hightail - Best Document Management Software

Without a doubt, like other software we have seen so far, Hightail takes into consideration high-security measures, ensuring that all your documents are secured and protected. Another standout feature is the Creative Collaboration, which guarantees that users can visualize and edit documents instantly without downloading them.


Hightail offers four pricing plans:

  • Lite plan is free.
  • Pro plan costs $12 per month billed annually for 25GB file size send limit
  • Team plan costs $24 per month per user billed annually for 50 GB storage file size send limit
  • Business plan costs $36 per month per user billed annually for 500 GB storage file size send limit


  • File synchronization
  • Secured system
  • Review, comment and collaborate on documents


Non-Interactive support team

12. MasterControl

MasterControl is an intelligent content management system built in to support businesses of all sizes and types.  It helps them manage, organize, and track records and data. For instance, small, medium, and large businesses in a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Clinical, Supplier, Product Development, and Postmarket can use this software for their business needs.

MasterControl - Best Document Management Software

For “Quality” Solutions, document management software is crucial in administrative settings. MasterControl sheds light on the most rigorous controls and measures to secure and decrease compliance costs. 


Contact their sales representatives for more details on pricing that are tailored to your company’ s needs.


  • Workflow automation including approvals, distribution, retrieval, and more
  • Audit readiness
  • Streamlined collaboration


GUI customization

13. PaperTracer

PaperTracer is another document management solution that is ideal for all types and sizes of business. Particularly designed to address document control matters, the software is rich with useful features that help accelerate your work progress. 

PaperTracer - Best Document Management Software

Eventually, by using this software,  you can automate contacts and digitize documents. Moreover, the software allows collaborative negotiation, prevents risks, revises history, access securitizations, and more. Notwithstanding, several steps need to be taken into consideration when it comes to workflow management.

  1. Prepare: By setting up your workflow and importing your documents
  2. Capture: Storing, uploading, researching and scanning any new documents
  3. Manage: Data and user control + Customization
  4. Workflow Automation
  5. Distribute: Share and collaboration
  6. E.Signature
  7. Securely collaborative 
  8. Report: unlimited and customized reports


Paper Tracer offers three pricing plans. However, you will need to contact them for a quote.


  • End to end workflow solution   
  • HIPAA compliant  
  • Unlimited e-signatures   
  • Cloud-based implementation   
  • Customizable
  • Rapid ROI


Collaboration and file sharing features can be further enhanced.

14. Dokmee

If you are looking for a secure and user-friendly document management software, then Dokmee is the right choice for you. In particular, this software is designed to meet any business document management needs. And this includes capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing.

Dokmee - Best Document Management Software

Nonetheless, security is one of the main priorities it offers to users. Needless to say, most business owners want to make sure that their documents are well secured, especially when dealing with sensitive data and reports. With an encryption system, all documents and files are safe and sound. Organization and Retention, on the other hand, also serves aas key features of the software. They are easy to use thanks to the drag and drop editor.


No pricing plan available on their official website. You will need to request a demo.


  • Maximized security
  • User friendly
  • File sharing and collaboration for enhanced productivity
  • Password restrictions


No pricing plan available on their official website. You will need to request a demo.

15. MediaValet

MediaValet is a cloud-based digital asset management system. The software features a user-friendly interface. It’s cost-effective. And more importantly, it ensures high security and protection measures. MediaValet uses Artificial Intelligence to improve Assets Discovery. All your documents and data are centralized in one place, ensuring easy and effortless accessibility to your resources.

MediaValet - Best Document Management Software


No pricing plan available on their official website. You will need to request a demo.


  • AI technology implementation
  • Centralized system
  • Streamlining and collaboration


No free trial and no desktop device support

16. Samepage

Samepage facilitates the workflow of any business. It allows its users to communicate, manage projects, set meetings, and collaborate effectively and seamlessly. Additionally, Samepage allows you to stay on track with your proper and relevant documents.

Samepage - Best Document Management Software


 Samepage offers three pricing plans:

  • Free plan 
  • Standard plan costs $7.5 per license billed monthly. It is ideal for small teams.
  • pro plan costs $9 per license billed monthly. This pricing plan is excellent for organizations that are seeking full administrative features. 


