Best Online Reputation Management Companies

13 Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Whether you are the owner of an established organization or you run a small business, an online reputation can make or break the success of your business.

Before deciding to work with you, consumers and other businesses search online to learn more about your brand.

Unlike positive reviews, negative online reputation can taint the image of your company and deter customers from buying your products and services.

Many companies are, therefore, resorting to online reputation management companies to help them maintain a positive image and repair a tainted one.

The company should employ strategies that can improve your image.

Continue reading to learn about the best online reputation management companies for your business and how to choose the right one.

1. Webimax

As one of the best companies, Webimax is a unique company that deals with online reputation management.

Webimax - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Initially founded in 2008, it uses cost-effective methods to boost the positive image and get rid of a negative reputation.

It develops a custom strategy so nobody will know whether you are using another company to improve your reputation online. As a highly intuitive tool, it’s always changing to match any algorithm changes.

By choosing to work with them you’ll enjoy a free reputation analysis that includes positive content report, custom price quote and unclaimed profiles.

Unlike other companies, it uses a multipronged approach to identify bad reviews that are damaging the image of your company and then use SEO techniques to boost your online image.

By monitoring your online presence and activities, it will ensure that you get regular reports. If it encounters any negative review or content about your company it will immediately alert you and show you what to do.

Besides being a reputation management company it can help you create optimized content such as web content, blog posts and articles.

It also manages your social media accounts and helps in your brand-building efforts. If you don’t have any social media presence it will help you create one

To help you acquire new consumer reviews it uses specialized tools. This way you can send emails and request reviews from your customers.

You can also see all the reviews and get alerts when new ones are posted. The best thing about them is their customer support.

Once you sign up they give you a dedicated project manager who you can approach with any concern or question. They also have a number that you can use to contact them wherever you want.

Webimax Pricing

Services cost $400 per month. However, this depends on the kind of services you are looking for.


  • Have the best customer support
  • A wide range of services
  • Informative social media pages


Does not come with a free trial


Coming with a wide range of features, is another online reputation management company that you can rely on.

Netmark - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Like several other companies, it focuses on reviews for repairing and building your online image. It does this by offering reputation management services, SEO services, content marketing and social media marketing.

By setting up quick alerts to see what people are saying and quickly responding to reviews, it will help you take the best approach to any reviews.

Instead of bashing your company in public, it encourages your customers to lodge any complaints privately.

As compared to others, it will work with your internal team to help you maintain a positive reputation and boost your in-house procedures.

If your company has a lot of bad reviews, it will fix this by burying negative reviews with high ranking sites.

Before it can start repairing your brand image, it will analyze your overall situation including current assets, client status and, sentiment analysis and overall SEO health.

Its members will also visit your business to ensure that you are on the same page on the goals and how they can be achieved.

After knowing about the reputation of your business, they will create new assets and new sites under your control.

Besides the written content they will help you create videos and even promote your content.

Furthermore, it will help you counter any negative reviews through a multistep approach. Once it sets up alerts, you can view and respond to your customer reviews immediately.

This allows your customers to lodge any complaints they have in private.

Overall it provides multiple SEO analytics and social media tools and a complete review of how your business is doing. This way, you can repair and improve your social media presence. Pricing

  • Pro pricing plan is $250 per month
  • Premier plan is $400 per month
  • Platinum plan is $550 per month
  • Custom plan is $600 per month


  • It places high importance on social media.
  • It focuses on increasing engagement.
  • It adheres to Google’s best practices.


It does not show the price on the website.

3. Podium

As compared to other online reputation management companies, Podium is a bit different.

Podium - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Although they don’t portray themselves as a Reputation Management Company, their services are designed in such a way that they will boost your online image.

By focusing on reviews, anytime people search for your companies they are met with positive reviews that show your legitimacy.

With this company, you’ll get customer recommendations and reviews in a range of platforms.

From Facebook to Google, Twitter to third-party platforms, you can rest assured that your business will be visible.

Apart from helping you get positive reviews, it has several tools to boost your online reputation.

It also features a Webchat feature to help you improve the way to communicate with customers. With these features, you can even convert your leads.

You can also use it to get an insight into what your customers like, collect feedback from them and know the things you need to improve your business.

Once you set your account, you just need to send a text to your customers and ask them to give you a review.

The best thing is that it has several templates that you can use to create a message. As compared to other methods such as links and surveys, its texting feature tends to attract a lot of feedback.

