Best Landing Page Builders

10 Best Landing Page Builders

Whether you are selling high ticket products and services or simply looking to test your next marketing campaign, you surely need the best landing page builder. You won’t be able to understand the importance of these freestanding pages unless you try them yourself. 

Landing pages are a great way to turn our traffic into leads into your loyal customers. They serve as a great solution to increase conversion and eventually generate more sales.

The landing pages builders offer outstanding templates, features, and tools that help create, publish, and deliver your campaign pages. These sites include simple yet catchy clicks that help capture your visitors’ data and add them to your different list segments, leading to higher leads.

To further understand what these sites offer, we have reviewed 10 Best Landing Pages Builders out there.

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is the best landing page builder. Launched in 2009, Unbounce was one of the few software that offered landing page solutions to campaign marketers.

Unbounce - Best Landing Page Builders

You will no longer need front end developers or XU designers to prepare for your campaign launching, this easy to use and intuitive platform helps you to build a full landing page all by yourself.

The platform offers you exactly what your visitors need, thanks to its customizable built-in landing pages.

With the drag and drop builder, anyone is capable of creating well-branded and personalized that is both desktop- and mobile-friendly. There is no coding required. 

Unbounce provides more than 100 converting and professional templates from which you can choose. All the templates are designed to meet with your conversions aims. Also, the platform grants you the right tools to perfectly customize and build your page. 

There are no boundaries when it comes to grids and blocks. It permits its users to build pages that are perfectly and accurately pixeled to meet with your brand’s image and signature. 

You can also add customizable functionalities including, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more depending on your needs.

The best of all, the platform allows you to easily connect with any automated or CRM marketing tool, and to research terms that visitors use to reach your pages, all thanks to the Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR).

How Much Does Unbounce Cost?

Unbounce offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Essential Plan costs $99 per month for 75 landing pages.
  • Premium Plan costs $199 per month for 150 landing pages.
  • Enterprise Plan costs $499 per month for +375 landing pages.

You can save up to 20% if billed annually. 


  • Mobile and desktop friendly templates.
  • A/B testing for better conversion.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement for higher reach and relevance.
  • Copyright-free pictures from Unsplash.
  • Integration with over 1000+ marketing tools.


Expensive pricing plans.

2. HubSpot

Hubspot is a fully packaged inbound marketing platform. It has everything you need for your business to outstandingly grow and exceed your expectations. 

Hubspot - Best Landing Page Builders

This marketing software includes 4 main hubs:

  • Free HubSpot CRM: Keep on track with your audience and engage with them.
  • Marketing Hub: Increase traffic and boost conversion using different tools, including landing pages.
  • Sales Hub: Get in-depth reviews, automation, and secured deals.
  • Service Hub: Enhance and grow your business with customer support. 

With that said, you will need to purchase one of the available pricing plans related to HubSpot’s Marketing Hub to have access to landing pages features.

HubSpot assists you in growing traffic and conversions rates with its powerful yet easy to use tools, including their landing page builder. 

You can easily create and launch a landing page that will look amazing on both desktop and mobile. With the use of drag and drop builder, creating your landing page can be done within minutes. 

The platform offers SEO suggestions when it comes to content creation. These customized suggestions are based on your visitors’ modern research, this includes their geographical location, persona, and more. 

It allows you to create CTAs that will get your visitor’s attention and consequently increase clicks.  

Besides, you can use your social media pages to promote and advertise your landing page. This ensures more conversions and eventually more revenues. 

Furthermore, the platform enables you to add your team members under one account for an efficient workflow. Each member can be assigned a specific task. This ensures better work efficiency and organization. It also helps to keep your team members focused on their tasks.

How Much Does Hubspot Cost?

When it comes to Hubspot’ marketing hub, the platform offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan cost starts at $40 per month.
  • Professional Plan cost starts at $800 per month. 
  • Started+CMS Hub cost starts at $350 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan cost starts at $3,200 per month.

Both the Starter and professional plans include 1,000 contacts, while the enterprise plan includes 10,000 contacts. For the starter plan, you can enjoy a discount of 20% if billed annually.


  • Easy to use landing page builder.
  • Marketing automation and personalization.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Great customer support.


