Best Medical Practice Software

13 Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Also referred to as PM software, medical practice software is focused on offering single inclusive software to take care of all your practice needs.

Healthcare practices, whether clinics or individual practices, should ensure that their facilities are running effectively so they can grow and develop as fast as possible.

Healthcare centers and medical facilities have several activities and jobs that need to be done for them to run efficiently. For instance, practitioners and healthcare workers need to monitor several financial, clinical, and administration functions.

They should also accurately document the patients’ information including medical reports, admission, appointments, and billing among others. On the same breath, physicians should monitor and assess the patients’ progress throughout their treatment, and after they’ve been discharged.

All these functions require a system that can provide them with the ability to undertake their daily operations in an effective manner. This is where medical health practice management software comes in

Main Functions of Medical Practice Software

  • It helps keep the patient’s records
  • It helps in patient scheduling
  • It helps keeps patients’ information and allows 24 hours access.
  • It helps provide appointment reminders
  • It helps with multi-office and multi-physician schedules

Here are some of the Best Medical Practice Management Software Solutions.

1. DrChrono

As a web-based EMR system, DrChrono can work with any device and on any platform provided there is an internet connection.

DrChrono - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

It is straightforward and very easy to learn even for those who are new to these systems.

Given that it offers everything that you need from EMR you won’t be disappointed if you choose it.

At a considerably cheaper price, it will make your work easy while implementing EMR.

Coming with an intuitive user interface, it’s both organized and easy to use. On top of the window, you’ll find several taps that represent major applications.

These include the patient list, a scheduling tool, report, and billing tool. It’s an all in one tool that’s integrated with EMR practice and billing functions.

From patients’ visits to scheduling and check-ins, charting tools to bills, this system is meant to flow smoothly.

It comes with a 30-day free trial to allow you to check out whether it’s the best. This is a unique software that includes access to patient check-in, custom form builder, scheduling, charting, and even massage center.

DrChrono Pricing

Here are the main plans. However, you need to contact the company to get pricing.

  • Prometheus
  • Hippocrates
  • Apollo
  • Apollo Plus


  • Efficient and organized format
  • Integrated billing and clinical chart
  • Provides functional iPad usage


  • It has an Apple-centric design

2. CareCloud

If you are looking for the best medical practice management software, CareCloud is probably the right choice.

CareCloud - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

It’s usable and effective management software that comes with several features at affordable prices.

In fact, if you have a small practice, it can do wonders. By offering modest tools it can adequately help you perform billing operations while making sure that your practice runs smoothly.

As compared to other tools, it’s quite affordable that every business worth its salt can afford it.

You can also start using it as soon as you sign up thus making it the most preferred software for small businesses.

It’s a flexible system that allows you to customize templates and save your frequent prescriptions and orders.

While finding such software can be hard, CareCloud delivers on both fronts. Although other software can be overwhelming this is perhaps the most user-friendly.

Plus, once you sign up with them you’ll enjoy exceptional customer support.

CareCloud Pricing

  • Practice Management starts at $349
  • Electronic Health Records Management starts at  $279
  • Revenue Cycle Management starts at 3% of all collections
  • Patients Experience Management starts at $199 per month


  • With helpful templates, it’s quite easy to use
  • Versatile data entry service
  • Robust analysis report
  • Real-time graphic display
  • Modular platforms that allow a buildup
  • Integration of billing and clinical in one chat


  • For all features to work it needs adobe
  • Expensive as compared to other tools

3. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is not only the best all in one medical practice management software but also a full-featured practice module.

Advanced MD - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Unlike other tools, it maintains lots of integrations with pharmacies, labs, and hospitals. It also integrates with other parties such as payment and marketing tools out there.

While it’s more expensive than other software, it comes with a powerful package that suits and merits the needs of most medical practices.

You may find it hard to master but if you are looking for an all in one software, the learning curve is worth it.

To help you navigate through the system better it has tons of self-guided education materials on the software

Although it’s not the cheapest software out there if you compare what it brings on the table you’ll realize that it’s priced so well.

It also has one of the best customer services. Customer reps will not only answer all your questions in detail but also ensure that you get all the information that you need.

AdvancedMD Pricing

  • Advanced Patient Pro $150 per provider
  • Advanced Insights and benchmarking is $79 per provider
  • Integrated Tax is $29 per provider
  • Reputation Management is $49 per provider


  • Provides comprehensive suite solutions
  • Has a practice smart dashboard
  • Provides client referral bonuses
  • Comes with great customer team


  • For a small practice, it could be perceived as expensive
  • Offers training and conferences but at a cost

4. Greenway Health

This is cloud-based and integrated medical practice management software. It features over 4000 customizable templates to cater for any clinical practice out there.