This means if your customer is not happy you can quickly resolve the issue so things can get back to normal.

To streamline your customer interactions, it has additional features. You can collect payments through texts and use video chats to communicate to your customers face to face.

Podium Pricing

  • The pricing starts at $339 per month for a single location
  • Webchat product costs an additional $100 per month


  • Includes a team chat tool for group and individual conversation
  • Highly rated mobile app to help you manage your conversations
  • Each account has a client success manager


Customer survey feature is more limited

4. SubmitEdge SEO

Launched in 2006, SubmitEdge started as a very small company with only 10 employees.

SubmitEdge SEO - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Today it boasts up to 300 plus workers that are known all over the world due to the kind of services that they provide.

Apart from social media marketing, they offer local SEO services and online reputation management.

With deep roots in the world of SEO, they use search optimization techniques to boost your online reputation and make your business succeed.

If you are faced with negative posts and customer reviews they will help you restore and repair your online image. They will also shield your brand from any online attacks.

Whether you are new or just starting out, they have the tools you need to gain exposure. In addition, they can help you develop credibility and trust that you need for your brand.

When it comes to enhancement and reputation repair, they use a two-pronged approach.

After driving all the negative reviews about your company it build-up related content and SEO around your company to help you rank well.

As separate services, it provides backlink services and content writing services. It also helps you to develop business profiles on social media platforms so you can have a positive image across all networks.

Plus, it will help you develop your company wiki site to ensure there is a site that has positive reviews about your business brand.

To prevent negative reviews from reaching the top searches they manage all the reviews that customers post and remove anything that might destroy your reputation.

The best part is that they will send you a notification anytime a mention of your company or web comes up on the internet.

SubmitEdge SEO Pricing

  • Complete website marketing is $599
  • Monthly SEO services start at $149
  • Local SEO services start at $249
  • Contextual link building starts from $449


  • Provides a comprehensive list of services
  • It specializes in social media marketing
  • Excellent customer support


It does not provide pricing details online

5. Reputation Resolutions

Reputation is an online reputation management company that focuses on content removal, reputation management and reputation monitoring among others.

Reputation Resolutions - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

If you are looking for a company to help you solve reputation attacks, this is the right one.

Unlike other companies, it provides tailored services to boost your reputation regardless of where the attack is coming from.

You can sign up for its services on a month to month basis. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can use to check out whether their services are the best.

To help you fix your reputation, it deploys a number of strategies including content removal, content creation, and social media profile creation and review management.

If you are looking for a flexible company, this is the right option. With its month to month plans, you can always cancel its services without the fear or any penalty.

It’s also among the companies that provide a money-back guarantee.

This feature will take some pressure off you especially if your business is still small. It also provides free demo so you know what you are getting into.

Since it only charges for the content that has removed it has one of the best content removal service.

While content removal services are instant, content suppression can take an average of eight months.

It will first evaluate your search results, online reviews, directory listings, news, social media, and blogs so it can determine the best strategies for your company.

It features a robust team of social media and PR professionals that can help you manage negative publicity and reputation attacks.

They also monitor all your online reviews and reply to them so you can have peace of mind. Apart from responding to these reviews within 24 hours, they can advise you on the best way to go about it.

Reputation Resolutions Pricing

For pricing details, you need to content the company for a quote


  • Isolate negative reviews and monitor search results
  • Bury negative search results
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides month to month pricing


It does not have a live chat feature.

6. BirdEye

BirdEye is perhaps the best online reputation management company. By providing you with multiple ways to reach your customers it ensures there are no complaints.

BirdEye - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

It also comes with all the tools you need to track and manage reviews, get alerts’ and updates and monitor all your social networks.

If you are looking for reviews you can request them through Facebook, text messages, in-store mobile kiosk or its microsite. To get the best response you can customize the messages depending on the platform you are using.

You can also decide on when to contact your customers to ensure that they provide the best reviews.

This may be immediately after making a sale. To help you get more reviews and leverage your customer databases it integrates with several programs and apps.

Apart from reviews, it will help you track your reviews regardless of the website. This means you can rest assured that there is nothing negative about your company.

Every time there is a new review, you’ll receive notification in the form of text.

You can also filter all the reviews and separate the most urgent and most important ones.

If you don’t know how to responds to your reviews they provide sample responses for you to use. You can either apologize for negative review or even say thank you for a positive review.