  • The started plan has very limited features.
  • Landing pages template design can be enhanced.

3. Leadpages

Leadpages is all about converting your clicks to loyal customers. And to achieve this, this platform offers you all the tools and features that you can use to build your customized and branded landing page. 

Leadpages - Best Landing Page Builders

Leadpages is one of the leading pioneers in the conversion realm. The platform incorporates built-in tools that help you learn more about your landing page performance, and advise on what needs to be modified and adjusted for better growth.

Unlike other platforms that restrict the number of visitors and leads to a certain limit, Leadpages offer limitless traffic and page publishing. 

That means you can create a landing page for every campaign you have, without worrying about any limitation or bandwidth surpassing. For better conversions and increased ad quality score, the platforms have unmatched loading speed.

When it comes to landing page creation, it is quite simple. The drag-and-drop build is easy to use. You are not required to have designing and coding skills to put your landing page into a comprehensive and attractive piece. 

The gallery includes over 200 beautifully-made and converting templates. You can choose the ideal template that meets your needs. You can seamlessly build attractive and mobile-responsive landing pages in a brief time.

Other features you can add to your landing pages include a countdown timer, video player, scheduled calendar, and more. You can find all these features within the landing page dashboard.

Leadpages also help you to connect and integrate with other platforms and applications including, Facebook, Mailchimp, Stripe, Google analytics, and more. They ensure capturing new leads and growing your audience list.

How Much Does Leadpages Cost?

Leadpages offer 3 pricing plans including:

  • Standard Plan costs $37 per month ($25/ month if billed annually).
  • Pro Plan costs $79 per month ($48/ month if billed annually).
  • Advanced Plan costs $321 per month ($199/ month if billed annually).

If you pay annually you get to save up to 39% discount and a free domain. You also enjoy 14 days of a free trial.


  • Great drag and drop builder.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Professional templates.
  • Limitless traffic and leads.
  • Mobile responsive.


  • A/B split testing is not available in the standard plan.
  • Templates and customization are limited depending on your choice of pricing plan.

4. Instapage

Instapage is another potent landing page builder on the market. You can create, design, optimize your landing page to meet with your needs within a couple of minutes and without a developer or designer. 

Instapage - Best Landing Page Builders

The platform features Post-click automation (PCA) which permits the users to increase Ads conversions by simply providing a PCA landing page to all your Ads audiences. 

PCA automation includes 4 elements:

  • Personalization
  • Optimization
  • Ad mapping
  • Scalable creation

This means you no longer need to send behavior-based email marketing to your different subscriber’s segments, instead, you can use this marketing automation feature. 

Besides, Instapages provides its customers with more than 90 customizable and converting templates based on different categories including, Product sales, Special promotion, Webinar, Event, Ecourse, Business service requests, and more. 

Depending on your campaign context and objective, you can choose the right one. This vast array of categories makes it perfect for bloggers, startups, marketers, and business in general.

Moreover, no one enjoys a slow-loading landing page. At a certain point, it gets frustrating and visitors will exit the page. Yet, this is not the case with Instapage. 

Instapage incorporates AMP and the Thor Render Engine technology that helps in expediting the page speed, allowing for an excellent visitors experience. 

How Much Does Instapage Cost?

Instapage offers both Business and Enterprise pricing plans.

The pricing of Business Plan is $199 per month and if billed annually it costs $149.

For an Enterprise Plan, you need to contact an in house specialist that will help you customize the price based on your needs. 

You can also request a demo to better understand the different tools and features the platform offers before you purchase one of its plans.


  • Customizable landing page templates.
  • Thor Renders Engine Technology.
  • Post Click Automation.
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals.
  • Advanced stats reports.


No A/b testing available

5. Landingi

Landingi allows you to take full control over your marketing campaign, and enable you to convert your traffic to loyal customers. 

Landingi - Best Landing Page Builders

You can easily start creating your landing page by using one of their available templates. You don’t need any coding expertise as you will be deploying their drag-and-drop landing page builder. 

The platform has over +200 templates from which you can choose. The templates are made based on different industry categories and campaign objectives. 