Greenway Health - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Since it covers aspects such as population, health, patient engagement, and care coordination it’s a very comprehensive platform.

It even has a speech to text feature for transcription and dictation.

As compared to other tools, it has an easy to use and intuitive dashboard. However, if you want to get the most from them it’s important to get extra training from their trainers.

It’s also supported with all the other major platforms For instance, for the desktop, it’s supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux and for mobile, it’s supported for Android and iOS

They provide support through a number of methods including email, phone, and live support for set up and training. Overall it’s packaged with several features that every practice can enjoy

Greenway Health Pricing

You need to contact the company so you can get a custom quote.


  • Support all major platforms
  • US-based support
  • mHealth management app
  • It’s an all in one service
  • Comes with lots of features
  • It’s quite easy to use


  • No free pricing
  • Opaque pricing model

5. Genesis

Genesis is a practice management software that integrates chiropractic software.

Genesis - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

It’s also powerful and affordable enough to help users automate their practices and boost their productivity.

Just like other software, it allows practices to streamline their entire management practice and provide the best platform for generating more profits and revenues and boost patient retention.

Plus, it helps to provide a platform for increasing users’ documentation, compliance, and increase the collection of revenue.

Designed with relationship management in mind, it’s a system that will support you in every aspect of your practice.

You can use it to automate a vast majority of tasks including revenue cycle management patient relationship management and, office management and compliance.

As one of the best software, it provides online scheduling to allow the patients to book appointments at their own convenience.

Once the appointment has been booked they will work with other teams to ensure that the patient comes

Genesis Pricing

You need to contact the vendors for a quote


  • They have a huge team of experts to help you around
  • Exclusive chiropractic workflow
  • It supports several third-party integrations
  • Its billing feature will ensure you boost your revenue


  •  Some of the processes are not intuitive

6. Meditab

As part of an all in one solution, that includes EMR and billing services, Meditab provides one of the best practice management software solutions.

Meditab - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Some of the things that it allows include alerts, reminders, patient tracking alerts, and insurance eligibility verification.

In addition, it provides analytical financial and operational reports. This is besides the normal portal services and chats.

One thing that sets them apart is their ability to mix usability and comprehensive features to cater to a wide set of practice models.

Instead of the cumbersome sign-in sheets that the patients fill in it provides you with automated kiosks for self-service check-ins.

This feature can also be used for checkouts so it can help free up the front desk staff. It not only integrates well with other suites but it’s also cloud-based and can be used on both Apple and Windows platforms.

It’s, therefore, an innovative platform that’s not only full of features but also takes care of specialties.

Meditab Pricing

While it does not come with a free trial if you are looking for a quote you must contact the vendor


  • It has pre-installed forums and templates
  • It ensures that patients’ information is constantly updated
  • Its hosted on cloud hence can be accessed anytime
  • It’s compatible with both mac and windows
  • Provides compliance and client support


  • Reported program crashes
  • Does not come with a free trial

7. Nextech

Whether you are looking for software that streamlines scheduling or simplifies patients’ records, Nextech is the right one for you.

Nextech - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Having been in practice for more than 20 years, it has one of the best practice management solutions and full-featured EMR.

Suitable for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physicians, and other practitioners, several office staff, and other providers nowadays depend on this system.

As a multiplatform system, this app allows physicians to view patients’ profiles and check appointments. they can also access all the information wherever they are.

Just as if they are on paper, doctors can peruse through the patients’ documents, view any tests results, and make a list right from the dashboard.

Given that it’s a modular system it’s generally adaptable to individual needs. It’s also pre-configured with specialist specific content and customizable forms to help you out.

Plus, its full dermatologist solution will enable dermatologists to maximize patient volume, chart faster, and take charge of their patient volume.

Nextech Pricing

To get a quote you need to contact the company


  • Provides one of the best support methods
  • It’s focused on specialty
  • Provides ICD 10 coding assistance
  • It integrates well with EMR


  • It’s a little bit expensive
  • It has opaque pricing

8. Kareo

Developed with independent practices in mind, Kareo has the best cloud-based medical software solutions that you can use to effectively take care of your practice.

Kareo - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

It is a suitable tool for mental health practices that are looking for simple that’s easy to use.

As a system that suits small businesses and other companies, you can use it to schedule patients’ appointments, enhance your collection process, confirm insurance, store your patient information, and create customized reports.

With Kareo, you can enter the patient’s data and verify their insurance claims.

It also provides you with an appointment reminder and schedule to help you schedule appointments and even send appointment reminders.