Furthermore, it makes it easy for you to promote your positive reviews. This allows your network to see all the reviews about your company.

With this company, you can manage all your online listings and allow your customers to chat with you through text messages.

Additionally, you can create a ticketing system and surveys so you can know the customers who are having a bad experience with your services.

BirdEye Pricing

  • Standard plan is $299 per month
  • Professional plan is $399 per month
  • Premium plan is a custom quote only


  • Listing management ensures that you have accurate information about your business
  • It allows you to generate hundreds of positive reviews
  • Streamlines two-way text message conversations with the customers


It does not include a tool for payment processing

7. Gadook

Although Gadook is a little bit outdated, this should not fool you when looking for the best online reputation management tool.

Gadook - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Whether you are looking for short term or long term reputation management Gadook has it all.

Just like other companies, it provides rebranding, brand building, brand protection, reputation management and social media optimization.

If you’ve experienced some type of negative publicity or brand attack, rebranding services is the best for you.

It knows how to help you rebrand your company. From new domain names to website design to rebranded customer services, they have everything you need.

Even if you have positive reviews you want your company to remain that way. With this in mind, it will help you maintain your positive reputation so nothing goes wrong with your customers.

As compared to other companies, it will literally monitor the web for any mention about your company.

This way, it will ensure you always have a positive brand reputation that doesn’t need any major repairs.

It provides a variety of online reputation management services including creating new content, search engine optimization and social media management services.

It will start out by analyzing your online image and then use the information to boost positive reviews and repair damaged ones.

It also controls a number of websites where you can direct your customers to leave reviews. It will instantly alert you about any negative reviews so you can take action as soon as possible.

Once it has repaired your online reputation it will do everything to ensure things remain positive.

It will respond to any negative articles, boost positive content and distribute press releases to boost your domain value.

To help you enhance the density of positive content on your website it will quickly act on any negative reviews. If you are looking for one of the best solutions, it’s worth trying out.

Gadook Pricing

  • Reputation management services cost $80 per hour
  • Reputation management services costs are $600 per user per month


  • Provides a wide range of services
  • Provides additional online marketing services
  • It explains all its services and pricing model


It specializes in dealing with individuals.

8. Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital is a unique marketing agency that provides a variety of services such as content marketing, SEO, web design, influencer marketing and online reputation management.

Go Fish Digital - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Its online reputation management solutions can be divided into brand repair, brand building and brand protection. Depending on your needs, they will come up with a solution and tailor-made plan.

It allows you to monitor your online search results, view reviews in real-time and see all the data on their intuitive dashboard.

If you are faced with lots of negative reviews, it will help you remove them. It will also submit your case to websites such as Yelp for your own benefit.

As the best company, it will help you develop new content, boost your social media presence and push your positive reviews to other news sources.

If you are looking for a company that focuses on other services as well, Go Fish Digital will not let you down.

Apart from online reputation management, it offers SEO, web development, search engine marketing and content marketing.

This makes it the ideal choice if you are looking for an all in one service. It offers a thorough and comprehensive reputation management service and creates positive content to enhance your reputation.

To ensure that no negative term appears on your company’s name, it employs a number of strategies. If bad words and reviews are appearing, it will steer them to a more positive direction.

Moreover, it uses commercially available social media monitoring and manual searches to track your company’s presence and your website standing.

This will help you know when something negative has been said about your company.

Go Fish Digital Pricing

It charges an average rate of $150 per hour


  • Provides detailed monthly reports that explain where your company stands
  • Provides several other online services
  • It takes a short time to complete its tasks


Does not provide a lot of information about pricing.

9. NetReputation

NetReputation is one of the best online reputation management companies. While other companies multitask, it has a clear focus on providing reputation management services.

NetReputation - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Another thing about it is that it’s both reactive and proactive. If there is a bad reputation concerning your company, it will do everything to change it and eliminate any negative search results.

It also constantly monitors the channels you use so as to identify any problems before they become large and damage your company’s image.

If you are looking for a company to manage your online reputation well, you can’t go wrong with it

Apart from creating a user-friendly website, you can rest assured that it will provide you with the best services.

Coming with a refreshing approach to your online reputation, it’s a company that you can rely on. Driven by customers’ needs, they are so passionate about their work so much that everything will come out well.