You can customize elements within the templates to meet with your content and graphics. The landing pages also include over 800 free Google fonts and can be easily embedded on any website.

Once you create and publish your landing page, you can manage your leads and organize them all in one place. The Form Creator and Validation allow you to set and specify the essential information of your visitors that you need. 

The Lead Export, on the other hand, enables you to export all traffic into the CSV list or in a google excel sheet with a simple click. For added security, all the landing pages are protected by anti-spam regulations.

Landingi also offers accurate analytics reports that facilitate your understanding and distinguishing of your audience as well as your landing pages’ efficiency. 

The analytic features include:

  • Google analytics.
  • Custom scripts.
  • Conversion pixels.
  • A/B split testing.

How Much Does Landingi Cost?

Landingi has 2 targets when it comes to pricing plans. The first target is business, and the second target is agency.

The first target has 3 different pricing plans to choose from including:

  • Core Plan costs $29 per month.
  • Create Plan costs $45 per month. 
  • Automate Plan costs $59 per month. 

The second target has also 3 different pricing plans to choose from including:

  • Consultant Plan costs $145 per month for 10 sub-accounts
  • Agency Plan costs $149 per month for 10 sub-accounts
  • Agency Pro Plan costs $245 per month for 20 sub-accounts

If you choose to pay annually for any of these above-mentioned plans, you can save up to 25%.


  • A vast array of landing pages templates.
  • Up to 10 sub-accounts.
  • Facebook integration.
  • Mobile-responsive.


A/B Split testing is only available in Automate plan.

6. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and are looking for outstanding sales funnels to do so. 

Click Funnels - Best Landing Page Builders

With this idea in mind, Clickfunnels was created to meet every entrepreneur’s needs by targeting certain aspects that aren’t found on other landing pages platforms. 

This platform offers customers the essential tools and strategies to get running, all organized in one simple dashboard. You can easily add all the features provided to help you market, promote, and sell your services and products online. 

By simply dragging and dropping the editor, you start creating your landing page. Once done, start building sales funnels to your pages so you will be able to convert the traffic to customers. 

The sales funnels can grasp all your visitors’ data. This allows you to increase your audience base, broader your reach, and increase your email marketing conversions.

How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

Pricing wise, Clickfunners offer 2 pricing plans:

  • Startup Plan costs $97 per month
  • Platinum Plan costs $297 per month 

You get 14 Days free trial and a Free Webinar training.


  • An ideal choice for business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Easy to deploy drag and drop landing page builder.
  • Excellent for generating leads and increasing sales. 
  • Include billing and opt-in pages.
  • A/B testing feature.


Limited customization.

7. Wishpond

Wishpond helps you create and publish landing pages that generate leads and sales. The platform has over 100 customizable and high converting landing page templates to get you started. 

Wishpond - Best Landing Page Builders

The templates are made to match with a vast array of industries and marketing campaign objectives. The easy to use drag and drop builder makes it easier for you to start creating your landing page, customize it, and publish it anywhere. No coding or designing skills are required. 

You can add popups, personalized greetings, and opt-in widgets to convert more visitors and attract more leads. 

To know which marketing content is generating more conversion, you can use the A/B variations testing. This easy optimization feature helps you better understand and examine how your landing page is performing.

You can also review and inspect weekly analytic reports of your marketing campaign and their performance. Besides, Wishpond’s landing page surely looks excellent on any device. They are mobile responsive. 

Finally, the platform has two approaches to how things get done; either you create and publish the landing page by yourself, or you let their in-house marketing experts do the job for you. 

How Much Does Wishpond Cost?

Wishpond has 3 pricing plans:

  • Starting Out Plan costs $49 per month for a maximum of 1,000 leads.
  • Everything You Need Plan costs $99 per month for a maximum of 2,500 leads.
  • Rapid Growth Plan costs $199 per month for 10,000 leads.

For the last plan, A rapid Growth, the pricing depends on the number of leads. The range of leads is between 10,000 to 1,000,000 leads. You get 14 days Free Trial.


  • A vast array of landing page templates.
  • Device friendly.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Involves limitless pop-ups and social contests.


  • Pricing is based and limited by the number of leads.
  • A/B split testing is not available on Starting Out Plan.

