Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

The Best Instagram Video Format to Get Maximum Exposure

If you haven’t switched your business resources to Instagram, you’re losing out big time.

Here’s why.

Instagram has more than 300 million users who log in to the site to post pics, videos, or just scroll through the amazing stuff advertised there. Most businesses realized Facebook doesn’t attract as many customers hence the migration to Insta.

Insta stories attract more viewership than any other social media platform today. So, consider switching to this engaging platform for the following simple business reasons:

The algorithm favors brand content 1000 times over Facebook newsfeeds. Insta stories offer a great format for posting videos and stories for the best engagement and organic reach.

1. Discoverability

Insta presents the most powerful and easiest opportunity for your stories to go viral within minutes.

1. Discoverability - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

Instagram users spend hours every day scrolling through content posted on the platform. Users go through Insta live; their news feed, IGTV, and personalized stories. To get attention as a brand, you should create attractive and colorful video content for maximum reach.

1. Discoverability - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

You don’t need a smart camera or video ops to do this, with Instagram, you can take pictures and make live videos directly from your smartphone and upload it on the social platform via the Instagram app installed on your phone.

The catch here is the quality of your video, format, size, specs, and shape required by Instagram for the best video shoots.

With the arrival of IGTV, the pressure is on to create and share quality branded videos for maximum client reach and grow your following within a short time.

In this article, we focus on producing quality Insta video format and specs plus tips to show you how to create enviable professional videos to boost your business brand.

2. Best Instagram Video Format

The most preferred video layout with Instagram is MP4. Technical specifics consist of:

  • H.264 codec
  • AAC audio
  • Video clips not more than a minute long
  • 3500 kbps bitrate
  • A-frame rate of 30 fps 
  • Video width 1080 pixels wide 
  • Video height 920 pixels tall

To export the video clips, you can use any certified video editing software app.

2. Best Instagram Video Format - Kapwing - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

However, to convert your videos to match Instagram’s compatibility format, use a video converter from online free tools such as Kapwing and Online-Convert

2. Best Instagram Video Format - Online Convert- Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

3. Top Instagram Video Aspect Ratio and Dimensions

The specs that work best for Instagram Live videos and stories require an aspect ratio of 9:16 – a standard size for any iPhone screen.

To get perfect shots for Instagram videos, go for 1080 pixels * 1920 pixels aspect ratio to give you quality videos for your brand stories.

4. Instagram Feed Video Specs

To upload the right video dimensions your aspect ratio should range between 1.91:1 and 4:5 in landscape or portrait options.

You can also upload videos with aspect ratios ranging from 1080 * 608 PX and 1080 * 1350 PX.

Remember, if you’re using a smartphone, the Instagram app cannot rotate. So, just hold your phone in a vertical position to capture the videos from an ideal angle and fill up a screen for phone users.

4. Instagram Feed Video Specs - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

Typical content shown on any news feed is cropped to suit the video aspect in a portrait range of 4:5 suitable for most mobile phone users.

5. Instagram Video Lengths

Insta video lengths vary for the diverse range intended by the account holders. They range from IGTV, Live video, feed posts, and Stories.

5. Instagram Video Lengths - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

The recommended video length is as follows:

IGTV Video: Between 15 seconds and 10 minutes 

Instagram Live Video: 60 minutes

Instagram Feed Video: Between 3 seconds and 1 minute 

Instagram Story Video: 15 seconds max per story with split stories up to 60 seconds long.            

However, Instagram gives an exception with IGTV for large accounts or branded verified accounts to upload videos from a computer up to 60 minutes long.

With IGTV (which is the best option for brands and businesses), you can upload your videos from IGTV app, Instagram app, or directly from a web browser.

 Now let’s look at some of the best video editing tools to use before your upload your awesome video creation on Insta. 

6. Video Editing Tools

If you have already started posting video content on Instagram, try these amazing professional tools to edit your videos to produce solid succinct clips for your audience.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Ideal for: Windows users 

6. Video Editing Tools - Adobe Premiere Pro - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

This is a great video editing software available on Mac and Windows computers. It provides amazing features including 3D editing, Multicam editing, and unrestricted video tracks.

It has excellent automatic functions that synchronize all of your clips when you import several videos of similar scenes.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC also covers graphics, text overlays, color grading, and transitions. 

2. Final Cut Pro X

Ideal for: Mac users 

6. Video Editing Tools - Final Cut Pro -  Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

Final Cut Pro X from Apple’s user interface is simple to use. It provides automatic syncing, unlimited video tracks, Multicam editing, and smart color harmonizing.

3. Lightworks

Ideal for: Low budget users. It’s free to use with Windows, Linux, or Mac PC’s.

6. Video Editing Tools - Lightworks - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

Lightworks provides basic video editing features like Multicam editing and the MP4recommended Instagram video format you can upgrade to access all the premium features.

4. Blender

Ideal for: Low budget users with knowledge in 3D animation. It’s an open-source with absolutely free to use resources.

6. Video Editing Tools - Blender - Instagram: Best Video Format for Max Exposure

Blender is awesome film editing tool accessible on Mac, Windows, or Linux. The program doubles up as a standard video editor and a 3D animation tool, ideal for audio editing, layering, and video masking. Blender video editor can work up to 32 tracks for video editing and other media.

Do you have a brand that needs social proof and millions of customers around the world?

Try Instagram videos. The app offers a great platform where you can post all of your video content ideas with better features than YouTube and Twitter Live videos.

Unlike YouTube, where most folks go to watch how-to videos, movie trailers, and music uploads, Instagram is the best channel for brand collaborations where influencers get to promote start-up brands as well as established giants in the corporate world.

Instagram is versatile. It has combined content ranging from live videos, images, gifs, content, Stories, messaging, discovery tabs, and many more making it an engaging app for all users across the internet.


Instagram is a one-stop-shop for brands to engage with influencers and audiences with quality engaging videos. If you’re not creating Instagram videos, it’s a good idea to promote your brand, with exciting stories for increased engagement, so start now.

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