NetReputation Pricing

For pricing details contact the company


  • It focuses on online reputation management
  • It’s quite affordable
  • It ensures that customers get the best services


It does not offer other services such as marketing and SEO service


Brand24 is an online reputation management company that provides you with an affordable and reliable solution to monitor all conversations that are relevant to your business.

Brand24 - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Since it’s an easy to use tool, it provides quick access to customer mentions that not only grows your sales but customer satisfaction as well.

Unlike other tools, it takes real-time mentions by discovering what others have to say about your business and social media.

It’s intuitive and easy thus allows your customers to engage in discussions relevant to your business.

It also identifies sudden changes, spot problematic issues and takes prompt actions before the issues can escalate further and destroy your business.

Whether you want to understand your customers or gain new insights, it’s the right tool for your company.

As one of the best tools, it also helps you to make the best decisions about who you should be working with by pointing you to some of the best influencers.

If you desire to know what others are saying about your company, it’s the right tool to use.

From posts to comments it generally shows you everything and helps you to respond to this as fast as possible.

It allows your business to sync with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It also has slack and analytics integration to make your collaboration easy.

The best thing about it is its pricing strategy that allows you to choose the best pricing option.

Brand24 Pricing

  • Plus pricing plan is $49
  • Premium pricing plan is $99
  • Max pricing plan is $199


  • Strong mention, listening and influencer analytics feature
  • Affordable pricing tiers that cater for all business
  • Slack integration
  • Attractive user interface


  • When you exceed quota costs add up
  • Not a social content creation quality

11. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is one of the best online reputation management that allows your business to analyze your conversations across social media.

Brandwatch - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

It provides an efficient and powerful social media monitoring platform that allows your business to analyze, collect and report any important insights.

As an ideal platform, it crawls the internet and collects huge social media data from over 90 million sources.

It will help you analyze social media data and conversations to provide you with information and the best means to track your social media presence.

It covers platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums. Besides, it features a monitoring, engagement and workflow features to help you out.

With its advanced features, you can divide your business data and get important insights through graphing, categorization, Metadata and geo-location.

Apart from monitoring and understanding your company it allows you to engage with communities, assign workflows and respond to their needs.

What set it apart from other tools is its flexibility and the power to create specific queries.

Although other companies buy data, Brandwatch gathers its own data from a wide variety of sources using unique technology.

Furthermore, it has the ability to adapt to suit your demands. It’s also being updated after every two weeks to ensure that everything is new.

Brandwatch Pricing

  • Brandwatch pro is £500/month
  • Brandwatch Enterprise M is £2000/month
  • Brandwatch Enterprise Q is £2000/month


  • A large variety of integrations
  • Robust analytics features
  • Real-time monitoring and strong audience reporting
  • Great brand management


Vague pricing structure

12. Reputology

Reputology is a reputation management tool for both small and large businesses. The best thing about it is that it depends on location. This is a great thing when it comes to business.

Reputology - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

As the best review management platform, it allows you to monitor and analyze your online reviews across different platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

Founded in 2012, it not only serves single businesses but also businesses with multi-locations. It works by providing several feedbacks and review management to help you create the best online reputation.

Whether you want to automate email notifications or get a summary of reports, this is the right tool for you.

You can also use it to analyze things such as review sites and performance of your business.

With its review and feedback generation feature, you can collect reviews from a number of platforms and present them in one single dashboard.

You can also use this tool to start surveys and get feedback for your reviews.

Furthermore, it has a text analytics feature to help you know the causes of both negative and positive feedbacks.

Plus, you can use them to understand customer trends and take action so as to prevent any negative feedback.

Overall, this online reputation management tool has everything you need. If you are only looking for a reviews management tool, it’s the right tool for your company.

So the best thing is to know what you are looking for before settling on it.

Reputology Pricing

  • A single location plan is $25 per month
  • Multi-location is by quote
  • Agencies is by quote


  • Its workflow tool is a very good feature
  • It has an API integration with sites such as Facebook and Google my business
  • It allows you to set up different dashboard views


It offers a very limited set of features

13. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an online reputation management tool that’s suitable for medium and large companies.

Sprout Social - Best Online Reputation Management Companies

It provides you with a variety of team workflows, insightful reporting templates and additional features.

When it comes to functionality, this is the right tool for your business. As a reliable platform, it will help you monitor and publish content across different social media platforms.

Coming with all the features you need, whether you want to simplify your daily tasks or make sense of your data, this tool has it all. It will also tell you where your company is in terms of performance.