8. Elementor

This is a great landing page for WordPress site users. Elementor stands out from the crowd by targeting solely the WordPress market. Therefore, if you use a WordPress site and seek to create and launch a landing page for your next marketing campaign, then you should opt for Elementor.

Elementor - Best Landing Page Builders

The platform offers perfect pixel precision like no other platform. By using the drag and drop landing page builder, you can deploy unlimited design templates. 

You can choose the typography and colors that match your brand. You can also upload your customized fonts for a more branded page.  

The platform also provides various animations and interactions that you can add to your page. This will add to its uniqueness and attractiveness. The theme builder is easy to use and can be customized to meet your preferences. 

The dedicated tools are all set in one place to help in producing traffic, leads, and conversions. The popup builder can easily integrate with your WordPress content. This will make the pop-ups an indispensable part of your visitors’ experience. 

How Much Does Elementor Cost?

Pricing wise, Elementor offers 4 plans:

  • Free plan
  • Personal Plan costs $49 per year for 1 site,
  • Plus Plan costs $99 per year for 3 sites,
  • Expert Plan costs $199 per year for 1,000 sites.


  • More than 80 design elements.
  • Exclusive for WordPress sites.
  • Opens-source project for developers who are interested in creating innovative landing page tools.


Motion effects, dynamic content, and advanced widgets are not included in the Free plan.

9. KickoffLabs

Kickofflabs is one of the most robust and viral tools when it comes to marketing campaigns. It collected over 40M leads and continues to impress its customers with its powerful features and updates. The platform goes beyond the landing page to include Popup, Slide In Bar, and custom HTML. 

Kickofflabs - Best Landing Page Builders

Unlike other platforms, Kickofflabs offer your visitors custom points and awards every time they promote or follow your brand on social media or whenever they invite others to sign up for it. 

The platform also helps in knowing, classifying, and engaging with your audience. This will ensure further reach to the broader audience and better leads and conversions.

They also feature the analytic system where you can easily read your stats reports regarding your conversions.

Moreover, you can easily integrate your landing page to email marketing software like Mailchimp as well as CMS (content management system) like Keap. 

Furthermore, Kickofflabs presents exceptional features that you probably need for your marketing campaign. These features include the following:

  • A/B testing to check whether the campaign is working and converting better. This will help you choose the best of the two variations. 
  • Return On Investment based analytic; this helps you learn more about your conversion rate performance and viral boost.
  • Advanced security and protection; this helps in ensuring that there is no fake entries or false accounts 
  • Giving points and rewards when your customers refer your products and services to their friends.
  • Create special and unique welcoming notes on your landing pages for your audience to boost your conversion rates

How Much Does Kickofflabs Cost?

Kickofflabs offer 4 pricing plans: 

  • Hobby Plan costs $29 per month for 2,000 visitors.
  • Premium Plan costs $75 per month for 10,000 visitors.
  • Business Plan costs $149 per month for 50,000 visitors.
  • Enterprise Plan costs $299 per month for 150,000 visitors.

You can save 30% when you bill annually.


  • Over 45 customizable Landing page templates.
  • A/B testing.
  • Advanced analytics and protection.
  • Rewarding features.


Customization and integrations are restricted to a limit.

10. Lander

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Lander. Ideal for small businesses and in-house marketers, Lander is another leading landing page builder. 

Lander - Best Landing Page Builders

The platform has offered its services for more than 1,500,000 users and 3000+ brands, making it a trustworthy and reliable platform for your next campaign. 

Lander provides a vast array of landing page categories that match with your needs. These categories include products and services, events, website landing pages, lead capture, ebooks, applications landing page, and more. 

It has over 100 templates that are free and beautifully designed. By simply choosing the one that matches with your campaign objective, you can easily begin creating and publishing your customized landing page in minutes.

Moreover, Lander presents powerful tools for maximized optimization. The easy to use and intuitive drag and drop builder helps you set and personalize your landing page in no time. 

There is no need for HTML or CSS skills. You only have to get your logo, content, and graphics ready to be placed in the right box. Besides, you can easily insert videos URL from Youtube or Vimeo to the landing page’s videos widget. 