Further, it’s fitted with built-in messaging software that will allow you to communicate with the patients, billers, and workers.

Its additional features include agenda planner, advanced claim processing, and billing analytics.

It’s therefore applicable across a wide variety of medical specialties including family medicine, medical health, chiropractic among others.

Kareo Pricing

  • The basic plan is $50 per month per provider
  • $125 per month per provider


  • It helps in catching any missing patient information
  • Catching missing insurance information
  • Providing maligning addresses
  • Up to 150 customizable templates
  • Awesome practice management solution


  • Questionable customer support
  • It now charges for a product that was free initially

9. athenaOne

athenaOne is a practice management software that does well in billing and offers its services to over 160000 healthcare workers.

athenaOne - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

It helps to develop a system that will provide you with the major features you are looking for in healthcare practice management software.

Apart from the practice management software that can be bought as a standalone product, it includes access to the EMR system and revenue cycle management services.

Given that it has a user-friendly and well-organized user interface, navigating through the software is relatively easy.

At the top of the screen, you’ll find drop-down menus related to modules such as calendar, financials, patient information, claims, and other reports.

The home will allow you to cycle through a list of options such as clinical documents, appointments requests, and administrative messages.

Even if you are new to this, you could easily use it by simply browsing the dashboard. They also offer training sessions and self-guided training materials to provide you with ongoing learning.

athenaOne Pricing

To get a quote you need to contact the company


  • It helps increase operational efficiency
  • It focuses on the patients thus reduces the number of disruptions that may occur
  • It allows physicians to exchange patients data with other healthcare providers
  • It allows patients to exchange messages with healthcare providers


  • It does not have an integrated telehealth solution
  • It does not come with handwriting solution

10. Practice Fusion

Started in 2005, Practice Fusion provides a cloud-based HER that includes integrated features such as e prescribing, e-prescribing, imaging integration, lab integration, and more.

Practice Fusion - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Since it’s a cloud-based solution, you can access it on their iPad EMR interface and have full access to records, appointments, and even charting during the patient appointment.

It has an intuitive user interface and also provides knowledge-based repository questions and answers that will help guide you through.

Unlike other companies, they provide continuing education and webinars to introduce new functionality and get new employees into speed with the system.

You can also customize their templates to match your workflow.

Designed to support specialties such as dermatology, cardiology, physical therapy, internal medicine, and mental health, it’s one software that won’t let you down.

With this software, you can access patients’ charts by simply clicking the name of the patients on the list. More so, their support staff and account managers are available on the phone, live chat, and email.

Practice Fusion Pricing

The starting price is $99 per month per user


  • Allows the patients to view the charts and medical history
  • Chat includes patients encounter timeline
  • A list of predetermined reports that can easily be identified
  • It’s affordable as compared to others


  • Some reports have limited scope
  • You cannot be able to modify existing reports

11. Eclipse Practice Management Software

Dating back to 1985, Eclipse Practice Management Software is a program that was created to provide the needs of medical practitioners.

Eclipse - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Serving over 7000 facilities, it has since grown over the years to be one of the best tools.

Although it was originally meant for individual chiropractic practitioners, it has grown up so well that it now serves a number of practices.

As software that works off the windows, you can run it on any modern Windows version including Windows 10 and Windows Vista.

It has the ability to integrate with other platforms. Its supports also start with the training of your staff that can easily be arranged for an extra cost.

However, for everyday support, they provide a phone and portal option. Although their phone service is a simple telephone number it’s not toll-free.

Their support system will allow you to create a new ticket, submit an issue, and ask about any problem that you may be experiencing.

Unfortunately, they do not have an option to get support through an online chat or direct email.

Eclipse Pricing System

  • The standard price plan is $1995
  • Plus price plan is $3295
  • Advanced price plan is$3995


  • Unlike others, it has a transparent pricing plan
  • It includes in-person training
  • It has both purchase and subscription options
  • Provides real-time data flow


It’s a bit expensive

It does not come with a free trial

12. PatientPop

If you are a small practice looking to streamline your medical healthcare practice management, this is the right software for you.

PatientPop - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

Just like some of the best software, PatientPop will provide you with an end to end growth platform that will not only help you to streamline your practice but also boost your reputation and online presence.

This will in turn modernize your experience and attract new patients out there.

This software will send automated reminders to patients before they come and even schedule new appointments in case the patients are not able to attend the previously scheduled ones.

With this software, you can send your patients’ satisfaction survey to check out whether they are satisfied with your services or not.

They provide top-notch support through email and phone thus in case of anything you can always get in touch with them.