Apart from its key functions, it has several new features to cater to other businesses. By retaining a healthy focus on social media management, it does a very good job of helping you get things done.

If you like, you can schedule posts across different platforms and even collaborate on content creation.

The amazing thing about it is its Smart Inbox feature. This feature collects messages from different social networks so you can get them in one single place.

You can also divide messages into different feeds based on the users.

It also has a Collision Detection feature that shows whether someone is responding to the messages or not. This helps you prevent duplicated efforts.

With its social dashboard, you can get some of the best templates curated specifically for your business goals.

As a social listening platform, it helps you analyze and monitor social media posts about your products and industry so you can be informed about what’s taking place.

Apart from gathering data, this tool will help you know the meaning.

Sprout Social Pricing

  • Standard package is $99 per month per user
  • Professional package is $149 per month per user
  • Advanced package is $249 per month per user


  • Manages brands and social media platforms is a powerful and cohesive interface
  • Strong help desk and social CRM features
  • Strong reporting capabilities


Adding different users can be a bit expensive

How to Select the Best Online Reputation Management Company

With a number of online reputation management companies in the market, choosing the best can be a bit challenging. Here is how to choose the best one

1. Know Your Needs

Every business has unique business needs. You should, therefore, choose a company depending on your needs.

Unlike startups, an established company may require things such as brand protection, brand building, brand repair and attack prevention.

2. Reputation Management Method

Every company has a different strategy. While some focus on content creation, others look for third party monitoring and social media management.

The type of company you have will, therefore, determine the right option for you.

While some companies will help you remove negative reviews others will replace them with positive reviews. So, your personal preference will dictate the right company for you.

3. Industry Expertise

When looking for the right reputation company you need to choose one with industry experience.

While some companies specialize in B2B businesses, other’s main focus is retail, healthcare and hospitality.

You should look for the one that provides the services meant for your specific business. This way you can rest assured you’ll get the best services.

4. Technology

Choose an online reputation management company applies a lot of technology. It should use technology to calculate your brand score and apply mobile apps so you can get information in real-time.

You should also opt for an all in one company that provides more than reputation management services. Depending on what you want, you can choose services such as digital marketing and web design

5. Think About Their Customer Service

Before dealing with any company you need to analyze how they treat you. Are they asking you questions that can make you understand about them better? Do they treat you with lots of respect?

It’s also important to ask who you’ll work with if you decide to choose the company. Plus, the right company should be informative and straightforward about their services.

6. Know the Cost

It’s also important to choose an affordable company. You should therefore consider your budget and choose a company that matches it.

The best company should also come with a free trial so you understand what they offer.

However, you should not compromise the quality of the services offered because of the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I benefit from an online reputation management company?

A good online reputation company will deploy a number of strategies to salvage your otherwise tarnished business reputation, boost your good reputation and help build a good reputation for your company.

2. Why should I have an online reputation management plan?

You should have an online reputation management plan so you know what to do if your customers post anything negative about your company.

The faster you react to this the better chance you have to prevent the issue before it escalates further.

3. What causes a bad online business reputation?

Customers who haven’t had a good experience with your company are likely to leave a review that can taint the image of your company.

So when customers post anything negative about your company you should not ignore it.

4. How can social media affect my reputation?

Since social media is nowadays very important if your business is not one you are losing a lot. With this in mind, you should always have a social media presence.

Customers often use social media to spread gossip, air complaints and do all those bad things. An inactive or poorly managed social media account can significantly affect your brand image.

When consumers are reacting on your social media accounts you need to prepare a professional response that can help you prevent the damage.

5. How long can it take to see reputation management results?

Depending on the state of your online reputation, it might take between three months to one year to start seeing results.

You should therefore ask your chosen company how long it will take them to produce any results.

If you aren’t seeing any results after the time, you need to ask them why and whether they can employ other strategies.

6. Do I need ongoing reputation management services?

If you just need to repair bad image, then you might stop using the services once you achieve this.

But if you want to continue monitoring your system you need to choose a less aggressive management program.

Additionally, instead of repair, choose review management. This will help you build and maintain a positive brand image for your company.


If you are looking for the best online reputation management company, this detailed guide should help you get the best.

Regardless of the type of reputation you have, these companies will help you repair, maintain and establish your business. From small to medium to large businesses, these companies have everything you need.

What is Online Reputation Management?