You can include your social sharing to increase your number of followers. There are different widget layouts from which you can choose. The best of all is that you can integrate your Facebook business page to your landing page to boost conversion. 

How Much Does Lander Cost?

Pricing-wise, Lander offers 2 plans:

  • Basic Plan costs $49 per month for 1 custom Domain and 3k Visitors/month ($16 per month if paid annually)
  • Professional Plan costs $99 per month for 10 custom domains and 25K visitors/month ($83 per month if paid annually)

Both plans have 14days free trial and both include a limitless array of Templates, A/B Test, Facebook Integration, and more. If you pay annually, you will get to save a lot of money and enjoy more features.


  • Mobile friendly.
  • Email, Paypal, Google Analytics, and Facebook integration.
  • Unlimited and quality templates.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement.
  • A/B testing.


The integration tool can be enhanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Should Use Landing Page Builder?

Landing page builders are not made for everyone. In most cases, bloggers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and marketers are the ones that use this software for the different following objectives.

If you are managing a marketing campaign, then you should invest in a reliable and highly converting landing page builder. This can be a great approach to test your campaign launching and diminish its costs.

You will also need a landing page builder if you sell high ticket services and products. In this case, landing page builders offer different features, including marketing, promotions, content, data, and more. However, you are probably wondering why not sell it directly on your website. 

First, because high ticket products require long pages to guide, explain, and attract the user/visitor for clicks and conversions. However, long pages on your website may not present a good customer experience, and this is where landing pages builders come to light. They are built for this mission. Second, it is better to use builder page software to test your sales pages’ performance.

Landing pages can be also a great option if you want to do some A/B testing for your campaigns or CTAs. This is because some testing tools can be super-pricey which can be unworth to invest money for such a tool, while you can have full package software. 

2. What’s the Best Landing Page Builder?

Unbounce is the best landing page software builder for 2020. The software incorporates a vast array of essential tools and features that helps you create, design, optimize, publish, and deliver landing pages in no time. Plus, it is easy to use, and it is suitable for various targets.

Comes following are Hubspot and Instapage. These are also extremely popular when it comes to the best landing page builders. They are ideal for both beginners and professionals. And with their landing page builder, you can integrate other marketing tools like email, pop-ups, and CTAS.

3. Why are Landing Pages Highly Converting? 

By using a landing page, you can increase your conversion rates. This is mainly because these pages are designed for this purpose; promoting, advertising, selling, and delivering. With such goal-oriented objectives, this makes these freestanding pages effective and focused. 

Besides, a landing page should offer and present a powerful deal and be able to justify and demonstrate why this deal is worthy of your money.

4. What to Look for in Landing Page Builders?

Like any marketing software, certain elements need to be present in every landing page builder. This helps in making the whole process of creating and publishing the landing page easier and effective. These elements include:

a. Easy to Use and Intuitive Dashboard 
This is quite important especially for beginners and non-tech savvy people. The last thing you want to deal with is complicated and hard to understand and apply tools or features. The landing page builder should be simple and guided. You should seek for builders that have a great user experience.

b. A Vast Array of Highly Converting and Customizable Templates
If you already have the skills to build a landing page from scratch, then good for you. If not, the pre-made templates are a great place to start. Choose a template that best presents your marketing campaign and customize it to your brand colors and fonts. 

c. Full Control Over your landing Page Design
Certain landing pages restrict customization and templates to a certain limit. This might be an obstacle if you want to adjust, add, or eliminate certain sections on your landing page. For this reason, it is better to look for software that offers great command and flexibility on how you want your landing page to look like.

d. Integrations
 This is important as you will need other marketing tools to be integrated for a complete landing page set up, including email marketing software like Convertkit, Mailchimp, and more, Customer relations management, and content management system. 

e. Device Friendly
Your landing pages have to appear elegantly- designed on any device.

Wrapping Up

In brief, landing page builders can be a great option for those who are launching their marketing campaigns and looking to test the best way to sell their products or services. 

As you can tell, most of them have several common features including, the drag and drop builder, A/B testing, a vast array of templates, and more. These features help you in creating and designing powerful, branded, and highly converting landing pages.

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