As a matter of fact, if you are shopping for software that can help you with marketing, this is the right choice.

Apart from regular webinars that address your needs, they will give you suggestions on how to boost your business needs.

PatientPop Pricing

Although it has a starting price of $550 per month it’s subject to a monthly subscription. You just need to request for a full quote from the website


  • It has a seamless and professional look
  • It has the best customization to fit your needs
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Regular assistance with online marketing strategies


Less expensive as compared to others

Tracking new clients is a bit hard

13. eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks is a cloud-based software that uses several other healthcare solutions including  IT, EMR, and patient management platforms.

eClinicalWorks - Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

It provides nearly all the features you are looking for in any healthcare practice management software.

Apart from its neatly organized user-interface, it comes with some useful functions that could streamline appointment setting and patients’ registration.

To help your staff know about the system it provides five days of onsite training. This is a very important benefit that you need to implement EMR and know how to use practice management software.

It’s also fitted with several advanced features that could streamline your daily operations and save your staff time.

To provide you with the services that other practice management software do not, it makes use of technology such as machine learning and optical character recognition.

With its color-coded calendar you can see all the appointments by location or provider. When a patient arrives you can click on their appointment and change their status throughout the system.

By generating its reports through the IBM Cognos engine, you can get daily and monthly reports to give you a clear view of your practice performance.

eClinicalWorks Pricing

  • EHR only plan is $449 per month
  • EHR with practice management is $599 per month
  • RCM as a service is 2.9 percent of the service collections


  • All records are easily accessible
  • It improves all provider information
  • Eliminates errors in handwriting interpretation
  • Initial online training is included
  • A high degree of customization


  • Inefficiencies in ticketing support
  • Some of the menus are not intuitive enough

How To Select The Best Medical and Healthcare Practice Management Software

If you are a medical or healthcare practitioner then choosing the right medical practice management software is a very important decision.

The right software not only includes scheduling tools but also helps you manage your billing cycle. Here is how to select the right one for your needs

1. Consider the Ease Of use

If you are new to the practice, implementing and adapting to the new system can be a bit tough.

So, before anything else, ensure that the software that you choose is very easy to use. Since everyone is different, consult your staff and ask them what they are comfortable with.

Your staff should be comfortable with the system and it should also have everything they are looking for in the system.

By knowing what’s the most effective for your practice, you’ll make everything that you do a success.

2. Know the Cost

The cost generally varies from one practice to another depending on your needs.

Although most companies can only give you an estimate, there could be several hidden charges and other features that generally affect the price and make you pay more.

So, before settling on any cost, make sure you write a list of what features you are looking for.

Without having this information beforehand knowing what’s included and what costs extra money can really be tough.

While thinking about the cost you also need to know about the return on investment (ROI).

Knowing this will help you determine whether the investment of your time, money, and resources is worth it. Here is a cost-benefit analysis that can help you

  • You should consider the potential cost of foregoing the practice management software
  • The potential cost of a failed system
  • The potential increases revenue that you could get as a result of using the system.

3. Determine Whether It’s Readily Available

As compared to other solutions, a cloud-based solution will allow you to log into the system and see all the records regardless of where you are.

Your workers will also see all the reports after hours using their manual devices and laptops.

Besides, your patients will have the ability to check all aspects of their medical records and even schedule or set their appointments.

This is, therefore, a very important consideration if you are shopping for the right software.

4. Consider the Big Picture

Although the launch and selection phases are very important, you need to see the big picture.

Make sure you look at the ongoing maintenance needs of the system during the selection process so you can commit and make the right decision.

Here are a few key questions that you need to consider

  • What does the renewal cycle of the system look like?
  • What will the implementation process require?
  •  How much training will the software need?
  •  Is the solution scalable and can it grow with your practice?

5. Experience with Specialties

The medical practice management software should also be widely used with your specialty.

The medical world comes with different specialties that require different systems to ensure that they run effectively.

If you don’t take this into consideration, you may end up with software that’s not optimized for the kind of functions that you need.

For instance, the needs of a general practitioner are totally different from those of a specialist or a dermatologist.

To find out whether you are selecting the right software, you need to reach out to other practitioners and ask them whether the software is the right one. This will help you choose the best.

6. Consider the User Interface

This is also another important consideration when looking for the best medical practice management software.

The right software should integrate well with your electronic health records system. But what is interfacing?

This refers to the ability of the systems to link up to one another and exchange some of the most important data.

When these systems integrate well you can significantly minimize the duration it takes to transfer data.

For instance, when taking details or scheduling, patients’ data should be fed into the system automatically.