  • Better communication and collaboration 
  • Organization content and documents
  • Keeping tracks of your latest and most relevant records.


  • Learning curve
  • Limited free plan

17. Backlog

Backlog is a centralized platform where you can effectively and efficiently manage your projects and important assets. To start with, it features an easy to use and robust interface. The platform also allows users to share files and remain on track with recent records. More importantly, your entire team can communicate, view, comment, and collaborate all from a centralized space.

Backlog - Best Document Management Software


Backlog offers four pricing plans:

  • Free plan for 10 users, 1 project, and 100 MB storage.
  • Starter plan costs $35 per month for 30 users, 5 projects, and 1GB storage. 
  • Standard plan costs $100 per month for unlimited users, 100 projects, 30 GB of storage, and Gantt charts.
  • Premium plan costs $175 per month for unlimited users, projects, 100 GB of storage, Gantt charts, and Custom fields.


  • All in one software
  • File sharing 
  • Effective communication and collaboration
  • Easy tracking
  • High productivity and transparency


A bit on the expensive side

18. Pandadoc

The last but not the least on the list of the best document management software is Pandadoc. Notably, Pandadoc seeks to improve workflow progress, insights, and speed for the ultimate customer experience. 

Pandadoc - Best Document Management Software

Nevertheless, here are some of its features:

It simplifies proposals creation. Also, it generates interactive, error-free quotes. Besides, it designs contracts rapidly thanks to the pre-made templates. Furthermore, the software allows you to save time and grasp deals on the go with electronic Signatures.


Pandadoc offers four pricing plans:

  • Esign plan is free.
  • Essential plan costs $25 per month per user.
  • Business plan costs $59 per month per user.
  • Enterprise plan: you need to contact a sales specialist for a quote.

You can Save up to 24% with annual plans.


  • Integrations with other platforms and software including Salesforce, Zapier, Copper, and more
  • Easy to use 
  • Document management oriented
  • Great and useful features


Further improvement when it comes to GUI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is document management software?

Document management software incorporates a broad array of features and functionalities. These features are significant to efficiently and effectively manage an indispensable part of your business.

Living in the age of technology, it becomes a need for companies to drop the old fashion way in dealing with bundles of documents and move to the digitization process. In this digitization realm, most of the generated assets including data become more accessible, flexible to manage, edit, organize, and store securely. Consequently, this process ensures an efficient streamlined, and automated work progress. 

2. Why do businesses need document management software?

Businesses of all kinds need document management software as it will save them both time and effort. The last thing you want to do is to waste your precious time trying to figure out where that document is located or when was the last time you have seen it.

Consequently, it will impact your productivity and workflow. For this reason, alike software helps you cut the chase. With a better organization and management structure, it will be a lot effortless to look into your files, track, edit, and store them hassle-free. 

3. What are the key benefits of having document management software?

The best document management software encompasses a lot of key benefits. Some of these benefits include:

a. Better organization, distribution, and data storage. 
b. Boost productivity saves time and effort and further encourage teamwork 
c. Collaboration and sharing
d. Lessen storage and security costs
e. Automation 
f. Life-Cycle Management of all records
g. 24/7 accessibility 
h. Single storage point

4. What are the implications of not having the best document management software?

Now here is what happens when you don’t have a document management software:

a. First, your employees will spend more time looking for specific documents, which will eventually lead to time waste and project delay.

b. Consequently, this will negatively impact their productivity. Without the right system that helps them organize and store their documents, your employees will be less efficient in their workflow. Not only that, but it might also even create a frustrating and pressured environment, notably when they are incapable to find or access their records.

c. A bundle of paper documents can be hard to deal with and manage. They also take so much space and can be daunting to maintain them safe and secure.

d. Increased cost.


In conclusion, choosing the best document management system is not hard if you can identify the type of features you need. If you have a small to medium business and looking for a system that helps you organize and archive your documents, then you might want to consider software with basic features. Moreover, you can even consider those who come with a free version.

If you have a large business, and you are dealing with confidential data, then a more advanced software is ideal for this case.  In both cases, make sure that the software offers the ultimate security for their users and their assets.

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