On the same note, after the patient has been treated, the system should automatically send relevant information based on the kind treatment given and services provided.

7. Look For the Best Patient Support

The right medical practice management software should allow you to automate all the patients’ services.

This will make it easy to handle all your patients’ needs. Some of the services that you should automate include

  •  Booking appointments
  •  Requesting prescription refills
  • Viewing of test results

8. Don’t Forget About Compliance

Any medical practice out there should maintain compliance. Naturally, the healthcare practice management software should boost your efforts toward compliance and not act as a hindrance.

Make sure you ask how the software that you choose will improve your compliance efforts.

It should help you ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and healthcare mandates such as various provisions of the patients’ affordable healthcare and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

9. Focus on Reporting and Data Analysis

Besides performing other tasks well, you should look for a practice that will help you create the best data analysis and reporting.

Such software will tell you exactly where your practice is. This will help you know whether you need to improve or not.

While managing your practice is alright, you also need to remain viable by getting detailed analysis and reports so you can improve your project and even boost your cash flow.

Once you know what works well and what does not you can put your practice on the path to success

10. Training System

Although your chosen software can be incredibly easy to use, there is bound to be some learning curve. So you must consider the training aspect and whether your staff will be able to master the process.

When you introduce new software to your system, your staff will obviously need some guidance.

Good practice management software will provide you with comprehensive training either one on one or onsite. This will help you and your staff to learn everything that they should.

You should also receive in writing the training process and know if there are any additional charges that you need to pay during the training period.

Once they get good training your staff will not only get accustomed to the system but also know how to make the most of the system.

This will reduce any effect that you may suffer as you transition from the previous to the current system.

11. Vet the Options That You Have

If you’ve decided that you need practice management software, it’s important to research the options that you have.

You can carry out a quick online search so you can know about the most credible options for you.

Once you narrow down on the list, you can come up with the most viable option and so you can choose the right one for your needs. Here are a few tips that can help you.

Search for accredited products

  • Go through the reviews and surveys about the system
  • Request demos so you can see how the system works
  • If you are stuck ask for help

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find the best health care practice software?

There are a number of ways to find the best medical practice management software. For instance, there is a lot of information online that you can always check.

You need to try out Google search, look for reviews, and check out online media coverage.

2. What is the work of practice management software?

The most important functions of medical practice management software include patient registration, billing, scheduling, managing patient appointments, and reporting.

Do most practice management tools include training support?

When any medical organization introduces new technology, there is always a learning curve.

The most important training and support packages include online FAQ lists, educational resources, forums, and even live tech support.

However, the best training includes personalized sessions and onsite training.

3. How do I know that the software is the best for my practice?

To confirm whether the system is the right one for your needs, you need to check whether it will provide you with consultants.

You should also speak to clinical practice and healthcare management to ensure that the solution can suit all your needs.

What mistakes should I avoid when looking for the best healthcare practice management software?

Make sure you take the system for a test run and ensure that it matches your workflow. It should also improve your colleagues’ work even as you go digital.

4. How can I prepare my practice for practice management software?

Whether it’s your first time using medical practice management software or you are moving to another system, how you prepare your practice matters a lot.

Ultimately, it’s all about engaging your workers about the system and check whether they can adapt to it.

You also need to understand your current workflow, discuss how you can adapt to it, and involves your colleges in decision making.

5. How can I train my staff to use medical practice management software?

To ensure that you get the most you should train your workers on how to adapt to the workflow. Once you take advantage of all the training options you’ll find this very easy.

6. How can I switch from one software to another?

Although changing software can be a bit hard, if you use the right methods the process will definitely be easy.

In addition, make sure you follow a systematic approach to workflow adaptation and staff training so that you don’t worry about the new platform.

7. Can I benefit if I am a solo practitioner?

Maintaining solo practice is one of the most challenging things to do.

For instance, if you are working in different locations, you may mistakenly book a patient in the wrong location. You, therefore, need to get a tool that can easily prevent this.

However, if you choose the right system you’ll benefit from transparent online booking, good marketing reports, and automated document generation.

8. What happens when I leave practice management software?

When leaving the software, it’s important to retain access to all your data and EMR software.

Changing practice management software, therefore, involve having access to both systems so you can integrate them in the best way possible.

Wrapping Up

Since medical management software is a very important tool for your medical practice, choosing the best is the right thing to do.

But with several options in the market how do you go about this process?

Well, to come up with the right one it’s important to consider your needs, practice, and specialty and ask yourself whether you can afford it.

More importantly, choose the one with a free trial so you can see whether it’s the best one for you. Once you try it out and ask other organizations you’ll definitely end up with the best software.

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